re hypothesis that Obama got Saudi help in his life

September 27, 2010

There is a hypothesis that Obama got financial help from a Saudi billionaire to go to Harvard. According to this hypothesis, Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia because of this history. He then bowed to other non-White rulers to cover this up. Obama has then followed policies in the Middle East consistent with Saudi interests or preferences. In short, Obama is a Saudi stooge.

If Obama was a Saudi stooge, does it help explain his running for president when as a con law lecturer he knew about Vattel and from his own personal data that he was not a Natural Born Citizen? That is, the Saudis encouraged him to run and gave him assurances of support if he ran into trouble? For the Saudis it was worth the risk. The Saudis may also have given him embarrassing information about Democrats and Republicans to assure him that he could get away with it.

Prince Bandar gave such information to Bush Jr. prior to George W. Bush becoming president at the insistence of Bush senior. So the Saudis had such information. That could have been the decisive factor for Obama to risk it.

The search Obama billionaire brings up the following links


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