Bill Maher hates on Whites on Larry King Live

September 14, 2010

Bill Maher was in great form for the borscht belt hate on Christian Whites. He had them rolling in the aisles on CNN. He hit on all the great targets of White Christian America.

Sarah Palin. Maher hates her. The Tea Party people he called Tea Baggers over and over. He meant it as an insult. The CNN Party loved it.

Maher hit on Whites. Whites are stupid. Whites are our fringe. But we can replace them with sensible immigration as he called it. The mask was off, Maher wants to ethnically cleanse The White People.

Maher hit on Whites thinking Obama is Muslim. That is not born in the US. This doesn’t get too technical, because Obama is not a natural born citizen because his father was never a citizen. So according to Vattel, Obama is not NBC and can never be US president legally. Maher didn’t mention that part.

Maher piled hate on hate of Whites and Christians. Unless a White is for sensible immigration, ie race replacement of Whites, they are on the fringe and are haters.

Maher admitted Muslims have a bigger and worse fringe. But he said that was the problem of good Muslims to deal with. This is because Maher thinks Islam is content free. Or he doesn’t care. Or he actually wants Muslims here to kill our fringe, aka White People.

Maher said Whites hate blacks. Maher said that calling Obama Luo was code for calling him the N word, and Maher used the N word at that point, he didn’t use the phrase N word.

Maher hit on Newt Gingrich for saying Obama is an anti-colonialist and thus anti-American. Maher hit on Whites who think Obama is a Muslim agent for Saudi Arabia.

Maher hates White People. Maher hates The White Race. Maher considers White People fringe. Maher wants sensible immigration to replace White People and make them a smaller minority that can’t do anything.

Mayer is for the Mosque at Ground Zero. Maher is against the preacher Pastor Terry Jones. Maher is against the Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell in Delaware.

Hating Whites pays for Bill Maher on CNN. Maher got his star in Hollywood for hating Whites as a professional “comedian”. The camaraderie of hate of Whites is what keeps Hollywood together.

The Maher Hate Star shone brightly on Larry King Live as Maher hated on White Christian America which he predicts will go down. Maher is for the sensible immigration to pull it down and finish it off by finishing off The White People. Bill The Hater Maher may his star never go less you could them whisper at CNN and Hollywood. That’s the inside Tribe’s Entertainment.

Maher closed by saying America no longer had social mobility. Imagine that, the Tribe is on top, and now there is no social mobility left. That’s because a White can’t become a member of the Tribe and be on Larry King Live over and over and get their star for hating Whites on CNN and calling it humor. Social mobility is over.


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