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Our Greatest Shame: Letting Diversity Take Our Land

August 28, 2010

What is the Greatest Shame of White America? It is allowing diversity to overrun us.

Our Greatest Shame is over our Greatest Cowardice. We have stood by silently while Diversity takes our land and keeps on taking it. It is long since past obvious that non-white immigration is invasion and ethnic cleansing of The White People.

When we are silent now, it is from cowardice not from not knowing. We know. We know that non-white immigration is taking our land in an act of ethnic cleansing.

To be silent now is to live in a constant state of cowardice. To be silent now is to live in shame, a Waking Shame.

We must speak up against non-White immigration. We must speak up against disAffirmative Action. We must speak up against the thousand slights that Whites are subject to by Diversity.

We must speak up against Diversity. That means not just saying stop immigration but end Diversity itself. That means ending Diversity as something honored and moving to separation from the non-Whites among us.

Living in Diversity is living in Shame. We must seek separation from non-Whites in a land of our own. This is what it means to not live in shame and to not live in cowardice. This is what it means to restore honor.

Diversity is Shame. Diversity is Living Shame. Diversity is the state of dishonor. Diversity is punishment. Diversity is the Gates of Death for Whites. This is why our enemies celebrate Diversity, to celebrate the Death of Whites, individually and as a nation and a people.

The Gates of Diversity must be closed and the diverse expelled. This is what we need as a White Nation. This is what we need to have meaning. This is what we need to have identity. That is what we need to have vitality and purpose.

Diversity is “the cup of bitterness and hate” for the White Nation. Diversity is a cup of poison proffered to us by our most bitter enemies who do hate us and who do want us to drink the cup of diversity and die.


“Learn to love your white brothers and sisters; don’t drink from the cup of bitterness and hate.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This is a message for Whites.


Above written as thoughts on the Glenn Beck Rally, Restoring Honor.


We need events that are explicitly White Only. We need organizations with White in their name. We need to avoid having token diversity at our white events and white meetings. We need white meetings to discuss the white condition. We need to give awards to our white heroes for their sacrifice and leadership for whites.

Sacrificial Diversity: Where Whites sacrifice their own identity, past, present, future and meaning for token diversity.

The meaning of being white is not sacrifice to diversity. White is not a sacrificial race.

Where do we come from? Where do these white people come from? They come from a white past, a white only past of white only lands. They don’t come from diversity. White people do not come from diversity.

If White People only honor Diversity, then White People can not exist. Diversity honors the end of the White Race and the White People. This means the end of all that White People hold dear in White Culture.

Where do you come from White Man? The Token Indians at the Beck Rally have their own tribes with their own past. They honor their past and their tribe. They don’t call it diversity.

Their tribal god is not Diversity. Diversity is a god who hates Whites. Neither the Greeks, nor Romans nor Norse had Diversity as a god. No people do. No nation does. Diversity is death. Diversity is the end. Diversity is Götterdämmerung, the end of the world.

Diversity is losing heaven or losing Eden or losing Olympus. Diversity is not gaining anything. Diversity is death. Diversity for Whites is death from cowardice. Diversity is shame for whites.

Everytime Diversity is honored at White events its a moment of shame for Whites. This is its meaning even to those who organize it and experience it. The Diversity is not honored for anything other than as a symbol of White Guilt and White Shame. The Diversity Token is not there for themselves, they are therefore to symbolize White Guilt, White Shame and White dispossession.

The Diversity Tokens symbolize that Whites give up their right to be a nation and a people. Diversity Tokens symbolize that Whites give up their own Whiteness as having meaning and identity. Diversity Tokens are a funeral decoration not a life affirming celebration.

Diversity Tokens at White events symbolize only the death of the White Nation and the White Race. They symbolize nothing else. They can symbolize nothing else to Whites, to themselves and to their own people.

We know who their own people are. Its not Whites and its not Diversity. Its blacks, or Jews or their Indian tribe or China or Korea. Its not White America and its not Diversity America.

We know who we are, we are the White People. We are not the Diversity People. There is no Diversity People. There is no Diversity Nation. That is just a death cult for the White People.

Diversity Tokens are symbols of human sacrifice, not of themselves but of the Whites there and who organize it. The Diversity Token symbolizes Whites sacrificing not one of their members, but their entire tribe and their entire nation.

Diversity Tokens are not a human sacrificed to save the group, they are the symbol of the sacrifice of the group, the White Nation and The White People for Diversity, which is just a word.

There is no Diversity Nation. There is no Diversity People. The very word Diversity signifies the nullification of being any common nation or common people.

One can not sacrifice for the Diversity Nation, one can only sacrifice the White Nation. That is what Diversity Tokens everywhere and always represents, Whites sacrificing their nation, their people, and their meaning.

Whites sacrifice their identity. They dishonor the past Whites who sacrificed to give them their White identity. Whiteness shows living in a White past and coming from a White past. Its not coming from Diversity.

Without a White past to honor and to identify with, Whites lack any meaning. Without identity there is not meaning.

That the identify of Whites is their whiteness is obvious to all even Libs busy denying it and denouncing it alternately. That whiteness shows they have a common ancestry from a White only people, not a Diversity people. Its your past unified with your future and what you do in the present that gives you meaning. Whites sacrifice that meaning with Diversity Tokens.

This is why we need to stop with Diversity Tokens at White Gatherings. We need our own all White gatherings. We need to honor Whites only at our gatherings. We need to declare that we must have our own White Country for our White Nation. We must dedicate ourselves to our White Posterity and honor our White Forbears. This is what Whites must do.

We can do no other and retain our identity, our meaning and our sanity. We can do no other and retain our vitality. We can do no other and retain our life. We need a White only country on this continent for our White Nation.

We take this in steps. The first step is to have White only gatherings now. These need to have White in the name. We have to assert our White Identity. We have to assert that we are White not Diverse. We can do this now. It can’t wait until we have a White Country.

We won’t have a White Country until we assert our White Identity publicly and openly. That is why we must have White gatherings in the name of Whites. These are gatherings without any Diversity Tokens at all.

At Beck Rally coverage on Facebook:

Angry black woman reads MLK’s angry speech. Quotes on “racism” and “white privilege”. This is around 12:07 PM. Note the official start is 10:00 AM so if trying
to find it later its 2 hours and 7 minutes from the official start or approximately that.

These words don’t appear to be in the I have a Dream Speech and are from something else.

== How do we know that Diversity is our Greatest Shame?

When Whites are beaten and killed by Diversity, then we know its our greatest shame. If it happens to your family, you know its shame to have let it happen. You know its your greatest shame. Whites are your extended family, not the Diversity People doing this to us.

When Whites lose their jobs and their homes, its the greatest shame. When Whites are ethnically cleansed from their community, its the greatest shame.

When Whites can’t get admitted to universities they founded, then its the greatest shame. When academic departments in science and engineering at state schools not just Harvard and Stanford are almost all diversity, then you know its the greatest shame.

When Muslims in our own military shoot up our people on our own bases, then you know its the greatest shame. When Muslims build their Triumphal Mosques on the site of where our people were killed, then you know its our greatest shame. When the Diversity President praises the mosque and Islam and says those who build the mosque have the same right to this land as those who were killed, then you know its the greatest shame.

When they preach God Damn America and are rewarded by the Diversitycrats with power, then you know its the greatest shame. When they mock us openly from the highest offices in the land, then you know Diversity is the greatest shame.

Diversity is dispossession of the land. Dispossession of your land is the greatest shame. That is why men die to stop it. That is why its invasion when they take your land. That is why its occupation and subjugation when they make you praise their invasion and pay for it, and pay for their children to dispossess your children. That is the greatest shame.


MLK’s dream is the end of White America. It is the end of the White Nation. It is the end of the White Race. It is the end of The White People. That is what MLK dreamed. It is coming to pass. But only if we let it.

MLK’s dream is the dream of a man who hated The White Nation and Whites. MLK’s entire life was built on that hate. That is why he he is honored by Libs who honor his dream of ending The White Nation, The White Race and The White People. That is by definition a dream of hate of The White People.


The Lincoln Memorial is the sacrificial altar of the White Race. Lincoln lied. By the end of the Civil War, Whites, North and South, knew that the war was about the war on the White Race. The Reconstruction of the White Constitution was that. Ohio’s legislature realized those amendments were not in the interest of the White Race and said so when revoking its ratification of the 14th Amendment. That was when Whites still had freedom to say such things in a state legislature.


Search “contrary to the best interests of the white race.” Ohio 14th Amendment.

That isn’t racism, that is truth. But its called racism by Diversitycrats.

=Where has Diversity gotten us?

Reverend Wright: “God Damn America” “That’s in the Bible”.

Hiroshima. Nagasaki. That is what they want here on White People.

==Barack Obama: Build the Ground Zero Mosque.

Build the mosque and damn White America’s privilege and existence. We know Barack Hussein Obama hates The White People and seeks our utter destruction, just as Reverend Wright made clear he does as well.


America is great because America is White. That is the real truth. Diversity America is dying before our eyes. Diversity America is an act of abortion of White America, the country founded by The White People.

Diversity America is an attempt to kill De Tocqueville’s America of 1835 and depicted lovingly in Democracy in America, not with hate but admiration. America of 1835 was not the America of Hate. 1835 America was White America.

It is not 1835 America but 2010 America that is the America of Hate. 2010 is the America of Barack Hussein Obama the creation of Ayers and Dohrn and Rev Wright. America 2010 hates America 1835, White America in all its original glory and greatness.

Don’t give into hate. Don’t give into Diversity. Stand up for The White Nation and The White People.


Glenn Beck says there is growing hate in America. That hate comes from Rev Wright’s Church and Obama’s House. That hate comes from the MSM in all its form. That hate comes from Ayers and Dohrn. That hate comes from Islam. That hate comes from those who resent White America and hate The White People and seek to end The White Race.

When we give into Diversity, then we give into hate. When we resist diversity is when we resist hate. Giving into hate is giving into those pushing diversity out of hate of The White People.

Those pushing Diversity on The White People know they are pushing Death on The White People. Their hate is shown on their face. Their desire for our death is shown in their glee and triumph over us by Diversity. Death by Diversity is what they seek to push on us. They do it out of hate of The White People.

When we affirm the right to life of The White People then we affirm our right to life. When we lose our nerve and give into Diversity, then we give into hate and then we destroy ourselves.


We are not all Americans. Don’t give into these PC mantras of Diversity. Diversity Peoples do not have an equal right to this land to The White People. This is the land of The White People of America, it is not anyone else’s land. Its our land, and ours alone.

To say that others have an equal right to our land is giving into hate of us, The White People. The Diversity People do not have equal right to this land, they have no right to this land, because this land belongs to The White People.


Start by saying it to yourself. Say to yourself that this land belongs to The White People and that the Diversity People do not have an equal right to this land. This is the first step. Everything comes from this.

This is why Libs make us affirm the equal right of anyone they bring here to this land. This is an obvious insult to us and to all the White generations that go back before. That is why Libs make us affirm that non-Whites have an equal right to this land and equal rights to Whites.

It is by denying this that you make the first step to saving The White People, your people. You can’t take back America if you are afraid to say your people have the right to America which means the right to exclude those not your people and those not your people are those not White.

To have is to have the right to exclude. To keep is to exercise the right to exclude. This is what The White People must do. This is what you must do to be part of The White People.

When you say that The White People have the sole and exclusive right to this land and not the Diversity People then you go from the Diversity People as your people to The White People as your people. This is where your loyalty transfers from The Diversity People, which is no people, to The White People.

The Diversity People is no people for you, because they desire your death in their heart. They make you say anyone here has an equal right to be here to make you give up your own loyalty to your own people, The White Nation.

They know your people is The White People, and not anything else. That is why they insist you betray your own people with your mouth and tongue. They make those the instruments of your own betrayal of your own people.

That is why you must take it back. Do it silently if you have to. Do it afterwards if you have to. Use mental reservation when they insist that non-whites have an equal right to this land, they don’t.

The very meaning of their demand is to take this land from The White People. Look at what has happened. You know that this is what they have done and this is what they are making you affirm.

They are not giving you a free choice, but imposing subjugation on you to The Diversity People and imposing on you the denial of your own people and of all the White generations that have gone before you. They know they are making you betray your own White Posterity. So don’t do it, or do it with a mental reservation. Then act to undo it by doing something to take back this land for The White People to the exclusion of The Diversity People, which is no people at all.

They mean to leave you with The Diversity People. But The Diversity People is no people. So they mean to make you abjure your own White People, which you and they both know is your people, for The Diversity People, which you and they both know is no people at all.

= Remember:

Giving into diversity is giving into hate of The White People, and then you destroy yourself by making your life empty of meaning, identity and purpose. You destroy yourself by destroying your own people, The White People, which is what you do when you destroy that part of your own people which is yourself.



Amazing Grace Confederate Fallen


The Civil War was an invasion. They invaded from outside against the will of the people and in violation of the Declaration of Independence. Reconstruction was a bloody occupation of non-white violence and of non-white savagery.

Non-white immigration is an invasion. Whites are ethnically cleansed from Berkeley, LA, New York, Harvard, and many points between. Non-white immigration is bloody non-white on white violence and ethnic cleansing including the Knoxville Horror savagery, Major Hasan and 9/11.

They build monuments to Diversity at Ground Zero of 9/11. They have contempt and disdain for us. Do not give into diversity because then you give into hate of The White People.

Do not drink of the cup of diversity bitterness and hate of whites. Go forth and affirm your loyalty to The White Nation and that The White People shall keep this land forever.

== Lib hate thread on the Beck Rally

Wapo on Beck Rally

Wapo comments from above

newsmkr wrote:
Overwhelming white crowd says it all for me. I guess the rest of the nation is not considered “American” for Beck, Palin and that crowd. And this too shall pass.
8/28/2010 1:00:01 PM
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mack1 wrote:
All hail The Queen of Retards!
8/28/2010 12:59:31 PM
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GaiasChild wrote:
It is far too late for we “white” people to think the Earth is only for us only one people or, that God made only one people, one religion. These people are woefully, pitifully illiterate. Glad there are not enough of them to get their way.
8/28/2010 12:59:10 PM
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bozhogg wrote:
Beck = in other words, let’s return the USA back to 1957 when certain groups knew their place. When woman stayed at home. When the US was relatively Muslim free.
This is the message I’m hearing from Beck/Palin.
This is intolerance shrouded by religious fairy tail beliefs.
8/28/2010 12:53:12 PM
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wilder5121 wrote:
A cult of overweight, illiterate white people celebrating “The Great Dumbing Down of America” perpetrated over the past two decades by The Fox “News” Propaganda Channel and its owner, Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

That’s all we have here. The worshipping of dumb.
8/28/2010 12:52:37 PM
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TT42 wrote:
Glenn Beck is a nazi, and that scares me because the mindless people who follow him don’t understand that. They are a danger to our country and to everyone who lives here.
8/28/2010 12:41:55 PM
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dbryn wrote:
“On the Mall, an overwhelmingly white crowd of tens of thousands stood quietly during an opening prayer, the silence broken only by an occasional “amen.” The dense assembly , which contained few young people,”

I am frankly very grateful and happy to see that this demographic does not represent the future of our nation. No young people, no minorities…no future for this type of thinking. Best news I heard today!
8/28/2010 12:41:44 PM
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IowaLad wrote:
madame_pince6 wrote about the Tea Partiers portraying themselves as being like the American Revolutionaries…well, listen up: Joel Garreau who wrote for the WP wrote a book in the 1980s entitled appropriately “The Nine Nations of North America”. Federal government has grown too big, we traditonal Americans are losing our sense of traditional heritage, sense of being and values. Hooray for the Tea Party, Middle America too, the Reformation and Western Civilization, the DAR and Constitution Hallalso. .
8/28/2010 12:33:13 PM
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truth1 wrote:
Hitler also spoke spewing hate just like Beck. All his followers are doing the same the Germans did.
8/28/2010 12:32:50 PM
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DLB10 wrote:
From all the liberal posters here it becomes apparent that Beck is correct. What is he doing that is “racist” or “wrong”. I think the secular humanists posting on here who do not believe in God, or honor and anything else of moral value or worth, and are only about self worship. By not acknowledging God they remain in self worship and make themselves “gods”.They think themselves wise but are fools.
8/28/2010 12:32:15 PM
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nbklnm4 wrote:
Eddie14 wrote:
A bunch of old racist bitter losers who are so full of hate for our first African-American President that they want him and the country to fail.

“Progressives” don’t need any additional help at failure.
8/28/2010 12:30:21 PM
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Eddie14 wrote:
Down here in Davie county, these same teabaggers dress in their KKK costumes on MLK day. So who are they trying to fool?
8/28/2010 12:29:26 PM
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labman57 wrote:
Beck is simply a self-righteous, bombastic political evangelist trying to promote the concept that some Americans are inherently more American than are others.
8/28/2010 12:28:50 PM
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daisydog09 wrote:
Beck and Palin-White Trash! Restoring Honor and not political??? Total BS!
8/28/2010 12:25:22 PM
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Miss_Fedelm wrote:
These old white Republicans might not be able to think, observe that they allow an idiot like Beck to think for them, but they sure can pout. Gotta give’em that one.
8/28/2010 12:14:50 PM
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zap065 wrote:
It is racist if a group of whites meet to celebrate what made this country great?

It is OK for blacks, hispanics, or any other group to meet and celebrate their heritage, but whites are forbidden to celebrate what they did to make this country?

How odd.
8/28/2010 12:11:02 PM
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Oracle3 wrote:
Why are the leftists posting here so obviously terrified? Your postings have the unmistakable stink of fear. Is it the realization that Nov 2 is fast approaching and you’re about to experience a whole new kind of “hope and change”?
8/28/2010 12:06:40 PM
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illogicbuster wrote:
I LOVE the sound of lib/prog/commie fear in the morning.
8/28/2010 12:05:56 PM
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AverageJane wrote:
Where’s the Muslim religious figures on that podium? You can’t restore our honor if you can’t honor all our religions.
8/28/2010 12:02:36 PM
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JeroRobson1 wrote:
racism is still alive and doing VERY well in this country, Beck and Palin are supporting racism, they dont give a 4 SHOOT about AMERICAN as a WHOLE, they only CARE ABOUT WHITE AMERICAN…a lady on the news(nbc4 Washington) said the country has been heading in the wrong directions for about 2-3 years that lady is still mad we have a BLACK president, in my personal truth i feel like the country has been in a downward sprial since Bill Clinton left officer, had McCain and Palin won the election this rally wouldnt be happening
8/28/2010 11:46:14 AM
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donspecht wrote:
And the average age of the attendees is 65?
8/28/2010 11:43:56 AM
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HughBriss wrote:
If you are offended by today’s rally, please add your signature to the on-line petition at the following website:
8/28/2010 11:42:29 AM
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gsms69 wrote:
What is so amusing to me is to listen yesterday to the robots on MSNBC talk about how Beck is not relevant, then read some of these posters spending their day cutting him up. If he is not relevant, then, why waste your time posting grammar scholl rhetoric?
8/28/2010 11:40:26 AM
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Please_Fix_VAs_Roads wrote:
this is why i don’t get liberals. when you see a fascist and his minions, like Beck and his dying white people, rise to power much like Hitler and Mussonlini, how can you possible be against gun rights?

if this iteration of the “conservative” movement gets and solidifies power, you might need them someday.
8/28/2010 11:38:28 AM
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vztownes wrote:
This is how Hitler rose to power thanks to a compliant right wing news media and a fascist corporate culture.
8/28/2010 11:34:55 AM
Recommend (16)

AlanGoldberg54 wrote:
Will Beck be praying to his Mormon overlords?
8/28/2010 11:33:07 AM
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Meepo wrote:
He means the good things about White America, before the First Racist became president.
8/28/2010 11:26:35 AM
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blarsen1 wrote:
These tea party people don’t like America the way it is. They want more tax money to go to corporations, no privacy rights for women, no social security, no medicare, no emergency medical services, no stem cell research, no rights for anyone other than white people. The list goes on an on. They won’t be happy until all our rights are gone. The poor are begging on the street, public schools are gone. They’re a sick bunch of people who would be happy to be living in Nazi Germany.

8/28/2010 11:23:42 AM
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rappahanock wrote:
Kick Beck, Palin and his ignorant, racists followers out of our city, they don’t deserve to be among decent people..
8/28/2010 11:39:57 AM
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dubhlaoich wrote:
“All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.” ~~ Adolf Hitler
8/28/2010 11:24:18 AM
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NeoconsSuck wrote:
Liberals (real “retarded” ones, not the Obama & Emmanuel, Inc. version) this should be a wakeup call.

Beck and friends have worked diligently to lump a range of longtime policies and programs designed to promote America’s middle class (at the expense of the rich consolidating power) under one “liberal” rubric.

They aim to kill all the infrastructure that traditionally has allowed Americans the opportunity to work their way out of poverty and protected the vulnerable, like the elderly, from living in the street: public education, social security, health care, etc.

They have very successfully redefined “liberal” as evil and un-American to the dumbest and least educated segment of America.

Now they’re gambling they can reintroduce the race issue to bolster underclass support for killing middle class support infrastructure.

These people know their history quite well, and are patterning this strategy along the same trajectory as the Italian fascist and Nazi movements.

Except this time they have far more enforcement scope.

A key strategy of both Mussolini and Hitler was to encourage Brownshirt thugs to confront and battle socialists and communists in the streets. This was a preliminary way to get rid of the most vocal up front.

This is the cost of political apathy.
8/28/2010 11:12:33 AM
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freedomgirl1 wrote:
Beck calls rally ‘end of dark people, er, end of darkness’.

Glen Beck’s coded language to +white rally, aka Foxers: “Go out, out into your communities and end dark people, er darkness, where ever you see it. Don’t stop until it’s white, er light, again amongst all your people. For we are oppressed, er, depressed that people of color have the same rights we do, and can be president of the United States of America.”

Lincoln would hang his head in shame at this travesty.
8/28/2010 11:07:36 AM
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TalkingHead1 wrote:
And whenever “America” or “American” is uttered by the speakers at Beck’s rally, we know that, underneath, they are really referring to White America or White American.
8/28/2010 11:02:36 AM
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waxtraxs wrote:
I am curious as to where are all the usual nut job posters?

At the rally perhaps….
8/28/2010 10:39:31 AM
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(OA: Silent banning may be the answer. Wapo bans people from commenting silently. They post their comment and see it with a time stamp, but no one else sees it. This is possible because you have to log into Wapo to even see comments. You would have to log in with another id to find out your comments are not visible to others. Have not checked this, but believe this happened to me starting about a week ago.

Silent banning means the people don’t register with new names. They think no one agrees with their “racist” comments because no one clicks on like their comment and so they just get discouraged. They don’t
think to get another name because people still do agree with their comments.

Jewish overlords with Asian programmers what will they think of next? White Christian America would like to know. This is why Mayor Bloombergarch and others of his station and their minions push H-1b and student visas.

The other reason for banning the pro White commentators is that they draw out extreme hate comments from the anti White commentators. Praise of White Christian America brings out extreme hate reactions against Whites from Jewish commentators.

This type of obvious Jewish hate of White Christian America, the WaPo would rather not make so explicit as on its recent comment threads from the time that Obama supported the Ground Zero Mosque, saying Muslims are the equal in rights of White Christians. This opens the mind of even the dullest White Middle Americans that Jews hate them and want to dispossess them of the land not help them with non-White immigration.

Of course, its the pro White Christian America commentators who are banned, not the Jewish commentators who erupt in hatred of Whites and White Christian America.

Its nonetheless interesting that WaPo hits on the only solution, Jews and White Christian America and more broadly White Middle America need to be separated.)

gun313 wrote:
AverageJane wrote:How do you restore honor in America when the reflecting pool in Washingtion is reflecting back just white today?
Walk through Anacostia and then get back to me on your question.
8/28/2010 10:20:18 AM
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AverageJane wrote:
Listening to the live feeds the rally is about restoring Christianity as the religion of America.
8/28/2010 10:18:01 AM
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magnifco1000 wrote:
If Beck calls for violence, like others in the Tea Party, he should be arrested. Here, we thought Fascism, like what was seen in Europe in the 20th Century (Hitler, Mussolini, Franco), couldn’t come to America. That we were somehow immune to this cancer. Look at Beck. The hate, the fear mongering, the scapegoating. Even the satirical subway guide telling visitors to avoid parts of the city with “darkies.” The military theme. The only thing missing, Beck and his crew in uniforms, expect that next!
8/28/2010 10:18:00 AM
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auntminnie wrote:
Foreign enemies don’t have to try to hard to destroy America, because there are enough Americans willing to do that for them. The bad thing about that is there are also enough of us willing to silently by and let them do it. God HELP us to see what we are doing to ourselves before it is to late. The sad part is that it is ALL centered around the issue of race. Tell the truth media, and shame the devil.
8/28/2010 10:32:27 AM
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FredChatard wrote:
NeoconsSuck wrote:
Beck is aiming to provoke confrontations. It’s a classic propaganda strategy. History will remember him as a paragon of Hannah Arendt’s “banal evil.”

If beck is planning to start a confrontation–why are the Democrats the ones bussing in SEIU members and Black Panther party members?

8/28/2010 10:31:40 AM
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James10 wrote:
I just spotted another racial diverse group at the Beck event … white bald people.

Beck also brought on stage two native americans wearing injun dress.

Reminds me of the Boston Tea Party when the patriots dressed up as Mohegan Indians to throw private property into the Boston Harbor.

Hey donut. Sharpton made it quite clear that Beck scheduled his do before Sharpton did and he doesn’t care. I don’t care whether Beck scheduled it first or second. He scheduled the venue he’s got it.

And he’s gathered together many, many white people to reclaim the civil rights movement. Who better understand civil rights than white people?

You think about all the white people that were forced to sit in the back of the bus or drink from “White only” drinking fountains or only be allowed in “white only” restrooms. All the whites that were denied service at restaurants. Finally, the white people can reclaim the civil rights movement.

8/28/2010 10:26:19 AM
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James10 wrote:
I’m impressed with the racial diversity as shown in the photos of Beck’s big do.

You have white people with tans; white people without tans; white people with blonde hair and with people with brown hair and a whole lot of white people with gray hair. Short white people, tall white people.

It’s nice to see them all gather together to reclaim the civil rights movement.

Praise be to the white God.
8/28/2010 9:55:02 AM
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Maddogg wrote:
I just want Beck to give me my huge tax cut and be done.

Beck’s rally seems to be closer to a Nazi rally of the 1930’s with its pro-military theme. Sharpton seems closer to a King rally.
8/28/2010 9:51:42 AM
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ScamfortheRich wrote:
I hope Beck gets his face kicked in!
8/28/2010 9:45:12 AM
Recommend (3)

dcp26851 wrote:
This is shaping up to be simply another clan rally. Git yur white sheets and pointy hats fellas!
8/28/2010 9:41:32 AM
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Classic60 wrote:
Any rally that has Sarah Palin, the trailer trash queen only attach trailer trash people. Beck and Palin, two idiots of the world. Of course they are Republicans.
8/28/2010 9:41:16 AM
Recommend (5)

rappahanock wrote:
Kick Beck, Palin and his ignorant, racists followers out of our city, they don’t deserve to be among decent people..
8/28/2010 9:39:46 AM
Recommend (6)

Keith3 wrote:
Yawn. This is like the Nazi march in Skokie. Just ignore the dude, and we’ll probably hear about it tomorrow.
8/28/2010 9:31:11 AM
Recommend (6)

tweedburst wrote:
Life in Liberalville:
Glenn Beck at the Lincoln Memorial = “Offensive! Outra-a-ageous!!!”
Ground Zero Mosque = “A must-have project that is opposed only by knuckle-dragging scum.”
8/28/2010 4:21:34 PM
Recommended (1)

snowy2 wrote:

جميع وظائف لكم الدهون ، والأبيض ، الجوز للحزب الشاي. كنت لا البقاء على قيد الحياة حتى الناس إذا لم يكن لنفط المسلمين. كنت بحاجة للحصول على الناس باستمرار على احتياجاتك ونصلي الى الله أننا لا قطع النفط قبالة الخاص بك. سارة بالين تقع لكم جميعا عندما يجعلك تعتقد أنك يمكن أن تعيش فقط على النفط الأميركية. هو لم تنفجر وسيدة. الحزب يمثل الشاي الشاسعة hillbillies غير المتعلمين الأمريكية ، hics ، والرقاب الأحمر الذي لا يمكن أن تقف أن blackman هو الرئيس.
بلاك ليست المسألة أنت غبي تبعيتهم. ومسألة اختصاص ومجتمع منظم ببساطة له بلا.
8/28/2010 4:20:35 PM
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gce1356 wrote:
8/28/2010 4:11:35 PM
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eoniii wrote:
The hatred and panic of the leftists on this thread is soooo exhilarating!

In fact, normal Americans — including most of the 80% who aren’t liberals — aren’t haters. They resent the condescension of their “betters” who think opposition to illegal immigration or a victory mosque at Ground Zero are signs of bigotry and intolerance. Those “betters”, like our moral-preener-in-chief, are fools.

I can’t wait until November 2nd.
8/28/2010 4:07:08 PM
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jblast2000 wrote:
ROFL, you can even hear the sphincters of the leftest media of collusion tightening as they report “thousands”. By the way, that really means there were hundreds of thousands there.
8/28/2010 4:06:37 PM
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Golem wrote:
In Beck’s America, if you don’t believe in JC you’re not truly an American. So much for Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Bhuddists, Atheists and all the rest who doubt JC.

What Beck misses (or simply doesn’t want to recognize) is that American exceptionalism, far from being the result of Christianity, derives from the unique American quality, and ideal, that anyone of any set of beliefs (which do not violate U.S. law) is just as much an American as a Christian. This is what makes us different from tribal Europe where Jews lived for a thousand years in Poland but were never excepted as Poles or Islamic states where a non-muslim literally fears for his/her life.

At least right now this is not a Christian country, Beck and his like notwithstanding. God, or anything else you want to believe in, help us if we fall for Beck’s theatrics and lose the true Ameican exceptionalism.
8/28/2010 4:06:33 PM
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ricklinguist wrote:
Repost, since no one has addressed my concerns:

“Restore America” to what?

To a time when black people had to pay a poll tax in order to vote?

To a time when women had no career choices?

To a time when innocent gay kids had to cower in terror that they would be subjected to electric shocks to “cure” them?

To a time when Americans with disabilities had no access to public buildings?

To a time when Jewish and other non-Christian children had to read from the New Testament in school or be sent to the Principals office?

Sorry, but you can’t simply declare “let’s go back to a better time” without specifying whose rights get trampled in the process.

8/28/2010 3:33:36 PM
8/28/2010 4:05:16 PM
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highwaybluesoccer wrote:
thebink——Like I posted before, White People are still the majority in this country, minorities should be thanking God, with the way they are dropping babies, that the Whites are still paying their bills. So, what exactly do you mean by white people have never suffered???
8/28/2010 4:01:08 PM
Recommend (1) > Politics
Your Comments On…
Beck, Palin tell thousands to ‘restore America’
A sea of people rallied at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday as conservative commentator Glenn Beck and other heroes of the “tea party” movement honored Americans serving in the military and called for the nation to turn back to God and to protect the traditional values that they said make the country exceptional.

By Philip Rucker, Carol Morello and Amy Goldstein

highwaybluesoccer wrote:
thebink——Like I posted before, White People are still the majority in this country, minorities should be thanking God, with the way they are dropping babies, that the Whites are still paying their bills. So, what exactly do you mean by white people have never suffered???
8/28/2010 4:01:08 PM
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JudiBug wrote:
God bless America. Please heal the hearts of those who hate us. Forgive them they know not what they do.
8/28/2010 4:00:35 PM
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jacquelynwoods wrote:
bmize1 wrote:
Glen Beck is right…we need to restore our country. Amazing that the Washington Post claims conservatives are racists – yet in this very article they say it it was a “overwhelmingly white crowd”….why does race have to be mentioned?
Ezra Klein’s secret list server of 400 liberal journalists started the false race calling per WaPo’s below article:

“Spencer Ackerman, then with the Washington Independent and now at, wrote: ‘If the right forces us all to either defend Wright or tear him down, no matter what we choose, we lose the game they’ve put upon us. Instead, take one of them — Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares — and call them racists. Ask: why do they have such a deep-seated problem with a black politician who unites the country?'”

“Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey zeroes in on the racism charge:

‘Ackerman wasn’t talking about a strategy to expose real racists, in the media or anywhere else. The Washington Independent reporter wanted to conduct a campaign against any figure on the Right, including journalists like Fred Barnes, to smear him as a racist for the political purposes of electing a Democrat to the White House. Notice that Ackerman doesn’t even bother to ask people to look for actual evidence of racism, but just suggests to pick a conservative name out of a hat. Tellingly, the pushback from members of Journolist had less to do with the outrageous idea of smearing an innocent person of racism to frighten people away from the story than with whether it would work.'”
8/28/2010 4:00:25 PM
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bloggersvilleusa wrote:

Miss_Fedelm wrote:

…Check out the Palin photo in the slide show on the front page of the Post. My God has she porked out. She’s not going to be able to manipulate the dumb guys in the deep south with a 40 inch waist line.

Palin’s campaign theme song can be:

“I am the Walrus”

8/28/2010 4:00:20 PM
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bakulaji wrote:
May Allah be Praised: Sid Harth

Where would we, the blind, dumb and the heathen, oops, pagan Americans would be if it were not for these self styled Messiahs. Who appear on the steps of the much revered Lincon’s monument?

Why we could be spending our vacation times in the Vietnam jungles, perhaps in the godforbidden Iraqui deserts, maybe, in the wild mountains of Afghanistan and doing what Glen beck and Sarah Palin like caricatures do best.

Pontificate and defecate in front of thousands of people.

May Allah be Prased Double time, for the usual and customary rhetoric, spewing venom against all others who do not see the real America. The America of healthy and wealthy.

We really don’t see these rich people doing anything useful to the vast masses of deliberately left behind laggards, lazy and lunatic.

These masses have nothing valuable to say as to what a democracy is, was and will be. They merely exist because they are needed as minimum wage workers in rich man’s multiple business ventures.

Hallelujah, Praise the lord and pass, oops, bad word deleted.

…and I am Sid Harth
8/28/2010 4:00:02 PM
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jblast2000 wrote:
Not ONE teleprompter there today, now that’s refreshing…
8/28/2010 3:59:53 PM
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gce1356 wrote:
Self-serving false patriotism with religious underpinnings.

(Are more than 10 words necessary to describe this?)
8/28/2010 3:59:51 PM
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mitt1968 wrote:
It’s like the “I have a dream” speech all over again!!!

(Except that it was the dream of stupid privileged white bible thumpers.)

Aside from that, it was the “I Have a Dream” speech all over again!!! (Check spin tonight on FoxNoise.)
8/28/2010 3:59:43 PM
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TheBabeNemo wrote:

Beck and Palin stand for no one but themselves. It’s the ultimate capitalistic behavior.

Believe anything else and one is in Munchkin Land.

8/28/2010 3:59:36 PM
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mdsinc wrote:
“a sprawling and overwhelmingly white crowd”

Well how about that!

White PEOPLE? ON MY MALL!!!!!!

Well lawd lawd lawd have mercy, what is the old plantation comming too?

(I really hate the WaPo)
8/28/2010 3:58:37 PM
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Nov2010_ wrote:

I was surprised by the huge number of blacks and hispanics supporting Glenn Beck!

8/28/2010 3:58:32 PM
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PontiusPilot wrote:
Actually, according to the leading mathematician of the Teabaggers, there were more than a BAZILLION there!

Three times the population of the Earth! Gawd sent down some angels to roll in the mud.
8/28/2010 3:56:16 PM
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highwaybluesoccer wrote:
If you libs hate Beck and Sarah so much, why so many comments? They have you steamed and you can’t stand it. If you were not scared, you would just ignore it.
8/28/2010 3:56:50 PM
Recommend (3)

Miss_Fedelm wrote:
jameschirico wrote:
The majority of the Tea Party is over 45 …


Teabaggers are members of what is known as the 2025 Club. These are the people over age 45 sporting a belt size over 45 inches. (45 x 45 = 2025)
8/28/2010 3:52:06 PM
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Realist201 wrote:
I bet those in the WEst Wing of the White house were cowering in fear as the Tea Party decended on DC….just wait until they decend on the voting booths in two months, then the Dems will really be hurt!
8/28/2010 3:51:22 PM
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Hoople1 wrote:
TheBabeNemo wrote:

I thought church was on sundays for some.

I wonder people of Jewish decendent were there.


One poster here that went said he say about 4 people of color. What about Muslims??? Any????

Why don’t you try to at least watch this stuff before you make your inane comments. There were a number of representatives of the Jewish faith in the 240 representatives of all faiths he brought on the stage.

But I guess making inane assertions and unfounded assumptions is how you entertain yourself — sad.

You should get Wii, at least you could find gome game friends! And even name them!
8/28/2010 3:48:52 PM
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bloggersvilleusa wrote:

Maddogg wrote:
Famous Tea Party Quotes

“Keep your government hands off my medicare”

“Exporting jobs is good for America”

“Take the other guys social security away, not mine”

“We love handing out government money to our voters”

I bet most Tea Partiers never made it past 8th grade.

Please don’t insult the intelligence of 8th graders, the vast majority of whom have more intellectual, political and social maturity than to accept racist reactionaries like Beck & Palin.

8/28/2010 3:48:27 PM
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WashingtonDame wrote:
I noticed that this article characterized Beck’s crowd as “overwhelmingly white,” without characterizing Sharpton’s crowd as “overwhelmingly black,” even though from the video coverage I’ve seen, that is a true statement. I wonder why that’s so?
8/28/2010 3:47:57 PM
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goodoldboy1 wrote:
You libs just don’t get it. We are going to vote out the sociaists, and won’t stop till we have freedom from this oppressive government. The first person who calls me a racist, go look in the mirror.
8/28/2010 3:47:03 PM
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davidmweiss1 wrote:
It was the conservatives that fought the civil rights movement. They claimed states rights and they still claim states rights. Beck and his conservative beckerheads are against today’s civil rights movement. Listen to how they belittle the heirs and leaders of todays civil rights movement.

conservatives haven’t had bowel movement since the 60’s and you know what that makes them full of? You guessed it.

Any reading of history will reveal that the conservatives are not or were not on the side of the civil rights movement. Any other claim is absurd.
8/28/2010 3:46:30 PM
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Miss_Fedelm wrote:
Going by the way the wingnuts are yelping about the crowd underestimates, and the way they are now putting out the talking points about the crowd size being such and such and damn the data, it sounds like not that many people showed up. Looking at the photo, only about 3/4 of one side of the reflecting pool was filled. Two million people completely fill the mall from Capital to Lincoln memorial. A million is half of this area. And what I saw in the photo is about 1/10th of a million.

Second point: Check out the Palin photo in the slide show on the front page of the Post. My God has she porked out. She’s not going to be able to manipulate the dumb guys in the deep south with a 40 inch waist line.
8/28/2010 3:47:58 PM
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Miss_Fedelm wrote:
Going by the way the wingnuts are yelping about the crowd underestimates, and the way they are now putting out the talking points about the crowd size being such and such and damn the data, it sounds like not that many people showed up. Looking at the photo, only about 3/4 of one side of the reflecting pool was filled. Two million people completely fill the mall from Capital to Lincoln memorial. A million is half of this area. And what I saw in the photo is about 1/10th of a million.

Second point: Check out the Palin photo in the slide show on the front page of the Post. My God has she porked out. She’s not going to be able to manipulate the dumb guys in the deep south with a 40 inch waist line.
8/28/2010 3:47:58 PM
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faudel wrote:
I cannot recall a single event that has generated such vapid, vitriolic personal attacks as those demonstrated by Beck/Palin’s detractors on this forum. Although I was not there, I have not read anything that was said at the rally to justify such uncivil behavior. Shame.
8/28/2010 3:41:19 PM
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bobbarnes wrote:
99% of the non-whites at this rally were on the stage. See, the teabaggers aren’t racists!
8/28/2010 3:40:30 PM
Recommend (7)

TheBabeNemo wrote:

I thought church was on sundays for some.

I wonder people of Jewish decendent were there.


One poster here that went said he say about 4 people of color. What about Muslims??? Any????

8/28/2010 3:39:05 PM
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ricklinguist wrote:
“Restore America” to what?

To a time when black people had to pay a poll tax in order to vote?

To a time when women had no career choices?

To a time when innocent gay kids had to cower in terror that they would be subjected to electric shocks to “cure” them?

To a time when Americans with disabilities had no access to public buildings?

To a time when Jewish and other non-Christian children had to read from the New Testament in school or be sent to the Principals office?

Sorry, but you can’t simply declare “let’s go back to a better time” without specifying whose rights get trampled in the process.

8/28/2010 3:33:36 PM
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TheBabeNemo wrote:

lots of subliminal messages today, no?

8/28/2010 3:31:07 PM
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jfristriut wrote:
Now, you know how Hitler took over Germany…charisma, fear, hate and lies….fundalmentalist whether christian or muslim express themselves through the tea party, nazi, taliban or al quaida organizations; no difference, they are all the same.
8/28/2010 3:30:46 PM
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abbydelabbey wrote:
Beck and Palin talk and talk — rant and rave — and offer nothing but lies and fear — claiming to speak in the name of “family values” claiming to speak for “Americans” — and all the sheep line up to hear their lies and then blog on and on repeating those lies —

This is what America has come to?

Dangerous extremist demagogues trying to control people, to force people to be just like them, to make America into their own (white, anglo-saxon, protestant) image?

Jesus wept over Jerusalem — He must be sobbing over the USA —
8/28/2010 3:26:33 PM
Recommend (10)

karium wrote:
The title should be ” Beck, Palin tell thousands to ‘restore Christian America’
8/28/2010 3:24:59 PM
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jimsteinberg1 wrote:
Beck-Palin: a ticket infinitely lower and hotter than hell.
8/28/2010 3:24:11 PM
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neversaylie wrote:
What percentage of the “NEW AMERICAN IMMIGRANT” feeds off the “LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZEN?”
8/28/2010 3:23:06 PM
Recommend (1)

karium wrote:
Today’s rally was like Lakewood church in open-air. They blame Muslims for being radicals, today Beck’s proved them wrong.
8/28/2010 3:21:46 PM
Recommend (2)

Bugs222 wrote:
Beck, Palin, Bachmann, and their ilk are ignorant, pathetic liars.
8/28/2010 3:20:27 PM
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Koom wrote:
Beck and the most ignorant and gullible simpletons on planet earth , they make me so proud to be an American .LOL
8/28/2010 3:20:15 PM
Recommend (5)

hhkeller wrote:
Last gasp of the old white republicans crowd. Where were they while Bush Jr drove the country into the ground. Two faced Repugs.
8/28/2010 3:19:55 PM
Recommend (13)

ChristopherMay wrote:
The key to the uniqueness of this event is that these are middle class people with jobs and families. They are not the students, college professors, NGO workers, and trade unionists that are given free time and/or financial support to make up the typical crowd for leftist causes. These people have taken time away from serious responsibilities and traveled here on their own dimes. To see half a million of them on the Mall in Washington should strike horror into the hearts of the Democrats. I predict both the House and Senate will fall to the Republicans.
8/28/2010 3:15:58 PM
Recommended (3)

apocrypha wrote:
neversaylie wrote:
In the libs world, everyone is dumb, except them.

In the libs world everyone is a racist except them.

In the libs world, everything is FREE and for the TAKING!
You’re exhibiting yourself as a liar. You even have the nerve to have an ID ‘neversaylie’. You’re also a complete moron.
8/28/2010 3:15:34 PM
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LDTRPT25 wrote:
Glenn Beck is a traitor to anyone who loves America,he only plays to the uneducated ignorant people who will believe anything he says.Beck talks about Hitler but when he rants raves and foams at the mouth he sounds and act just like him.God does not teach rebellion against your leaders if they are trying to do right as Obama is trying to do.Beck is a mental case who should be locked up so he can’t harm the uninformed, any sane person will not watch or listen to his drival
8/28/2010 3:15:13 PM
Recommend (9)

LDTRPT25 wrote:
Glenn Beck is a traitor to anyone who loves America,he only plays to the uneducated ignorant people who will believe anything he says.Beck talks about Hitler but when he rants raves and foams at the mouth he sounds and act just like him.God does not teach rebellion against your leaders if they are trying to do right as Obama is trying to do.Beck is a mental case who should be locked up so he can’t harm the uninformed, any sane person will not watch or listen to his drival
8/28/2010 3:15:13 PM
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WildBill1 wrote:
Message to a sprawling and overwhelmingly white crowd was to concentrate not on history that has scarred the nation, but on what makes it “good.”
Wow…so does this mean the WaPo will start writing that the Wizards played for an overwhelmingly black crowd at the Verizon Center? Nice to see the WaPo is a racist tabloid political rag for the liberals…
8/28/2010 3:07:10 PM
Recommended (6)

TheBabeNemo wrote:


yeppers, pristine lilly whites of America.

Did they stick around to clean up their mess as they trashed the grounds of Wash D.C.
Probably not…
went to the bar and had a beer maybe.

8/28/2010 3:05:30 PM
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Maddogg wrote:
Palin is visably shaken that people would actually vote for a blackman over her. Beck is still scratching his head asking himself when did slavery end.
8/28/2010 2:57:02 PM
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TheBabeNemo wrote:


the God of White Supermacy shot himself.

in full dress uniform I hear.

and, of course, had to take his girlfriend with him.


8/28/2010 2:56:39 PM
Recommend (1)

ib422000 wrote:
“Interesting the people on here that claim to be against racism are all saying something against a crowd of white people.

Why are we all not just Americans? Who are the racists now? Why does the color of these peoples skin matter?”

Because white people were the offenders, the originators of racial discrimination, don’t you know!
The dirty taste hasn’t gone away.
8/28/2010 2:47:20 PM
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Stormin1 wrote:
Same old folks falling the same old Faux lies.
8/28/2010 2:47:06 PM
Recommend (1)

demtse wrote:

rmedina363 wrote:
Title should be. “Restore White America”

More like “Restore White Supremacy”

8/28/2010 2:46:47 PM
Recommend (1)

metroman76 wrote:
Billw3 wrote:

LeeInOceanside wrote:
“I don’t care about Obama being black. I do care he is ignorant.”

Not so sure. I believe he does not like America, and is of muslim faith
LMAO…donmtcha mean mooslam.
8/28/2010 2:45:50 PM
Recommend (1)

rmedina363 wrote:
Title should be. “Restore White America”
8/28/2010 2:42:37 PM
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TheBabeNemo wrote:

well let’s see
maybe it was appropriate for Palin to be there…on teh anniversary of “I Have A Dream” speech.

Saviour Saint Sarah has a dream of being President.

If her stigmata tells her so…..!!

Wonder what was written on her hand today?

8/28/2010 2:42:25 PM
Recommend (0)

euroguy wrote:
Klansmen Have a Dream Too!!!!!!
8/28/2010 2:40:58 PM
Recommend (4)

TheBabeNemo wrote:

For sure….It would have been nice for some Pawnee to show up at this pristine lilly white gathering…

8/28/2010 2:37:43 PM
Recommend (2)

js_edit wrote:
ender3rd wrote:
“Beck’s rally has been billed as a peaceful and non-political “re-dedication” of the traditional honor and values of the nation.”

Tradition #1: Slaughter Native Americans.
Tradition #2: Witch Burning.
Tradition #3: Slavery.

Makes sense. Christians have been storming the MidEast with their cruise missile and Predator Drone cleansing so Jesus can stand proud above the rubble.

Let them pay for it woth oil.

America the Christian Nation?

Two things that brought this group together, fear and hatred.
8/28/2010 2:29:51 PM


But that’s Beck’s whole point. He wants everyone to ignore the uglier truths about America and just focus on the stuff that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.
8/28/2010 2:35:51 PM
Recommend (2)

bmize1 wrote:
Interesting the people on here that claim to be against racism are all saying something against a crowd of white people.

Why are we all not just Americans? Who are the racists now? Why does the color of these peoples skin matter?
8/28/2010 2:32:28 PM
Recommend (5)

snowy2 wrote:
Robbb1 wrote:
Yes the crowd was nearly all white so that should tell you something.
Yes, it does- it tells me you are a race baiter. What was the complection at Sharptons rally? Does it matter? Only to bigots such as yourself.
8/28/2010 2:30:57 PM
Recommend (3)

TheBabeNemo wrote:

Just think – in closing our borders…..

what was Ellis Island all about.

Secure does not mean seal.
Canada wouldn’t like that.

8/28/2010 2:30:30 PM
Recommend (0)

TeaPartyPatriot wrote:

I’ve just heard that the JournoLista Vast-Left-Wing-Media Conspiracy has directed all the lame stream socialist fake-news outlets to say that ONLY 18 ignorant, bigoted and racist people showed up for Beck’s rally and that all of them were chanting racist epithets and were urinating on and trashing the Lincoln Memorial. In addition, they were inciting violence against everybody that didn’t agree with them.

BTW: all of this is what the JounoListas refer to as their Standard Lie #1,264,873.

8/28/2010 2:30:20 PM
Recommend (1)

ender3rd wrote:
“Beck’s rally has been billed as a peaceful and non-political “re-dedication” of the traditional honor and values of the nation.”

Tradition #1: Slaughter Native Americans.
Tradition #2: Witch Burning.
Tradition #3: Slavery.

Makes sense. Christians have been storming the MidEast with their cruise missile and Predator Drone cleansing so Jesus can stand proud above the rubble.

Let them pay for it woth oil.

America the Christian Nation?

Two things that brought this group together, fear and hatred.
8/28/2010 2:29:51 PM
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Robbb1 wrote:
It seems to me that you all miss the good old days of Jim Crow. Beck and Palin surely do. Yes it was thousands of people there at the rally, White people. Unfortunately it’s more than white people in the good old USA.
8/28/2010 2:27:36 PM
Recommend (5)

kfjor wrote:
to flamingliberal: that is exactly the point…if we disagree with you, or Obama, we are called racists and wackos. Glemm Beck is saying STOP to all that, don’t you get it? On both sides, republicans, democrats, independants, whites, blacks, muslims, is the day you change yourself.
8/28/2010 2:26:48 PM
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Robbb1 wrote:
It seems to me that you all miss the good old days of Jim Crow. Beck and Palin surely do. Yes it was thousands of people there at the rally, White people. Unfortunately it’s more than white people in the good old USA.
8/28/2010 2:27:36 PM
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Billw3 wrote:

CPOSharkey wrote:
“The Hate spewing from the left in these comments is unbelievable!”

They cannot handle the truth, so they get steamed up, per their mentality.
8/28/2010 2:24:02 PM
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pontius_pilate wrote:
Ah the last vestibules of white supremacy in the open, dieing a slow death…..most of them are still trying to figure who stole what and what they are trying to get back…..a state’s rights rally hidden and concealed in the flag of that 1st century Palestinian Jew carpenter.
A majority of old white people who somebody forgot to tell, this country is for EVERYONE not just their grandchildren……First, white supremacy then male supremacy and now straight privilege (marriage)….When is this great country of mine going to push back hard against the worst of it’s people????
8/28/2010 2:23:21 PM
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knjincvc wrote:
Soo … did Dick Armey supply free bus rides again?
8/28/2010 2:22:33 PM
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Maddogg wrote:
And at the end of the rally Obama, a blackman, is still President over the Confederate States of American too.

I love to see all the anti-government types lapping up their social securty and medicare and defending the anti-American Patriot Act. ROFLMAO For sure the rally personifies the collapse of the American educational system.
8/28/2010 5:16:53 PM
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HughBriss wrote:
Will the Tea Party crowds be taking all their garbage back to “Real America” with them?

Or will they leave it for the government they dislike so much to clean up?
8/28/2010 5:15:13 PM
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TheBabeNemo wrote:


Cross burning on Saviour Saint Sarah’s porch tonight at 8:00.
Followed by a moose roast.
Come on down !!!!

8/28/2010 5:13:42 PM
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bloggersvilleusa wrote:

The theme song for today’s failed rally:

I wanna go back to Dixie
Tom Lehrer
2 mins., 53 secs.

I wanna go back to Dixie, take me back to dear old Dixie
That’s the only li’l ol’ place for li’l ol’ me.
Ol’ times there are not forgotten, whuppin’ slaves and sellin’ cotton
An’ waitin’ for the Robert E. Lee (It was never there on time…)
I’ll go back to the Swanee, where pellagra makes you scrawny
And the honeysuckle clutters up the vine.

Polltax, howiloveya, howiloveya, my dear old polltax…

Won’t you come with me to Alabammy
Back to the arms of my dear old mammy
Her cookin’s lousy and her hands are clammy, bu what the hell, it’s home…

Yes, for Paradise the Southland is my nominee…
Just give me a ham hock and a grit of hominy…

I wanna go back to dixie, I wanna be a Dixie pixie
And eat cornpone till it’s commin outa my ears.
I wanna talk with southern gentlemen, and put my white sheet on again
I aint seen one good lynching in years!
The land of the boll weevil, where the laws are medieval
That’s the place I want to come and evermore roam
I wanna go back to the southland, that Y’all and Shet-my-mouthland
Be it ever so decadent, there’s no place like home!

8/28/2010 5:13:16 PM
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DannyP1 wrote:
I wonder what Jesus would think of Glenn Beck?

It doesn’t matter, because there are enough right wing christian fanatics out there to make the entire nation worry
8/28/2010 5:12:54 PM
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Dana Millbank thread

The benefits of separation from the Jews in Spain, where they had also taken the Muslim side.

‘Sinner’ singer given 39 lashes by rabbis
08/27/2010 02:45


White America Dream

August 28, 2010

White America needs a new dream in which White America is the star. White Americans have become a Nation of Followers as Vanishing American points out:

The ones they follow are Beck, Palin, Lindsey Lohan, etc.

There is no officially allowed dream for White America. Martin Luther King’s Dream of a non-White mixed America is the official American Dream. This is an America that blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews have starring roles in. The role of Whites is White Guilt for slavery. The only group really comfortable in this America is Jews. None of the others really want to live as minorities in another country, except maybe blacks as dependents. Asians and Muslims do not aspire to be model minorities. They have countries and continents of their own or aspire to them.

A people need a vision of their future as well as a story of their past that fits with that future vision. White America has a glorious past but no vision of itself as having a future existence. Thus the White Nation dies. The legal entity United States dies as well. The White Nation created the legal entity United States and without the White Nation, the legal entity United States has much less viability.

We see that already with Jewish Asian control of finance, technology and academia. Jewish Asian America has chosen to transfer know-how to China. The manufacturing has gone there with it. Jewish America has financed the transfer of manufacturing to China and made Chinese manufacturing its dream of the future.

White America is down to its Tea Party, Beck Rally, and Palin Mama Grizzly Candidates. John McCain is a Mama Grizzly, and a junior one at that.

The one redeeming feature of Beck and even more of Palin is that Jewish media hate them both and vent their hatred of them. Whites listening to this constant stream of hate from Jews on TV of White Christian America and White Middle America start to realize that the Jews in power hate White Middle America and want to get rid of it. But they are still leaderless to actually try to save White Middle America. That requires separating from all the non-Whites including Jews and having a separate White Nation with a legal entity White United States of America (WUSA) of its own.

If Palin is elected president and Jews do a 4 year hate on TV of her and White America and White Christian America, it may finally be evident to White America that the experiment started with Jewish immigration and freeing the black slaves is over. That experiment has failed. Jews seek to finish us off with Muslims, Asians and Latinos. They transfer our know-how and manufacturing to China. They take over our universities and staff them with Asians. All of this to deny us our own country. That includes denying us any vision of ourselves as the center of our own existence and own nation and own legal entity country. That vision would have White people as the doctors, professors, nurses, politicians, judges, TV personalities, etc. White people who are pro White.

Jews immediately froth at the mouth at any possibility of this. Seeing that reaction is the best way for Whites to wake up to Jewish hate and the need for separation from Jewish hate as well as the rest of the Jewish litter of blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Muslims.

After the 2008 election, Bill Maher on Larry King Live, continued the hate “jokes” against Palin. They were not funny. What they showed was straight Jewish hate of White Christian America and White Middle America. That for me was the moment I gave up on an America with the current arrangements with Jews and the rest of the Diversity.

Four years of Sarah Palin and Beck rallies will bring many more such moments. Mayor Bloomberg’s Ground Zero Mosque or die speech is another such moment. So was Obama supporting the Ground Zero Mosque.

White America needs a vision of itself as the center of itself. White America must see itself as the hero and the future of itself, not Diversity America. Diversity America is dead as a positive vision for those who have waken up. One thing or another has killed it including the death of a thousand cuts that Diversity administers to every White life in America.

Diversity America is an abortion doctor trying to abort Founding Stock America, the America of De Tocqueville 1835. Democracy in America does not describe White Christian America as the land of hate but the land of hope. We need to get back to that vision and turn our back on Diversity. America’s days as a Diversity Clinic must be numbered if the White Nation and in particular, the White Christian Nation, is to survive.

Stupidarchy Stupidgarchy John McCain

August 25, 2010

John McCain won the Republic Primary in Arizona over J. D. Hayworth. The Republic voters have spoken and they voted themselves the stupidity award, a politician who has proven over and over that his contempt and disdain for them has over many elections turned to hate.

McCain harms his GOP base. McCain race replaces them. McCain calls them bigots. McCain says they are stupid and need Chinese to do the thinking work because his voters can’t think. McCain says he has to replace their sons and grandsons who can’t find jobs with Mexicans because picking lettuce is not a job Americans want to do. (All the stats show every job category is majority American even picking lettuce, despite the efforts by employers to avoid hiring Americans, e.g. Bill Gates.)

McCain has hated us since he came back from Vietnam and decided we betrayed him. Everything since then convinces him we are stupid as well as disloyal. He thinks he is smarter than us. That is why he must race replace us with Latinos who break Social Security and Medicare just like they break schools. People who break schools and fill ER’s because they have no insurance are not going to support Social Security and Medicare. They are going to break them just like they have closed hospitals that couldn’t afford them, many of them in Arizona.

Hispanics move to other states from Arizona because the hospitals close in Arizona, from the Hispanics. McCain is closing hospitals in Arizona by his immigration policies. People vote for a man who closes their own community hospital by bankrupting them. That is how stupid they are. That is how contemptible they are.

Excellent thread on the McSame victory. (McSame as in the same as Alberto Gonzalez (AG) Bush.)

Stupidarchy: Rule by the stupid.

Stupidgarchy: Rule by the rich stupid.

Search California 60 hospitals closed.

The stupidarchy has spoken, the stupidgarchy is returned. The order of things is maintained.

These are smart people. They know don’t trust people smarter than you. Like a doctor. You want a doctor smarter than you? You want John McCain as your senator.

As Mark Twain might have said, there is stupidarchy, there is stupidgarchy and then there is John McCain. God save America.

Jewgarchy, anti-Jewgarchists, crypto-Jewgarchists

August 21, 2010

Lawrence Auster at his site has discussed the need for a new term to replace anti-Semite. In particular, neutral terms are needed such that people who advocate certain views actually use those terms to describe themselves. The term anti-Semite itself was invented and initially used by someone who was an anti-Semite?

We really need multiple terms. The term anti-Semite should not be one, since no one uses it to describe themselves as Auster points out.

The following is preliminary as an effort in the direction of new terms. Obviously, terms catch on because they fill a gap or have less side effects than existing terms. The term anti-Semitism is extremely unuseful for objective discussion. The following are less so, but some may still object to them. That is allowable of course, and part of the original Socratic discussions on definitions. The modifier crypto is useful for those who support something while denying it or even making others deny it.

Oligarchy: Rule by oligarchs, i.e. wealthy.

Monarchy: Rule by a monarch.

Monarchist: A person who advocates monarchy but usually is not a monarch themselves.

Jewgarchy: Rule by Jews. Jewish oligarchy might be closely related to this.

(Your search – Jewgarchy – did not match any documents. )

Jewgarch. An actual ruling Jew. Are all Jews Jewgarchs? Or just some like Bloomberg?

Pro-Jewgarchist. A person who advocates or supports rule by Jews. This includes advocating measures that bring this about.

Crypto-Jewgarchist. A person who denies there is Jewgarchy and at the same time advocates the measures that result in Jewgarchy while denying they have that effect.

Neocon. Jewgarch who rules through GOP and “right” or “conservative” institutions. They twist them to be for Jewish interests, and in particular to eliminate Whites. They typically support the Slicer Coalition and Slicerarchy.

Neocongarchy. Rule of GOP and the “right” by Jews.

Anti-Jewgarchist. A person who opposes rule by Jews. This typically includes opposing some of the factors that give rise to rule by Jews.

Jew or Jewish-separatist. A person who believes Jews should be separate from non-Jews. In a complete sense, this means living in a separate country legal entity. However, in a partial sense, there might be various levels of separation within a country.

Internal Jewish Separatist. Jews would live separately within the same legal entity state.

Zio-Separatist. Similar to Jewish-separatist but with more of a flavor of Jews living in Israel.

Counter-Semite. (From Tanstaafl comment thread) Person who advocates against Jewgarchy.

Judeo-Criticism. (From Tanstaafl comment thread) Rational criticism of Jews. This means analysis of their activity, networks, internal favoritism, etc.

Zionist. A Jewish nationalist. Jews are a nation and The Jewish Nation should have its own legal entity. The Jewish Nation is a term often used by Jewish nationalists. Should Zionist mean non-Jew? It seems to include non-Jews in some contexts now.

Pro-Zionist. A person who advocates a separate Jewish country legal entity for The Jewish Nation. This person need not be Jewish.

Jewish-Eliminationist. A person who wants to eliminate Jews.

White-Eliminationist. A person who wants to eliminate Whites or Whites as a race.

One of the charges against Jewgarchy is that it tends to be linked to White Eliminationism or some watered down form of White Eliminationism.

White Separatist. A person who wants Whites to live separate from others, possibly including Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews.

Flexible Separatism. Some institutions would be reserved for one group. Some areas are for one group. Or there are limitations.

(The following is not a program, simply examples.)

Universities: Universities founded by Whites would become White only. This could include the main state campuses founded in the 19th century as well as private schools. Jews and others could set up their own separate schools. Faculty, students, administrators, etc. would be separate.

K-12. Same separation.

Banks: Restore state banking and separate Jewish and White banks. Also investment banks. Part of the problem with diversity banks and diversity investment banks is that the management can blow up the bank and not worry its harming its own young men at the time of family formation. Ethnic banks and investment banks pay a big cost when they blow themselves up to their own group. When Wall Street was separate, there was more risk control on a meaningful level. Bear Stearns did not do that type of trading even in the 1990’s.

Government. Jews could be restricted to their percentage in the population. State governments could be given more control. The federal government would be out of family law, race law, race relations, etc. except for its own employees.

Area limits. Jews might get Manhattan and a few other areas as primarily theirs. Then their numbers in other areas might be limited.

Law firms. Separate law firms for Jews. Jews spread out in many law firms raises questions about whether Whites get good legal representation. It also denies representation to separate White institutions.

Cases involving Whites only. The lawyers and judges would be White only. The jury as well.

Cases within groups in general. Layers, judges and jury from within own group. At the appeals court level, precedent by a panel of a single group would only apply within that group? Or the panels could be mixed?

Companies. Companies would be allowed, encouraged or required under various schemes to be separate.

The current system is where Jews force integration and this makes every institution work against Whites and for Jews.

Limits on exploitation. Limits on rates of interest, abusive practices by banks and credit card companies, etc. Having banks and possibly credit card companies within the same group helps for this. The ability to have separate companies for every group is likely unworkable however.

Jews currently have extensive influence or control in a variety of places in society many of them barely understood to the public. The antitrust division is an example of this. It has allowed Wall Street M and A including bank mergers. The Civil Rights Division, Federal Reserve, Federal Courts, Supreme Court etc. are better known as problems.

== Slicer Coalition

Slicer Coalition: Coalition of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews. This gets its name from affirmative action having the effect of reducing (non-Jewish) Whites to a tiny slice of undergraduates at Harvard. More broadly, its a coalition led by Jews that is anti-White.

Slicergarchy. Rule by the Slicer Coalition. This is what we have now with Eric Holder Obama.

Slicerarchy suggests anarchy which is what Slicergarch is or leads to. Each group in the Slicer Coalition tries to get theirs. The result is a run on the government’s and society’s money.

Slicerarch. A ruling Slicer. Colin Powell, Obama, Holder, Condoleezza Rice are examples of black Slicerarchs.

Negrogarchy: Rule by Negros or blacks. These are as part of Slicergarchy run by Jews. Their role is symbolic. Whites are meant to worship Negro celebrities. Combined with White Trash celebrities, Jews and Asians getting credit for science, Whites are reduced to having no living role models or leaders. James Watson who spoke up as one was hounded down. He also put up that his ancestry was Redneck basically.

Negroarchy: The anarchy from Negro rule or Negro worship. A society that elevates the Negro ends up being anarchic because it devalues objectivity, merit, and non-violence. Negros symbolize emotion over reason and the present over the future. Moreover, this is genetic with them, so their elevation causes this on a genetic basis.

Run-on-the-government. Like a run on the bank, but on the government. This can be more broad than the government’s money and include the power to take from others, especially from Whites.

Slicer Action. Affirmative Action that has the result of slicing out Whites at Harvard or White Protestants at the Supreme Court.

Whites face ruin from rule by the Slicer Coalition. The administration of Obama and Eric Holder at DOJ show that Whites are now in an existential crisis. The Slicer Coalition led by Jews threatens the existence of Whites. The legal system has been crafted primarily by Jews but also Liberal Whites and others to be a one way chute for the continued existence of the White Race.

This makes it urgent for Whites to diagnose their problem, who is causing it and what solutions they have before time runs out. This urgency can be seen not just in the discussion at Alternative Right, Mangan’s, Tanstaafl, Kevin MacDonald’s continued scholarship, but in the Tea Party, the reaction to Obama’s support of Cordoba House, the opposition to the bailout, stimulus, illegal immigration, and so forth. White America is waking up to the extreme urgency of its problem is one diagnosis of this. Others are less hopeful.

== Asiangarchy

Asiangarchy. Technical rule by Asians. This involves giving the Asians the technical jobs and control over universities. This leads to manufacturing going to Asia. The Jews run the money, the law and the government, and the Asians run the factories. Wall Street and the government have promoted Asiangarchy and the transfer of manufacturing to Asia. Kevin MacDonald has pointed out this Jewish Asian rule of institutions.

Hispanogarchy. So far, Hispanic rule in America is limited. Gonzalez is an example of a Hispanic stooge. Sotomayor is another more dangerous example. Hispanic areas also ethnically cleanse others. Hispanics tend to buy only from their own.

Muslimgarchy. Rule by Muslims. Cordoba House is a milestone in this. So are prayer rooms. Mayor Bloomberg supports Cordoba House. Bloomberg is the arch Jewgarch and Slicergarch.

Islamogarchy. Rule by Islam. This is particularly important in Europe. The Danish Cartoons are an example of Islamogarchy. Bush’s Islam is a Relilgion of Speech marks the start of Islamogarchy for the public.

Under Jewgarchy, the entire Slicer Coalition is an extension of Jewish rule and control. Slicergarchy is a subordinate form of Jewgarchy. Anything to Slice out whites from Harvard to the Supreme Court or the Presidency or even RNC chairmanship. The GOP’s model minorities such as Governor Jendel are part of the Slicer Coalition.

The main enemy of the Slicer Coalition is Whites, especially Founding Stock Americans and White Christian America and the old line White Protestants. These are the historic groups that the Jews regard as enemies. Their reaction to Sarah Palin, the hate and the Jewish “comedians” of hate show this explicitly.

Reference Links. Not all of these are directly on this topic, but I have picked some links from some well known authors on this subject or others that seem useful as background.

Discussion at Alternative Right


“The need for a better word for anti-Semitism ”

Guy White

Kevin MacDonald

Above: Whites outnumber Jews at high IQ but Jews are over-represented even allowing for this. This indicates social networking and favoritism.

==(page 78 as numbered in doc) Excerpt

An example not presented by Slezkine is recounted in a report of 1950 to
the central committee on Jewish activities at an aircraft production facility:

In a number of extremely important departments of the Central Aero-
Hydrodynamic Institute there are workers due to be substituted for
political reasons. They gather around themselves people of the same
nationality, impose the habit of praising one another (while making
others erroneously believe that they are indispensable), and force their
protégés through to high posts.31

Indeed, there is no other way to explain the extraordinary percentages of
Jews throughout elite institutions, which became apparent when the purges
began in the late 1940s (see below). High IQ and achievement motivation
can only go so far, and cannot explain why, for example, in the late 1940s
Jews made up 80% of the Soviet Academy of Science Institute of Literature
(Pushkin House) (p. 302), 42% of the directors of Moscow theaters, over half of
Soviet circus directors (p. 301), or eight of the top ten directors of the Bolshoi
Theater.32 In the case of Pushkin House, the opponents of the dominant clique
stated that it had been forged “by long-lasting relationships of families and
friends, mutual protection, homogeneous (Jewish) national composition, and
anti-patriotic (anti-Russian) tendencies.”33

==End excerpt

MacDonald shows that Jews are overrepresented at Harvard etc even allowing for a higher IQ mean.


Anti-white H-1b and student visa policies that support Asiangarchy.
Steve Sailer

(Auster has a very negative article on this article by Steve Sailer)

Tanstaafl Age of Treason

Above specifically comments on Auster’s search for new word for anti-Semitism.

This is draft and preliminary. All comments welcome. This is subject to revision. Please add links in comments to other bloggers or other articles at the bloggers linked to already.

Jihad Mechanics applied to Cordoba House Le Mosque de Triomphe

August 19, 2010

Since Nicholas Stix linked to an earlier blog post and Vanishing American is blogging again, maybe I will show a little bit of activity here. My activity has been decreased in part because Google took this blog completely out of its searches. Older Old Atlantic Lighthouse blogs at other sites show up, but not this one.

“Ground Zero mosque fight shows how little we’ve learned from U.S. history”

Edward Schumacher-Matos
Friday, August 20, 2010

Some comments at Wapo on this topic

OldAtlantic wrote:
“And as late as the 1960s, as a Catholic teenage immigrant dating a Southern Baptist girl in Phenix City, Ala., I found myself squirming in the pews of her small, crowded church. The preacher ridiculed the president then in the White House — John F. Kennedy — as a papist and “fish eater.”

Newt Gingrich went to high school with me in Columbus, Ga. We share personal history, but I wonder what books inspire this self-styled intellectual today when he likens Muslims to Nazis and the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor. “There should be no mosque near Ground Zero in New York so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia,” he said recently, as if we should govern ourselves by Saudi standards. ”

The author proves he does not identify with Founding Stock Americans. He identifies with the Muslims who build Cordoba House. They identify with the Muslims who attacked on 9/11 after which the Muslim world cheered and participated against Danish Cartoonists.

The author illustrates why Obama also does not identify with us. We don’t need more immigration of people who don’t identify with us. Support and NumbersUSA.
8/19/2010 1:21:55 PM

s2car wrote:
One question, how far is far enough for them to build this community center? What distance will tip the scales in favor of building? Are we talking city blocks, miles, light years? At what point does 1 more inch away become an acceptable location for the project and what specifically changed over that distance? I’m pretty sure it has to do with quantum mechanics, but I need someone more enlightened (I’m thinking Palin) to deconstruct this for me.
8/19/2010 3:54:04 PM

==My reply at Wapo

Muslims want to be in Mecca. With modern technology we can build a one cubic mile building at Mecca and all the world’s Muslims live there all the time. Make it so.

8/19/2010 3:59:24 PM

We can call the cube at Mecca, the Meccan Mile.

s2car wrote:
OldAtlantic wrote:

Muslims want to be in Mecca. With modern technology we can build a one cubic mile building at Mecca and all the world’s Muslims live there all the time. Make it so.

Ok, ok, there are no BAD answers, but let’s keep trying!
8/19/2010 4:04:18 PM


Since you wanted a quantum mechanics answer we need to work out the mathematics of Jihad Confinement. To confine Jihad in Muslim lands would require very powerful forces to confine the carriers of Jihad within the Muslim nucleus.

Muslims would bind strongly to each other and to Mecca and thus would not wander away from the Muslim nucleus of Mecca.

8/19/2010 6:23:15 PM

In terms of current current interaction we need that the cross section of the Christian and Muslim currents overlapping is less than 1 barn.


OldAtlantic wrote:
codexjust1 wrote:
History will record who stood up for the Constitution and religious liberty. History will also record who stood shoulder to shoulder with members of the Ku Klux Klan in denouncing this mosque.
8/19/2010 1:12:54 PM


So the Klan was right and Libs wrong. This proves that Libs are more wrong than the Klan. This proves Libs are more hate filled than the Klan.
8/19/2010 1:25:40 PM


OldAtlantic wrote:
LostinPotomac wrote:
OldAtlantic -if you’re preaching for the Klan then please go away. It is the embodiment of a terrorist organization founded on rascism and religious bigotry. Go hang out with Bin Laden – you guys have a lot to share.
8/19/2010 2:39:55 PM


To Libs, White Christian America = Kluxianity. At least that is what I read in Lib comments at Wapo whenever the topic of White Christian America happens to come up.
8/19/2010 6:55:32 PM


Another comment thread at Wapo

OldAtlantic wrote:
These are the people whose first thought after 9/11 was get the Saudis out. Their second thought was drop the Clinton sanctions on Pakistan’s nuclear program. Their third thought was keep Muslim, Mexican and Chinese immigration coming and give them all low rate mortgages. Way to go neoBushies.
8/19/2010 4:30:53 PM
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OldAtlantic wrote:
chaffcutter wrote:

yet to see any respectable, knowledgeable or learned American of some standing oppose this

when immoral bigots like Sarah Palin, Gingrich, Pam Geller type, oppose any issue

majority Americans have to sit up and think that there must be something good being opposed by by these characters,with following background

-one who claimed her 15 year old daughter child out of wedlock as her own

-a man who abandoned his wife and children

– a strip joint hooker

they are just making Islam more visible, and will increase conversion, like it happened after 9/11

8/19/2010 4:35:05 PM


Libs converted to Islam after 9/11 because Ayers and Dohrn had been inactive for a long time. They didn’t know they were sponsoring Barack Hussein Obama but were thrilled when they found out. Then they were already Muslim and so could rejoice in two ways. Cordoba House is their reward.
8/19/2010 7:30:42 PM


OldAtlantic wrote:
Prof Schumacher-Matos, truly you have a great hate for the Founding Stock Americans, Catholic as well as Protestant. All Libs thank you and admire you.

The Lib Creed ends

We look for the desecration of the dead,

and the death of the world to come. A-Bigot

8/19/2010 8:54:04 PM

ged0386 wrote:
Hey white people, do you want to be held accountable for every evil act a white person has done in this country? NO? Then think about it when you do it to others. The muslim community is about as much responsible for 9/11 as the white community is responsible for every skinhead, neo-nazi and member of the KKK.
8/19/2010 6:09:30 PM
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Its called affirmative action and non-white immigration, and affirmative action for immigrants.

OldAtlantic wrote:
Realist17 wrote:
Show me a violent American muslim, I will show you 100 violent American christians. That mosque is for Americans who want to practice Islam. Let them. It has nothing to do with the 9/11. If they plan anything sinister, I know our Govt can take care of them for good. American constitution makes us better people. It is sad to see these unamerican Republicans, Democrats and Teabaggers are stooping so low ignoring our constitution.
8/19/2010 9:00:19 PM


Lib Lies World Wide.
8/19/2010 9:09:39 PM

Vanishing American resumes blogging

August 19, 2010

Vanishing American has resumed blogging.

Welcome back.

Nicholas Stix, part of the Vdare collective, whose excellent blog never grows less has linked to her annual article on Virginia Dare’s birthday and supplied one of his own:

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