Prosecutors bribe Haitians to lie against Whites at trial

September 15, 2010


Defense: Anna Nicole Smith case prosecutor encouraged perjury
By Alan Duke, CNN
September 15, 2010 — Updated 0623 GMT (1423 HKT)

The two nannies, both Haitians who live in the Bahamas, were supposed to be star witnesses for the prosecution. But each has recanted key portions of affidavits they signed concerning Smith’s drug use when she lived in the Bahamas in the last months of her life.

The defense has also highlighted the financial benefits the Los Angeles District Attorney has given the women in order to convince them to fly to the United States to testify.

Both women testified that they have been promised two months rent, utility payments and moving expenses so they can move into new homes when they return to the Bahamas after their testimony.

The prosecution not only paid for the two witnesses to travel to Los Angeles, but they were allowed to bring seven other family members at taxpayer expense.
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