Going wobbly in the face of hate of whites: Don’t.

September 20, 2010

It is easy to go wobbly as a pro-White blogger. Its easy to go wobbly just being White. In fact, 99.99 percent of Whites are permanently wobbly even among their own. Those numbers add up to White extinction. Cowards don’t survive. You can’t be a coward about your own existence all the time and still expect to survive and even prosper. And we are not.

Whatever way you feel going wobbly, face the emotion and face the facts. We are going extinct from going wobbly. We have allowed them to take our schools and our workplaces and our government.

Violence will be turned up on us and they will laugh at us as we are in pain. That is what we will get by being cowardly. That will happen to our old and our children both. It will happen to our women.

They will be indifferent to our pain in the hospital. They will make us wait in the doctor offices. They will make us wait for our checks and for reimbursements. Wait and wait until we are gone.

The hate has poured forth from the media through the Summer of Media Hate of 2010. The media is now doing a full fear factor loading on us.

Fareed Zakaria had a half hour of pure hating on Whites on CNN. Kathleen Parker was totally against Whites. She seemed more in fear than genuine hate of us.

Bernard-Henri Lévy was on to show what hating Whites is compared to Kathleen Parker afraid to speak out for Whites. Levy is a French Jew whose religion is hating Whites. He is a professional White hater.

To see Bernard-Henri Lévy in action is to know that Jews can hate better than Whites. It is in their genes. They are the world’s greatest haters. They keep their hate. Even when the appear normal, they are acting on hate.

This is how Bernard-Henri Lévy started out on Fareed’s Half Hour of Hating Whites on Sunday September 19, 2010. Bernard-Henri Lévy hates the Tea Party movement. He did not call it Nazi but for him all Whites are Nazi even when being killed.

Bernard-Henri Lévy obviously had an impact on Kathleen Parker to increase her fear. She is suggestible to the fear that Jews like Bernard-Henri Lévy radiate towards Whites who speak up for Whites. They can sense when we might do so and they turn up their hate. First it is not recognizable as hate, just as a friendly warning or advice. But then if that doesn’t work, the hate becomes visible.

At this stage, they become noticeably disagreeable. Their voice raises. Their face begins to show their emotion. This might be called the second stage of bullying. The first stage is where they are giving you friendly advice for your own good. But you didn’t listen to that, and so now they are in stage two.

As stage two goes on, or if you don’t back down, they enter stage three. This is when their physical manifestations become strongly noticeable. Even the most naive White realizes this is an unnatural state of hate and bullying. The emotions now are powerful. The White is supposed to feel fear, and in fact they do. There is a powerful transmission of fear to the White which tends to be permanent. This can then show up later in going wobbly or telling other Whites not to provoke them, but to be quiet and go along.

Going along with our dispossession doesn’t work. Jews like Bernard-Henri Lévy don’t do the actual physical work of killing us by personal violence. They bring Muslims or blacks or Latinos or Asian gangs for that. But they do fire us which leads to the same. James Weinstein who runs NJ Transit fired Derek Fenton, the Koran Burner at Ground Zero.

Gov Christie is an Irish Italian Catholic who backed up James Weinstein. He gets the message of fear and goes along with it. So Derek Fenton is out of a job. Fenton sounds like a Tea Party name, ie a Founding Stock American name. So he is fired by Weinstein and the White Christie goes along with it out of fear.

Sometimes the White fires the White out of fear without a Weinstein even being involved. However, Bernard-Henri Lévy is there on TV to tell the White to be afraid and to go wobbly on standing up for the fellow White Derek Fenton. Christie caved without ever standing up for his fellow white. Christie could tell himself he was ethnic cleansing Founding Stock Americans in revenge for the wrongs they did the Irish.

This is a cycle of cowardice for Whites. That is what Bernard-Henri Lévy knows. That is why he does it. That is why Fareed Zakaria has Bernard-Henri Lévy on his CNN show.

Bernard-Henri Lévy said Muslims are only 1 percent in America and we should not fear them. He said Muslims are 10 percent in France. And in France he probably says its too late to stop Muslim immigration because they are 10 percent and their birth rate makes them take over.

Bernard-Henri Lévy was intentionally lying to us about the need to stop and reverse Muslim immigration. He did that out of hate of us as Whites. It is not incidental to our being White that Bernard-Henri Lévy hates us. It is precisely because we are White that Bernard-Henri Lévy. It is our essence that Bernard-Henri Lévy hates as well as our existence.

We have White existence or no existence. Our essence is what can’t be changed without our loss of identity. It is a chemical and biological fact that we can’t change from being White and still be alive. Whiteness is part of our essence. So if we lose Whiteness, we will literally be dead.

Bernard-Henri Lévy intends for us to lose our Whiteness because he hates our essence, i.e. he hates who we are. Bernard-Henri Lévy hates us for our identity. He hates our Tea Party, Founding Stock American essence. That is what he hates. He hates us for what De Tocqueville loved us for, our White essence.

There is no going wobbly in the face of the hate of Bernard-Henri Lévy. This hate is not that of a person for a person, but a race for a race. There is no compromising with this hate or bargaining with this hate. We can not placate this hate. This is why Whites have always separated from Jews. Whether internally or externally. Even today in America, Jews live together and Whites apart to a great extent.

Jews show their hate of Whites on TV and in the movies on a constant basis. They can not write but they show their hate of us. All in the Family, Hollywood movies full of messages of contempt and disdain for Whites, their explicit hate of us in Bill Maher type humor, and then the fully bullying hate rage that Bloomberg or Bernard-Henri Lévy show to us when worked up, which doesn’t take much to do. They in fact do it themselves when they are feeling good.

This hate goes into us and we feel it later as fear and going wobbly. It shows up in the Kathleen Parker going wobbly white. She went on the Fareed Zakaria show and was reliably anti-White the whole time without variation. This is because she went in cowed. This is how we are. This is what we have to get rid off or we will die. It is a binding that keeps us from breathing.

We must breathe in the air of courage and stand up to the Bernard-Henri Lévy hate and the Bloomberg bullying. We must say no to our own genocide. We must stand up for fellow Whites like Derek Fenton. We must not go wobbly but we must turn and fight the non-Whites who hate us and are extincting us.

It is the non-Whites we are fighting. They are dispossessing us and taking our land. We have to stand up to them and bring all the Whites to our cause. It is the non-Whites like Bernard-Henri Lévy and Fareed Zakaria who are dispossessing us out of their hate and greed to take our land we must fight rather than the fellow Whites who are in fear.

As the show went on, Levy got close to stage four of a true bullying hate rage. This is when the hate of Whites he has and that animates his entire life becomes a full possession that is physical. Here the eyes tend to bulge and the other manifestations come out. I don’t think he became fully into this stage, but he may have had flashes of it.

They know we absorb this hate and that it turns to fear and going wobbly later. They know it comes out as hating co-Whites who speak up against them. They know it works to keep Whites down. Don’t give into it. That is giving into hate. That is giving into Fareed Zakaria. That is giving into their total hate of Whites, a hate that demands we be dispossessed. They demand that we assent to our being dispossessed. This we must never do.

Whatever fear we feel, we must not assent to our own dispossession. This only drives them on to take more and inflict more of their hate and cruelty on us.

We do not gain financial freedom and stability by assenting to our own dispossession. Instead we lose it.

We don’t gain an old age of security and safety by assenting to our own dispossession when we are young or middle aged or old. We gain nothing by assenting to our own dispossession.

We gain nothing from co-Whites. We gain nothing from those who hate us like Bernard-Henri Lévy or those who host an hour of hate of Whites like Fareed Zakaria.


Don’t give into hate. Don’t go wobbly. Don’t go back to being a cowed White. Don’t hate the White who speaks up for you and don’t undercut him or her. Because when you do, that is when you give into hate, the hate of those who are dispossessing us have for us.

Because they do hate us. They show their hate of us. They show it visibly on TV. They show it by taking away our jobs and our schools and our courts. This is the face of hate and they show it to us by what they do. We must not give into this hate and assent to our own dispossession. We must not fight the White who fights our dispossession. We must support them. Only then can we have financial security or physical security or verbal security or school security or work security or retirement security or medical security or life security.


One Response to “Going wobbly in the face of hate of whites: Don’t.”

  1. shieldline Says:

    Great post.

    Don’t hate the White who speaks up for you and don’t undercut him or her. Because when you do, that is when you give into hate, the hate of those who are dispossessing us have for us.


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