Virginia Confederate History Month Amendment

September 25, 2010

Proposed Amendment to Virginia Constitution

Virginia does not apologize for slavery. No state official shall apologize for slavery. All apologies for slavery are rescinded and declared void.

Every year, April is Confederate History Month. Students shall be taught this was a glorious struggle against tyranny that continues today. Governor George Allen’s proclamation shall be used each year in perpetuity.

Obama is a Muslim and was not a natural born citizen. Eric Holder is a hate filled negro and shows why negros are unable to be impartial in holding high office. The same for Colin Powell. These 3 show why segregation is the normal state of affairs and necessary to preserve human rights.

Seeking racial unity over slavery silence, McDonnell turns ‘Confederate History Month’ into ‘Civil War in Virginia’ remembrance
By Rosalind S. Helderman Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, September 24, 2010; 11:01 PM

Today, however, with the ever-growing Third World parasite population in every big city and Third World people running the big cities, some big cities are resorting to borrowing money for routine expenses. Add to that the continuing Bush-Obama Depression, and we may soon see the first cities that fail to pay off their bonds.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is now a town with only one industry: state government, which has one financial foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. There is no tax base any more since the minorities have clustered in from New York, New Jersey and Mexico and the White people, who work in the private sector, who actually create wealth, have fled. State and city bureaucrats are essentially parasites, and parasites cannot feed on other parasites.

Diversity doesn’t work. If White people want the US to return to the prosperity of the 1960s, we need the same demographics as the 1960s, which means a lot fewer Third World people.

The Truth from Duke. Contrast this to Lib Lies that we need 3rd worlders to pick fruit.

Colbert is another Irish who thinks the White Protestant is his main enemy and that 3rd worlders are his ally against his main enemy. Prison cures that fast. But bankruptcy of the 3rd world cities across America may bring this reality to a new group, bond holders. They put their bond money where reality is even while they contribute money to Congress to bring more 3rd worlders here.

Can you quote Duke? Duke tells the truth while Colbert tells lies based on hate. But quoting Duke may get you in trouble. Colbert testifies to Congress based on his hate and lies. Yes, lies, since we are in a recession with 15 million unemployed and cities teetering on default from 3rd worlders overwhelming them and driving out the Whites.

That is the truth even though Jews like Bloomberg bully you to keep quiet even when you see the truth and experience the truth yourself. Think about Bloomberg bullying for lies while the truth ruins our cities. Bloomberg doesn’t want the truth on his own Bloomberg box for his own bond buying customers. Is that ethics?

Bloomberg is a bully who says fear me even while he lies to you and destroys your country. Should we keep silent in the face of this bullying? Should we keep silent while we lose our country for good, or for bad rather? Is that the moral choice, silence and craven fear before bullying liars like Bloomberg?


Colbert is apparently an Irish Catholic. His routine is to mock White Protestants. Colbert testifies to Congress that White Protestants will not do agricultural work. Nor White Catholics neither. Colbert advocates immigration to replace us in these jobs, not pointing out if the pay was double people would take the jobs and they would be automated.

I noticed a man pushing a wheelbarrow in the farm in New York. That could be automated. He could have a mechanical tool to catch the berries in and pull them off with. These probably exists. That tool could be automated. What about transistor chips? We can’t have transistor chips to help pick fruit?

mechanical fruit picker

There are already patents for them. Why can’t the farmers license the patents and pay the patent owners for their work of invention and pay the fruit pickers a higher wage to use these mechanical devices?

Mechanical fruit picker at Google Patent search

These exist already. We can use them. We can employ our own people with mechanized wheel barrows and mechanical fruit pickers to ease the task.

Colbert complained about bending over to pick fruit. If you use a mechanical fruit picker you don’t have to bend over. The design of the fruit picker has already thought of that.

This is why we have mechanical engineering degrees at Georgia Tech, Cal Tech, MIT, etc. These people need work too. Their labor has produced these patents and devices. Some of the devices are out of patent protection and can be used without paying licensing fees. What prevents that? Laziness, sloth, and low wages paid to illegals and legal immigrants and AgJobs workers.

Colbert doesn’t look up mechanical fruit picking at Google. Instead, Irish Catholic Colbert just calls us racist. That is his answer. Ethnic cleansing of us, mechanical engineers and ag workers alike. Just get rid of us, all of us.

The same is the idea of Bloomberg. Many of these mechanical fruit picking patents are from long before the Asian invasion of academia. We don’t need Asians to invent mechanical fruit picking devices. Those were invented during immigration restriction without any need of Asian input.

Colbert and Bloomberg openly bully us, mock us, and attack us. They say that ethnic cleansing of us is their right and that we are racists to object. They tell us to be quiet and not even join the Tea Parties, which Colbert mocks too.

When are we supposed to speak up explicitly about our racial replacement if we can’t do it when its happening? The law says you should speak up when it happens that you are injured, not wait. So the law says we are supposed to speak up now.

In fact, the law says that the Wright Island Model is admissible. The law says ethnic cleansing is illegal. The law gives us the right to get an injunction now against non-White immigration or against immigration. Time to use the law while we still have White judges.

Let every one of our voices speak out as it moves them. They may be called racist, but those saying that are advocating our race replacement and know it. They intend to race replace us before we can speak out and mobilize. They know they are criminals. They bully us to silence us just like a crook.

The law says to speak out while its being done to you. The law says that restitution goes to he who speaks out on a timely basis. So let us speak out now while the injury happens.

Speak out any way it moves you. Even if its to point out that Jews and Catholics are among the forefront of those race replacing us. Even if its to point out that blacks are violent and are not fair in positions of power. Even if its to say the truth about the hate of the people doing this to us and that their hate is from their being Catholics, Jews, black, Asian or Muslim.

Speak out now. What they tell us we can’t say is what we need to say now. Crooks always tell you to be quiet during the crime. We must shout out the truth of their crime and that it is motivated by their being black, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, Catholic and Jewish.

Sure there are people in those groups who are not for the race replacement of Whites, particularly Catholics. Its ok to say that, its true. But its also ok to point out the ethnic and religious motivation of Catholics and Jews who do advocate our ethnic cleansing.

Ethnic cleansing of Whites is the position of the Catholic Church. It is the position of the leading lights of official Jewish organizations. It is the statement of their billionaires and their comedians and their MSM stations.

So speak out the truth about them and their motivations however much they damn you as a racist bigot for doing so. They can not do worse then genocide us.

We are not going to keep medicare and social security when local, state and federal government are all bankrupt. Social security is borrowed from general tax revenue. Its assets are federal bonds. If the government is broke from paying for Latinos then it can’t pay us.

They know that, they took over Harvard and won’t admit us for being dumb. So they know that better than we do. They knew it first. They know it now. They are lying to us now when they deny it. Speak up to their lies and that it is motivated by their group memberships.

Be uncouth now. Speak up and be damned as a racist bigot now. The law says you lose your chance if you keep quiet while or just after the injury is done to you.

Stale claims don’t work for ethnic cleansing. They require speaking up immediately. They know that. They are laughing at us when they silence us by calling us bigots and racist when they are race replacing us. You don’t win points with them by taking it in silence, you are just a chump.


Our side needs to start showing this tech. When Colbert testifies then bring in a wheel barrow full of patents on mechanical fruit pickers. Or bring in some of them.

A compact fruit picker is mounted on the three-point lift of an agricultural tractor and utilizes the power take-off of the tractor to operate a reciprocating series of probe arms having spring-loaded picking fingers mounted on each arm to penetrate the tree canopy and remove fruit as the arm is…

Patent number: 5428947
Filing date: Mar 31, 1993
Issue date: Jul 4, 1995

U.S. Classification
563/281; 56330

Colbert is so funny, he should be asked what comes to mind from the numbers 563/281. Then tell him its a patent subject classification for mechanical fruit picking patents. The laugh will be on him that he didn’t know it before testifying.

Colbert is a fool to say bending over prevents Whites from picking fruit. Whites used their ingenuity to invent devices so they could pick fruit without bending over. Clever of those Whites.

Google image search on mechanical fruit picker:

Are these mechanical fruit pickers racist? Is the patent office racist for having patents on mechanical fruit pickers? Ask Colbert that. Ask them all that. Write it in your NumbersUSA fax and link to these patents or use the patent numbers and point it out.

Who is racist now? Colbert is for ignoring centuries of mechanical improvement in agriculture and the mechanical engineering schools of America set up in the 19th century.

Agricultural and engineering schools set up in the 19th century are supposed to be part of what you learn in school. A lot of people go to them. This is our history. Of course, if the schools teach Whites are racist then it may be forgotten that those very schools were set up to mechanize agriculture and mining and transportation.

Its Colbert’s racism against White Protestants that makes him lie that there are not mechanical fruit picking patents and devices that are widely used and that an entire system of higher education in agricultural methods was set up in the 19th century to bring labor saving to farms, including the problem of bending over to pick fruit. That was something they knew about then.

Its Colbert’s racism that makes him lie about these mechanical devices making low paid immigrant labor unnecessary. It is Colbert’s racism that makes him lie that schools like Texas A and M were set up to teach agricultural methods including mechanical methods of picking fruit.


The U.S. Congress laid the groundwork for the establishment of Texas A&M in 1862 with the adoption of the Morrill Act. The act auctioned land grants of public lands to establish endowments for colleges where the “leading object shall be, without excluding other scientific and classical studies and including military tactics, to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and mechanical arts… to promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions in life”.[15] In 1871, the Texas Legislature used these funds to establish the state’s first public institution of higher education,[16] the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, then known as Texas A.M.C.[15] Brazos County donated 2,416 acres (10 km2) near Bryan, Texas for the school’s campus.[15]

Classes began on October 4, 1876, with 40 students and 6 faculty members. Admission was limited to white males, and all students were required to participate in the Corps of Cadets and receive military training.[17]


The only part Libs can remember is the last one, but ignoring the 1876 part.


The purpose of the land-grant colleges was:

without excluding other scientific and classical studies and including military tactic, to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts, in such manner as the legislatures of the States may respectively prescribe, in order to promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions in life.[4]


Imagine that. White males set up these colleges all the way back then. Interesting they decided to teach improved methods of labor saving in agriculture while freeing the slaves. The act was passed in 1862. Today’s farmers, actually ag corporations, just want slaves.

== From Wiki

For fifteen years prior to the first introduction of the bill in 1857, there was a political movement calling for the creation of agriculture colleges. The movement was led by Professor Jonathan Baldwin Turner of Illinois College. On February 8, 1853, the Illinois legislature adopted a resolution, drafted by Turner, calling for the Illinois congressional delegation to work to enact a land-grant bill to fund a system of industrial colleges, one in each state. Senator Lyman Trumbull of Illinois believed it was advisable that the bill should be introduced by an eastern congressman,[1] and two months later Representative Justin Smith Morrill of Vermont introduced his bill.


When we are afraid to speak up, we should speak up and do our research. The truth is that the other side is ignoring the facts out of their racism. Their bullying and their satire of White Protestants comes from their hate of White Protestants. They lie about the facts. They lie about the history of agricultural and mining colleges in the 19th century. They lie about patents in mechanical fruit picking. They lie about the mechanical fruit picking devices shown on Google image search for mechanical fruit picker.

They lie. They lie out of their racism. Their hate of White Protestants blinds them to what they already know, because A and M colleges, patents on mechanical fruit picking devices and mechanization of agriculture so people don’t have to bend over is well known to everyone. Its not a secret only known to White Protestant bigots. Catholic and Jewish bigots know it too.

They lie out of their hate. They lie to get rid of White Protestants by ethnic cleansing. The time to speak out against ethnic cleansing is while it is happening.

We also don’t complain about something else, we complain about the ethnic cleansing. We complain about their hate of us. We complain about their racism. We complain about their group ethno networking and turning institutions to favor them in bailouts and Harvard admissions. We show their lies up to them to their face. They are bullies and that is the only way to treat bullies.

We fight them with proof and truth. That means taking their racism and bullying to them in their face. That means pointing out its their group membership that is the basis of their racism, hate and ethnic cleansing of us at Harvard, in New York City and Boston and Philadelphia and Baltimore and Los Angeles, and in the farms and everywhere they settle Somali and Hmong and Latinos and Asians and Muslims.

Given the list of places they have ethnically cleansed us already and are doing so now, there is no time to wait to speak up explicitly. That means complaining about the ethnic cleansing for being ethnic cleansing of Whites. That means saying it now and demanding relief now.

It doesn’t mean going to a Beck rally and being quiet while Colbert testifies for Latino ag job visas. It means speaking up whether you went to a Beck rally or not. And it means speaking up about ethnic cleansing of White people by non-White immigration.

When you go to court, you complain about the actual injury done to you, not something else. You present the evidence of the injury done to you. Then you ask for relief from the injury done to you. You don’t complain about something else and ask for relief from something else.

This is what Confederate History Month is all about. We were denied our own nation for our own people. We were denied a land of our own. Its not about the number of people who died or were maimed. Everyone alive then is dead.

Confederate History Month like July 4 is about our people wanting to have a country of our own for a people separate and distinct from the other peoples of the earth.

A country of our own for a people of our own. No more and no less.

We ask not for empire over Afghanistan nor do we accept not having a country of our own for our own distinct White people.

White people are a distinct people from the others and we want a separate country of our own here in America.

That is what we said in 1776. That is what we said in 1861. That is what we say now.

We the White People ask for a country of our own here in America for us alone where we use our own mechanical fruit pickers that we invented at our own colleges that we founded to pick our fruit on our land that we fought for. That is what we said in 1776. That is what we said in 1861. That is what we say now in 2010. A country of our own for White People only. That is what we want.

We are not asking for something else, we are asking for a country of our own for White People alone. We are not going to take being ethnically cleansed in a country we created. We are not going to take being ethnically cleansed out of cities we founded like Boston and New York and Philadelphia and Baltimore nor colleges we founded like Harvard, Yale and Princeton. This is our country and we The White People are taking it back. Taking back our cities, our lands, and our colleges for us, White People.

The people who took them and are taking them call us racist and they call us inferior to our face. The people who took the Statue of Liberty from us as a symbol and said the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of our hate and our inferiority and our bigotry are the bigots we are taking this country back from.

We are not here to win their favor or as a supplicant to their bullying racism and hatred that they called humor and comedy. We are here to take back our country that we founded and our own institutions, colleges, farms and lands. That is what we want and that is what we are asking for, not something else.


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