The Ground Zero Natural American Man Koran burner.

September 11, 2010

The Unknown American Hero. The Every Man who comes to the aid of his country. This is the true Minute Man with the Spirit of 76. Not a cash gimmick, the real American Man who comes to the aid of his country and then goes off back to his life.

In an age of fake sports heroes taking performance enhancement aids, this man just is the raw natural manhood of America. This is the spirit of the frontier. This is the spirit that can not be contained. This is the American Man.

Islam can not defeat this man. Liberalism can not extinct him. He just is and will not be defeated. He does not accept defeat but insists on victory, now.

He came. He Koran burned. He conquered Islam and Liberalism. That is why both hate the Classic American man, the man you hope for when there is a fire, or medical emergency or home invasion.

Koran Burning Man has the look of the White man you hope to see pull up with flashing lights when real peril is in your home.

Hate filled hecklers, Lib girlie men, surround the American Man as he rips pages from the Koran and burns them.

You can smell the fear of Islam in Liberalism.

Liberalism can’t protect you from Islam. Neither can Lib Christianity. So they both have failed as things to believe in to keep you safe. Follow them and you are not safe and lose your country. Misery, fear and death are your future. Its not Social Security, Medicare and safe schools and hospitals that give you a feeling of care.

Obama and Dems can’t protect you from Islam, 3rd worldism, etc. They can’t protect your job or Social Security or Medicare. If they can’t keep the government solvent, they can’t protect your benefits.

They can’t protect you from anything. Not Muslims who want to burn the flag, take Americans hostage, knock down our buildings, blow up our airplanes, shoot up our forts and take away our freedom.

They can’t protect you from Chinese imports. They can’t protect you from New York Multiculti bankers and CEO’s.

You want that protection, you have to turn to the American Man. The Man from Middle America. The Man who looks like Middle America.

A look that Libs hate and love to ridicule, but the look you hope for when your house is on fire, when your family member is on the floor in pain, when thugs are invading your home.

Who do you look for in peril? That classic American White Man. That is Mr. Koran Burner at Ground Zero.

He came. He Koran burned. He left. Just like George Washington.

Libs ridicule his look but they sure want to see him when its their child not breathing, their home invaded, their house on fire. They want to see that rugged American White Man look and nothing else. He is Mr. 911 White Man.

He is now one of the heroes of Ground Zero 911. He has physical courage. But he also has a moral courage that far transcends physical risk. He has shown us the way when all were against him.

The 911 firefighters and police were not surrounded by Hate Hecklers. Nor those on airplanes, there being fewer Muslims in those days. But despite them, Mr 911 White Man does the right thing and burns the Koran, a book of pure wickedness.

While all admire sin and lies, like broadcasters oohing over obviously juiced up baseball players, Mr. 911 White Man does what is right and shows the truth in his actions. That is moral courage. That is the courage of Christ scattering the Money Changers and those who profane the Land of God.

That is Masculine Christianity. That is White Christianity. That is White America.

That is what Libs mock on TV and want to see at their school and at their hospital and in their physical crisis when they need help. That is what Libs flee to even as they hate the rugged White Men who protect them and their children. That is the only hope America has.

When the rugged White Man who knows what is right and does it is gone, there is only 3rd world squalor, white flight and death. That is when the elderly are without security, financial or physical or medical. That is when children go to school in fear and come home with PTSD. That is the horror that Libs and Islam both intend for The White People. That is what we must stand up against.

That is why we must keep America White. That is why we must stop non-White immigration and send non-Whites back. Otherwise, our road ahead is that of Detroit, Haiti, Katrina, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Mr. 911 White Man is our hope. Mr. 911 Koran Burning White Man is our defender.

But only if we can find it in ourselves to speak up for him and those like him. If we lack that courage, we will surely perish as a people and culture and civilization. That is the moral truth of our time.


More on Mr. 911 Koran Burning White Man and comparison to the real haters around the world, Liberal and Muslim. People who hate The White People, the White West, White Christianity, White Europe, White Canada, White Australia, White New Zealand, and White America, the White Homelands.

Today is a turning point. It comes from the people. It comes from an individual. But unless we rally round, we will be defeated by Islam and Liberalism.

But the smell of fear in Liberalism and in Islam is thick in the air. Their fear is palpable. Their wild extremes of threats and bullying show their fear. They know we can defeat them. But only if we are unified and determined.

We can only defeat them if we know what we are fighting for. What we are fighting for are White Homelands. What we are fighting for is to send non-Whites back to their own continents, the largest and most desirable on earth.

What we are fighting for are White schools that are safe learning environments. What we are fighting for is colleges and work places that have never known affirmative action or the racism that non-Whites routinely display in every position of power including juries and judges, bosses, prosecutors, and presidents.

What we are fighting for is what we had. What we are fighting for is what we see in the movies from the 1950’s. What we are fighting for is what is ours by right. What we are fighting for is what we let slip away out of cowardice, fear, and slovenliness of mind and spirit.

What we are fighting for is White America. What we are fighting for is White Christian Europe. What we are fighting for is ourselves and our White posterity. That is what we must fight for and fight for now because the time to run is past. We have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from the horror we have brought here in our cowardly dream state of Liberalism.

We are up against the wall and what we need now is Mr. 911 Koran Burning White Man. We need to rally around him as our leader. That is our only hope. But we still have time, if we speak up now. Not later, but now.

Stop non-white immigration. End affirmative action. Reverse the incentives for immigration so non-whites go back to where they came from.

That is what we must demand. That is our right as a people. We have the right to demand that the genocide of our people and our ethnic cleansing be stopped and reversed in its totality.

We have the right for White California of the 1950’s, White Europe, White Canada and White Australia. But we won’t get it or survive if we don’t speak up and demand it as our right, as our human right, as our God Given right, as our right won for us by generations of ancestors with more courage and more truth than we can imagine to express, but which they did boldly.

Libs denounce that and the real leaders who spoke those words in generations past. Men like John C. Calhoun and Jefferson Davis and Benjamin Franklin. Our leaders today are not our leaders, but our vipers. Those who Libs call vipers in the past were our real leaders then. We need such men now. They are rugged, uncouth and prejudiced according to Libs. In a nutshell the reason why is they protected their people and said so openly.

The White Founding Fathers said their people had a right to be a (White) people and have a land of their own. Those are the actual words of the Founders. They said we are a people with a right to a country of our own. That is what we must say again today.

We are not a proposition nation. We are a White Nation and otherwise we are a Nothing Nation. That is what was exposed today and in the weeks past over the Koran burning and Ground Zero Mosque.

The Liberal Nation is No Nation. The Liberal Nation is a Nation of Nothingness and a Nation of Nothings.

The fear of that Nation of Nothingness has wafted throughout the land for over a month, until the TV stinks with it. We could smell it all over this land, the stink of Liberal fear of Islamo-thuggery.

None of the establishment could stand up to the thugs of Islam. Only White rugged American men can do that. Those are the types ridiculed by the Vipers who occupy the positions of leadership but are leaders not, but craven cowards who lie while destruction moves steadily through our lands.

As the fear and cowardice of the establishment permeated the air, they vented their hatred against rugged White American men. They ridicule their women, Sarah Palin as a symbol of that.

They ridicule the men, the men who come to save them with flashing lights when there is real peril and then are sent away with all the names Liberals have for them until the moment of real peril comes in the night or on a morning like 9/11/2001.

Well the real peril now is the cravenness of the entire establishment including the army, whose fear is summed up in its prosecution of LTC Lakin a real White man who insists on the truth which is what they fear the most.

The establishment fears the truth because they fear us. That is why they ridicule us and our leaders. Leaders like Pastor Terry Jones. Leaders not Vipers.

The establishment holds up their viper selves as leaders and ridicule the natural leaders who have always led us in the past, men like George Washington, a rugged natural tower of manhood like what we saw today in Mr. 911 Koran Burning White Man.

That is who we must turn to and who we must support along with leaders like Pastor Terry Jones, a man who speaks the truth about Islam and Liberalism both. That is why they yanked his websites. You know that is the real truth.

That is the Totalitarian Teachable Moment. That is what we must speak up against while we still have a White land to do it in. When they pull our microphone, we know they are afraid, of us.

Speak up now. Seize the moment. Be a man or a woman and speak up for the truth, courage and honor of your ancestors, because that is all your children can ever hope for. Now is the moment.


2 Responses to “The Ground Zero Natural American Man Koran burner.”

  1. Diamed Says:

    These are great posts. You clearly saved up some powerful thoughts while you were away.

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