Midsummer’s Day Rannveig Sif Sigurdardottir

June 21, 2010

Celebreate Midsummer’s Day with some of the music of Rannveig Sif Sigurdardottir. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful.

Pricess Aurora and Sofðu unga ástin mín.


Sofðu unga ástin mín

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Sleep my little loved one sleep
tears of rain are teeming
Mother will your treasures keep
precious toys from bones of sheep
till daylight puts an end to dreaming
All the woes which darkness knows
make my spirit languish
Pitch-black sands I’ve often seen
burn away the fields of green
the glacier’s lifeless depths cry out in anguish
Sleep my baby sleep content
you must learn tomorrow
Nature never can relent
fleeting daylight soon is spent
and life’s a tale of love and loss and sorrow

Sofðu unga ástin mín
Úti regnið grætur
Mamma geymir gullin þín
gamla leggi og völuskrín
Við skulum ekki vaka um dimmar nætur
Það er margt sem myrkrið veit
minn er hugur þungur
Oft ég svarta sandinn leit
svíða grænan engireit
Í jöklinum hljóða dauðadjúpar sprungur
Sofðu lengi, sofðu rótt
seint mun best að vakna
Mæðan kenna mun þér fljótt
meðan hallar degi skjótt
að mennirnir elska missa gráta og sakna




The most beautiful Icelandic lullaby of all Sofdu unga ástin mín (“Sleep my young darling”) is perhaps also the most terrifying. Because in this song, sleeping refers to dying. It was written by Jóhann Sigurjónsson (1880-1919) for his play about the most famous Icelandic outlaws, Fjalla-Eyvindur and his wife Halla, who lived in Iceland’s highlands in the late 18th century. Halla sang this song to her baby before she threw it into a waterfall so she could follow her husband on his run from the authorities. The last verse goes like this:

Sofdu lengi, sofdu rótt,
seint mun best ad vakna.
Maedan kenna mun thér fljótt,
medan hallar degi skjótt.
Ad mennirnir elska, missa, gráta og sakna.

“Sleep long, sleep tight,
it is best to wake up late.
The hardship will teach you soon,
while the day turns to night,
that people feel love, loss, sadness and longing.”

As for Halla and Fjalla-Eyvindur… killing their own newborn is horrifying, of course. But sometimes, in the harsh reality of Iceland’s past, parents had no other choice. There were already too many mouths to feed and every other child was dying of hunger or disease anyway. Or the mother was not married and would have to face horrible punishment if her guilt of pre-marital sex were brought to light (although the child’s father would be off the hook, naturally), and a fate worse than death could be awaiting the child. It would often be taken away from the mother and become a nidursetningur, a pauper, and be sent to a farm, often as some kind of slave. It would have to work harder than anyone else, survive off the scraps from the table and be subject to bullying and beating.

The practice of bera út, abandoning a child in nature to die of exposure, was so important to Icelanders that it was one of the three exceptions they were granted when the nation converted to Christianity in 1000 AD. The other two exceptions were eating horse meat (which you’ll still find in the grocer’s meat case) and ritual scarification carried out in secret.

So, even though Icelandic lullabies are creepy, they are also an important testimony to the past. And, as long as today’s children won’t be too scared to fall asleep, these rhymes should be used to lull them into slumber. If for no other reason than the relief that there is no face in the window, that young children are not made to look for lambs in the mountains and that they will never, ever be thrown into waterfalls.

Sleep tight.
ESA – eyglo@icelandreview.com


We are on the run from the PC authorities. The White Race is The Outlaw Race. We are now required to throw the White Race baby into the Dettifoss of Liberalism and its favored races where we supposedly merge with them. But in fact, its death for us. Its death for our baby. Its death for our race.

The Liberal Waterfall as a safe place for us is a lie. We have to wake up from the Liberal Lullaby and fight back as the Outlaw Race. We must wake up and wake up those next to us. Only then can we regain our lands. Only then can we live. Wake up from the Liberal madness before its too late.

There is no social security and medicare and state pensions and rising stock markets in our future if we let the Liberal Lullaby lull us into letting them throw us into the Waterfall. Its our old age not just our babies that they are throwing into the Waterfall of the other races. Everything about the Liberal promises is a lie. We must wake up in time for both old and young.

We must wake up also for our middle generations who find themselves facing perpetual discrimination and exclusion. We have only 11 million manufacturing jobs left. This is the fate Liberalism pushes us into.

Only when the White Race is united can it resist the living death for young, middle and old that the Laughing Liberal Faces on MSM have laid out for us. Only as warriors can we be safe. There is no other way. There is no other path.


We must throw the Lies of Liberalism into the Dettifoss. Let their lies mix their with their chosen races. We must stand for our truth and our people.


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