Karl Rove Senate GOP issue Fatwas on Christine O’Donnell Tea Party

September 15, 2010

Karl Rove, who knows fat, issued a fatwa yesterday against Christine O’Donnell the Tea Party victor in the GOP primary over Republican stalwart.



The Senate GOP wants to keep America safe for Chinese Latino immigration and know-how and factory transfer to China by Stanford and Berkeley. In fact, by all of Silicon Valley, Mammon bless their hearts.

Castle the GOP stalwart supports amnesty and worker importation:


(NumbersUSA needs a web page that is set up to copy and paste from. Especially if they want people to copy and paste into emails to Congress. How are you supposed to do that? They ask you to discuss the candidates voting record on immigration, so they should make it easy to cut and paste from their webpage. Other activist sites should also have cut and paste pages for easy reposting of links and even tables.)


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