White America Dream

August 28, 2010

White America needs a new dream in which White America is the star. White Americans have become a Nation of Followers as Vanishing American points out:


The ones they follow are Beck, Palin, Lindsey Lohan, etc.

There is no officially allowed dream for White America. Martin Luther King’s Dream of a non-White mixed America is the official American Dream. This is an America that blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews have starring roles in. The role of Whites is White Guilt for slavery. The only group really comfortable in this America is Jews. None of the others really want to live as minorities in another country, except maybe blacks as dependents. Asians and Muslims do not aspire to be model minorities. They have countries and continents of their own or aspire to them.

A people need a vision of their future as well as a story of their past that fits with that future vision. White America has a glorious past but no vision of itself as having a future existence. Thus the White Nation dies. The legal entity United States dies as well. The White Nation created the legal entity United States and without the White Nation, the legal entity United States has much less viability.

We see that already with Jewish Asian control of finance, technology and academia. Jewish Asian America has chosen to transfer know-how to China. The manufacturing has gone there with it. Jewish America has financed the transfer of manufacturing to China and made Chinese manufacturing its dream of the future.

White America is down to its Tea Party, Beck Rally, and Palin Mama Grizzly Candidates. John McCain is a Mama Grizzly, and a junior one at that.

The one redeeming feature of Beck and even more of Palin is that Jewish media hate them both and vent their hatred of them. Whites listening to this constant stream of hate from Jews on TV of White Christian America and White Middle America start to realize that the Jews in power hate White Middle America and want to get rid of it. But they are still leaderless to actually try to save White Middle America. That requires separating from all the non-Whites including Jews and having a separate White Nation with a legal entity White United States of America (WUSA) of its own.

If Palin is elected president and Jews do a 4 year hate on TV of her and White America and White Christian America, it may finally be evident to White America that the experiment started with Jewish immigration and freeing the black slaves is over. That experiment has failed. Jews seek to finish us off with Muslims, Asians and Latinos. They transfer our know-how and manufacturing to China. They take over our universities and staff them with Asians. All of this to deny us our own country. That includes denying us any vision of ourselves as the center of our own existence and own nation and own legal entity country. That vision would have White people as the doctors, professors, nurses, politicians, judges, TV personalities, etc. White people who are pro White.

Jews immediately froth at the mouth at any possibility of this. Seeing that reaction is the best way for Whites to wake up to Jewish hate and the need for separation from Jewish hate as well as the rest of the Jewish litter of blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Muslims.

After the 2008 election, Bill Maher on Larry King Live, continued the hate “jokes” against Palin. They were not funny. What they showed was straight Jewish hate of White Christian America and White Middle America. That for me was the moment I gave up on an America with the current arrangements with Jews and the rest of the Diversity.

Four years of Sarah Palin and Beck rallies will bring many more such moments. Mayor Bloomberg’s Ground Zero Mosque or die speech is another such moment. So was Obama supporting the Ground Zero Mosque.

White America needs a vision of itself as the center of itself. White America must see itself as the hero and the future of itself, not Diversity America. Diversity America is dead as a positive vision for those who have waken up. One thing or another has killed it including the death of a thousand cuts that Diversity administers to every White life in America.

Diversity America is an abortion doctor trying to abort Founding Stock America, the America of De Tocqueville 1835. Democracy in America does not describe White Christian America as the land of hate but the land of hope. We need to get back to that vision and turn our back on Diversity. America’s days as a Diversity Clinic must be numbered if the White Nation and in particular, the White Christian Nation, is to survive.


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