Jewgarchy, anti-Jewgarchists, crypto-Jewgarchists

August 21, 2010

Lawrence Auster at his site has discussed the need for a new term to replace anti-Semite. In particular, neutral terms are needed such that people who advocate certain views actually use those terms to describe themselves. The term anti-Semite itself was invented and initially used by someone who was an anti-Semite?

We really need multiple terms. The term anti-Semite should not be one, since no one uses it to describe themselves as Auster points out.

The following is preliminary as an effort in the direction of new terms. Obviously, terms catch on because they fill a gap or have less side effects than existing terms. The term anti-Semitism is extremely unuseful for objective discussion. The following are less so, but some may still object to them. That is allowable of course, and part of the original Socratic discussions on definitions. The modifier crypto is useful for those who support something while denying it or even making others deny it.

Oligarchy: Rule by oligarchs, i.e. wealthy.

Monarchy: Rule by a monarch.

Monarchist: A person who advocates monarchy but usually is not a monarch themselves.

Jewgarchy: Rule by Jews. Jewish oligarchy might be closely related to this.

(Your search – Jewgarchy – did not match any documents. )

Jewgarch. An actual ruling Jew. Are all Jews Jewgarchs? Or just some like Bloomberg?

Pro-Jewgarchist. A person who advocates or supports rule by Jews. This includes advocating measures that bring this about.

Crypto-Jewgarchist. A person who denies there is Jewgarchy and at the same time advocates the measures that result in Jewgarchy while denying they have that effect.

Neocon. Jewgarch who rules through GOP and “right” or “conservative” institutions. They twist them to be for Jewish interests, and in particular to eliminate Whites. They typically support the Slicer Coalition and Slicerarchy.

Neocongarchy. Rule of GOP and the “right” by Jews.

Anti-Jewgarchist. A person who opposes rule by Jews. This typically includes opposing some of the factors that give rise to rule by Jews.

Jew or Jewish-separatist. A person who believes Jews should be separate from non-Jews. In a complete sense, this means living in a separate country legal entity. However, in a partial sense, there might be various levels of separation within a country.

Internal Jewish Separatist. Jews would live separately within the same legal entity state.

Zio-Separatist. Similar to Jewish-separatist but with more of a flavor of Jews living in Israel.

Counter-Semite. (From Tanstaafl comment thread) Person who advocates against Jewgarchy.

Judeo-Criticism. (From Tanstaafl comment thread) Rational criticism of Jews. This means analysis of their activity, networks, internal favoritism, etc.

Zionist. A Jewish nationalist. Jews are a nation and The Jewish Nation should have its own legal entity. The Jewish Nation is a term often used by Jewish nationalists. Should Zionist mean non-Jew? It seems to include non-Jews in some contexts now.

Pro-Zionist. A person who advocates a separate Jewish country legal entity for The Jewish Nation. This person need not be Jewish.

Jewish-Eliminationist. A person who wants to eliminate Jews.

White-Eliminationist. A person who wants to eliminate Whites or Whites as a race.

One of the charges against Jewgarchy is that it tends to be linked to White Eliminationism or some watered down form of White Eliminationism.

White Separatist. A person who wants Whites to live separate from others, possibly including Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews.

Flexible Separatism. Some institutions would be reserved for one group. Some areas are for one group. Or there are limitations.

(The following is not a program, simply examples.)

Universities: Universities founded by Whites would become White only. This could include the main state campuses founded in the 19th century as well as private schools. Jews and others could set up their own separate schools. Faculty, students, administrators, etc. would be separate.

K-12. Same separation.

Banks: Restore state banking and separate Jewish and White banks. Also investment banks. Part of the problem with diversity banks and diversity investment banks is that the management can blow up the bank and not worry its harming its own young men at the time of family formation. Ethnic banks and investment banks pay a big cost when they blow themselves up to their own group. When Wall Street was separate, there was more risk control on a meaningful level. Bear Stearns did not do that type of trading even in the 1990’s.

Government. Jews could be restricted to their percentage in the population. State governments could be given more control. The federal government would be out of family law, race law, race relations, etc. except for its own employees.

Area limits. Jews might get Manhattan and a few other areas as primarily theirs. Then their numbers in other areas might be limited.

Law firms. Separate law firms for Jews. Jews spread out in many law firms raises questions about whether Whites get good legal representation. It also denies representation to separate White institutions.

Cases involving Whites only. The lawyers and judges would be White only. The jury as well.

Cases within groups in general. Layers, judges and jury from within own group. At the appeals court level, precedent by a panel of a single group would only apply within that group? Or the panels could be mixed?

Companies. Companies would be allowed, encouraged or required under various schemes to be separate.

The current system is where Jews force integration and this makes every institution work against Whites and for Jews.

Limits on exploitation. Limits on rates of interest, abusive practices by banks and credit card companies, etc. Having banks and possibly credit card companies within the same group helps for this. The ability to have separate companies for every group is likely unworkable however.

Jews currently have extensive influence or control in a variety of places in society many of them barely understood to the public. The antitrust division is an example of this. It has allowed Wall Street M and A including bank mergers. The Civil Rights Division, Federal Reserve, Federal Courts, Supreme Court etc. are better known as problems.

== Slicer Coalition

Slicer Coalition: Coalition of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews. This gets its name from affirmative action having the effect of reducing (non-Jewish) Whites to a tiny slice of undergraduates at Harvard. More broadly, its a coalition led by Jews that is anti-White.

Slicergarchy. Rule by the Slicer Coalition. This is what we have now with Eric Holder Obama.

Slicerarchy suggests anarchy which is what Slicergarch is or leads to. Each group in the Slicer Coalition tries to get theirs. The result is a run on the government’s and society’s money.

Slicerarch. A ruling Slicer. Colin Powell, Obama, Holder, Condoleezza Rice are examples of black Slicerarchs.

Negrogarchy: Rule by Negros or blacks. These are as part of Slicergarchy run by Jews. Their role is symbolic. Whites are meant to worship Negro celebrities. Combined with White Trash celebrities, Jews and Asians getting credit for science, Whites are reduced to having no living role models or leaders. James Watson who spoke up as one was hounded down. He also put up that his ancestry was Redneck basically.

Negroarchy: The anarchy from Negro rule or Negro worship. A society that elevates the Negro ends up being anarchic because it devalues objectivity, merit, and non-violence. Negros symbolize emotion over reason and the present over the future. Moreover, this is genetic with them, so their elevation causes this on a genetic basis.

Run-on-the-government. Like a run on the bank, but on the government. This can be more broad than the government’s money and include the power to take from others, especially from Whites.

Slicer Action. Affirmative Action that has the result of slicing out Whites at Harvard or White Protestants at the Supreme Court.

Whites face ruin from rule by the Slicer Coalition. The administration of Obama and Eric Holder at DOJ show that Whites are now in an existential crisis. The Slicer Coalition led by Jews threatens the existence of Whites. The legal system has been crafted primarily by Jews but also Liberal Whites and others to be a one way chute for the continued existence of the White Race.

This makes it urgent for Whites to diagnose their problem, who is causing it and what solutions they have before time runs out. This urgency can be seen not just in the discussion at Alternative Right, Mangan’s, Tanstaafl, Kevin MacDonald’s continued scholarship, but in the Tea Party, the reaction to Obama’s support of Cordoba House, the opposition to the bailout, stimulus, illegal immigration, and so forth. White America is waking up to the extreme urgency of its problem is one diagnosis of this. Others are less hopeful.

== Asiangarchy

Asiangarchy. Technical rule by Asians. This involves giving the Asians the technical jobs and control over universities. This leads to manufacturing going to Asia. The Jews run the money, the law and the government, and the Asians run the factories. Wall Street and the government have promoted Asiangarchy and the transfer of manufacturing to Asia. Kevin MacDonald has pointed out this Jewish Asian rule of institutions.

Hispanogarchy. So far, Hispanic rule in America is limited. Gonzalez is an example of a Hispanic stooge. Sotomayor is another more dangerous example. Hispanic areas also ethnically cleanse others. Hispanics tend to buy only from their own.

Muslimgarchy. Rule by Muslims. Cordoba House is a milestone in this. So are prayer rooms. Mayor Bloomberg supports Cordoba House. Bloomberg is the arch Jewgarch and Slicergarch.

Islamogarchy. Rule by Islam. This is particularly important in Europe. The Danish Cartoons are an example of Islamogarchy. Bush’s Islam is a Relilgion of Speech marks the start of Islamogarchy for the public.

Under Jewgarchy, the entire Slicer Coalition is an extension of Jewish rule and control. Slicergarchy is a subordinate form of Jewgarchy. Anything to Slice out whites from Harvard to the Supreme Court or the Presidency or even RNC chairmanship. The GOP’s model minorities such as Governor Jendel are part of the Slicer Coalition.

The main enemy of the Slicer Coalition is Whites, especially Founding Stock Americans and White Christian America and the old line White Protestants. These are the historic groups that the Jews regard as enemies. Their reaction to Sarah Palin, the hate and the Jewish “comedians” of hate show this explicitly.

Reference Links. Not all of these are directly on this topic, but I have picked some links from some well known authors on this subject or others that seem useful as background.

Discussion at Alternative Right


“The need for a better word for anti-Semitism ”

Guy White

Kevin MacDonald

Above: Whites outnumber Jews at high IQ but Jews are over-represented even allowing for this. This indicates social networking and favoritism.

==(page 78 as numbered in doc) Excerpt

An example not presented by Slezkine is recounted in a report of 1950 to
the central committee on Jewish activities at an aircraft production facility:

In a number of extremely important departments of the Central Aero-
Hydrodynamic Institute there are workers due to be substituted for
political reasons. They gather around themselves people of the same
nationality, impose the habit of praising one another (while making
others erroneously believe that they are indispensable), and force their
protégés through to high posts.31

Indeed, there is no other way to explain the extraordinary percentages of
Jews throughout elite institutions, which became apparent when the purges
began in the late 1940s (see below). High IQ and achievement motivation
can only go so far, and cannot explain why, for example, in the late 1940s
Jews made up 80% of the Soviet Academy of Science Institute of Literature
(Pushkin House) (p. 302), 42% of the directors of Moscow theaters, over half of
Soviet circus directors (p. 301), or eight of the top ten directors of the Bolshoi
Theater.32 In the case of Pushkin House, the opponents of the dominant clique
stated that it had been forged “by long-lasting relationships of families and
friends, mutual protection, homogeneous (Jewish) national composition, and
anti-patriotic (anti-Russian) tendencies.”33

==End excerpt

MacDonald shows that Jews are overrepresented at Harvard etc even allowing for a higher IQ mean.


Anti-white H-1b and student visa policies that support Asiangarchy.
Steve Sailer

(Auster has a very negative article on this article by Steve Sailer)

Tanstaafl Age of Treason

Above specifically comments on Auster’s search for new word for anti-Semitism.

This is draft and preliminary. All comments welcome. This is subject to revision. Please add links in comments to other bloggers or other articles at the bloggers linked to already.


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