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English blogs against the English song Roots by Show of Hands

October 30, 2010

Here is Fitroy against the victory of the English over the Spanish Armada and calls the Spanish the victims of the English.

The Spanish formed a fleet and set out to invade and conquer England and the Spanish are the victims when they lose in his view. “This House won’t fight for King and Country.” Nor the Church of England too.

One author writes for establishment media and so can’t afford to offend them. The other may have that situation or that aspiration.

The measure of their intense dislike of Roots by Show of Hands and the English who like it and the BNP may be their own measure of dependence on the establishment that is race replacing the English.

After reading their contempt for the English who like this song, one might consider the Bible:

Bible, Matthew 7:2:

For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

The King James Bible and Shakespeare they are allowed to favor still by the establishment that has not completely eliminated them for bigotry and racism.

We know that Enoch Powell would enjoy Roots for the truth of what it says.

Roots Show of Hands:

We have had to save the English two times in the last 100 years. This time we will have to fight in the fields and in the cities to eject the invaders. But their total defeat is assured, because we are the branch and roots of The English People. We are The Founding Stock Americans and we are the head stock and natural leaders of The Confederacy of the White Race. When we stand together we can not be defeated despite all the envy of less happier lands. We are coming. The Yanks are Coming and the Muslims are leaving. God’s Will be Done.

Over There George M. Cohan The Yanks are Coming

Johnny, get your gun, get your gun, get your gun,
Johnny, show the “Mus”[3] you’re a son-of-a-gun.
Hoist the flag and let her fly.
Yankee Doodle[4] do or die.
Pack your little kit, show your grit, do your bit.
Yankee[5] to the ranks from the towns and the tanks.[6]
Make your Mother proud of you
And the old red-white-and-blue[7]


Over there, over there,
Send the word, send the word over there
That the Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming
The drums rum-tumming everywhere.
So prepare, say a prayer,
Send the word, send the word to beware –
We’ll be over, we’re coming over,
And we won’t come back till it’s over, over there.

When The English People stand together we have never been defeated. This is why we are the main enemy of those who seek to destroy the West and plunge us into the rule of darkness and misery. The English People shall rise again in a new birth of freedom and greatness that shall be a New City on a Hill that shall be a light to mankind in the future as it has in the past.

BNP + Red White Blue Festival 2009 = Jerusalem

English Pride World Wide. The sun never sets on English Pride.

America, Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand.

When we stand together, we have never been defeated.


Robert Reich: Tells Wall Street their common enemy is the Tea Party

October 30, 2010

Hunter Wallace reviews some of Robert Reich’s articles and statements to Congress.

Reich said don’t give the stimulus to just “White construction workers”. This was all code words that became a little too explicit. Charlie Rangel was there, possibly as chairman. This was testifying for the initial Obama stimulus.

Hunter Wallace reviews Reich’s statements and shows that Reich hates the Tea Party and wants to destroy the people. This is in effect for being White.

Hunter Wallace has written a very good article and exposed Robert Reich as someone motivated by hate of Whites and working to destroy Whites with trade and with forcing stimulus to go to non-Whites. Reich also says keep the state legislatures out of it, so as to keep them from giving the money to Whites presumably.

Reich hates the state legislatures from the days of the pre Civil Rights era. Reich’s conclusion is those state legislatures should never have a say in anything even budget matters or how to spend money on local projects. Presumably he thinks they would spend the money on Whites or at least not channel the money to non-Whites only, which is Reich’s real goal.

Reich shows himself full of hate for Whites. Robert Reich is a real enemy of Whites. The Democrats in Congress listened to him on stimulus and trade as has Obama. Obama is pushing free trade for Korea to export at low cost to the US and thus damage the US auto industry, what is left of computers, etc.

Here is Reich in WSJ saying that he Reich and Wall Street have a common enemy, the Tea Party

Why Business Should Fear the Tea Party
CEOs who complain about uncertainties caused by President Obama’s policies aren’t going to be happy about a new crop of congressman seeking to abolish the Fed.

Notice when Whites fear its Nazi. But Wall Street should fear the Tea Party. When Wall Street fears Whites like Reich does that fear is not Nazi.

They blame the Fed for creating the Great Recession and believe that the economy would be better off without a single institution in Washington setting monetary policy.

I.e. without Jews setting monetary policy. Actually monetary policy is a code word for setting bailout policy. And that is not just policy its specifically whom will be bailed out and they need to control who does the deciding of whom gets the bailout money.

Another tea party target is the Internal Revenue Service. South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, who has emerged as the Senate’s leading tea party incumbent, says that his “main goal in the Senate will not only be to cut taxes, but to get rid of the IRS.” Mr. DeMint’s goal is echoed by many tea party candidates, including Arkansas Rep. John Boozman, now running for Senate.

Why is it that business and the rich should fear this?

Wall Street may be furious with the Obama administration but at least Mr. Obama (and his predecessor) bailed it out. By contrast, tea party activists consider the Troubled Asset Relief Program a betrayal of America. In the Bloomberg poll, nearly 70% of tea partiers said that they’re less likely to support a candidate who voted for the bank rescue.

Reich says he is with the banksters against their common main enemy, the Tea Party ie Whites. To Reich, its the Nazi Tea Party.

Underlying all of this is a deep tea party suspicion that big government is in cahoots with big business and Wall Street, against the rest of America.

The bailout proves it. Reich proves it by this article, his testimony to Congress, and his being in the Clinton administration as Labor Secretary while being anti-labor and in favor of free trade and worker replacement by immigration and low wages. Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. That is the Reich achievement by cheap foreign labor.

Reich has betrayed workers while having the job title of Secretary of Labor. That puts him up as a person to be blamed by the White working class for their unemployment, underemployment, and stagnant wages.

Reich is saying let’s finish off White workers before they wake up to how much Robert Reich himself personally has lied to them as Secretary of Labor and betrayed them as Secretary of Labor. Reich is a Yale law school graduate like Clinton.

Lesser known is that a higher proportion of tea party adherents believes that free trade agreements hurt the nation overall (61%) than does the general population (53%), according to a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll last month. In a poll earlier this year by the Mellman Group, a majority of tea party supporters favored putting taxes on imports from countries with lower environmental standards than the United States.

So Reich is for exploiting labor in other countries by exposing them to toxic working conditions and those will also hit pollute their schools and their own children. Reich wants malformed children around the world. For what? To keep White construction workers from having jobs in industry while construction work drops out from the burst of the housing bubble. Reich is against level working conditions in foreign countries that export into the US at cheap prices, causing White workers to lose their jobs. Suddenly, Reich doesn’t care about non-White workers losing their jobs. Secretary of anti-Labor is what he is.

History has shown that people threatened by losses of jobs, wages, homes and savings are easy prey for demagogues who turn those fears into anger at major institutions, as well as individuals and minorities who become easy scapegoats—immigrants, foreign traders, certain religious groups. Were it not for their economic stresses, Americans wouldn’t be receptive to abolishing the Fed and the IRS, or believe that government and big business were conspiring against them, or turn isolationist.

So when the chips are down, Reich is for cheap imports, and keeping stimulus away from White construction workers or White state legislatures. Doesn’t that show their fear is right? But fear is always wrong when Whites fear and always right when those who see Whites as their main enemy do it.

“History has shown that people threatened by losses of jobs, wages, homes and savings”

“as well as individuals”

like the Secretary of anti-White Labor Robert Reich.

Reich tries to deal with that “unfounded” fear, by in fact taking their jobs, wages, homes and savings, if they are White. And he takes them if not White in order to hit the Whites too.

Business leaders should be standing up to this dangerous idiocy, while actively supporting policies to relieve the economic stresses that fuel it. Their silence in both regards is bad for business and threatens the stability of our economic and political system.

“dangerous idiocy” What would be the dangerous idiocy? It isn’t voting for Hitler, since he still is not on the ballot. So it must be what?

Were it not for their economic stresses, Americans wouldn’t be receptive to abolishing the Fed and the IRS, or believe that government and big business were conspiring against them, or turn isolationist.

So Reich proposes conspiring against them by cheap imports and directing stimulus money to non-Whites to show them their fears are wrong? Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. Graph page 19:

Mr. Reich is a professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkeley, former U.S. secretary of labor, and author, most recently, of “Aftershock: The Next Economy and America’s Future” (Knopf, 2010).

The state of Jewish America is good. The state of White America is bad, which for Reich is good, because White America is the main enemy of Reich. Reich says fear keeps Jews alive. Reich says that Whites are waking up to what has been done to them for decades by Jews like Reich. For decades, Jews like Reich have worked to take schools, jobs, education, factories, know-how, freedom, and their majority away from Whites.

Reich is saying the way to fight these fears is what? To finish Whites off. To keep free trade flowing to take away the rest of manufacturing from Whites. To direct stimulus money so Whites don’t get it and White state legislatures can’t get their hands on it.

Reich is saying that fear and hate of Whites is what keeps Jews like himself alive. He is saying that Wall Street should join him in that fear and hate of Whites. Reich is saying give their money to the Democrats because the Democrats are a reliable force against Whites. But he is also saying when they give to the GOP make sure the GOP knows its being bought to be anti-White on trades, stimulus, bailouts, affirmative action, desegregation, non-White immigration, amnesty, gay marriage, and the entire program of dispossession of Whites.

Reich is saying that Whites will start listening to those who have pointed out the whole time in the last 50 years that this was being done to them and who was doing it to them. Reich is saying this makes Whites the main enemy of Whites too because it will be bad for Wall Street bailouts and normal theft through market manipulation trading programs like the one the Justice Department asked a court to keep secret for Goldman Sachs.

Goldman’s high frequency trading program is for market manipulation. They don’t want the public to know how it works, because then they can’t make money.

Goldman Sachs and others use “flash trading” to send out automated sell offers at higher and higher prices until one comes back with no buyer. The program then drops back to the highest acceptable price and sells at what the buyer set as his maximum limit. This allows Goldman to always obtain the best possible selling price, while the buyer loses the normal give and take of bargaining. In the case of large orders, such as those from pension funds or mutual funds, this can cost the buyers a small fortune.

All this leaves us to wonder: Did Goldman really tell the government its high-speed, high-volume, algorithmic-trading program can be used to manipulate markets in unfair ways, as Facciponti said? And shouldn’t Goldman’s bosses be worried this revelation may cause lots of people to start hypothesizing aloud about whether Goldman itself might misuse this program?

PREET BHARARA, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and JOSEPH M. DEMAREST, JR., the Assistant Director in Charge of the New York Field Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), announced that SERGEY ALEYNIKOV was indicted today on charges related to his theft of proprietary computer code concerning a high-frequency trading platform from his former employer, Goldman Sachs. ALEYNIKOV was previously arrested and is expected to be arraigned in Manhattan federal court at a later date.

This case is being prosecuted by the Office’s Complex Frauds Unit. Assistant United States Attorneys JOSEPH FACCIPONTI and REBECCA ROHR are in charge of the prosecution.

So they are helping Goldman Sachs maintain its edge in market manipulation programs to take away money from individual traders up to insurance companies, investment funds, pensions, and even hedge funds that don’t use high frequency trading. So even sophisticated hedge funds are fleeced by Goldman’s high frequency trading if they don’t do high frequency trading defensively. That can also get in the way of other goals in trading and not be practical if the fund has to make large trades in one direction.

When large institutions have to trade in one direction in a thin market, these programs let Goldman Sachs make it far worse for that institution to get good prices. They are systematically manipulated so that it is more costly for large institutions to do large trades in one direction. This then hits individuals when these large institutions are insurance companies, pensions, mutual funds, or others.

The USDOJ under Preet Bharara is helping Goldman manipulate the markets against individuals, mutual funds, pension funds and insurance companies.

Robert Reich from WSJ

Underlying all of this is a deep tea party suspicion that big government is in cahoots with big business and Wall Street, against the rest of America.

Reich is saying Wall Street, government, and Reich share a common enemy, the White Tea Party. He is saying they have to eliminate it before they wake up to the truth that they are trying to eliminate it with non-White immigration, free trade, bailouts, monetary aka bailout policy, and even helping Goldman Sachs manipulate markets when caught doing so.

== Fear roundup:

TSA pat down searches to test how far they can go

October 29, 2010

In 2004, the pat down searches raised a response

This is not a one time snafu or overreaching. They are intentionally seeing how far they can go to take away our freedom, abuse us, intimidate us, make us afraid to say to stop Muslim immigration and expel all Muslims and so forth. They want to see if we are completely controllable at their whim.

This is also a payback response to the Tea Party and the town halls.

2009 court case on the searches:

Al Gore was searched after 9/11.

They can take our jobs with immigrants.

They can take our schools with desegregation and busing.

They can take our homes with block busting.

They can take our country with race replacement immigration.

They can bring terrorists after the 1993 WTC attacks and finish the job on WTC.

They can cover up the foreknowledge or involvement of Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel in 9/11 and the anthrax attacks.

They can engage in abusive prosecutions like Thomas C. Butler and the Buffalo bacteria artist Steven Kurtz.

They can hound Bruce Ivins to his death.

They can lie us into wars that are not against the countries that attacked us.

They can cover up what amounts to a war of espionage against us by China, India, Pakistan, Israel and Russia.

They can choose a president who is not a natural born citizen and refuse to even look at his documents.

They can prosecute LTC Lakin for challenging them on this.

They can assess court costs and fines on the attorneys and candidates who challenge this usurpation and dictatorship.

They can refuse real investigations of 9/11 and the anthrax attacks.

They can lie to our faces on everything and call us bigots.

They can engage in race replacement amnesties.

They can import 1.1 million green cards a year with 15 million unemployed.

They can keep men’s median wages the same as in 1973 while giving the doubling of productivity to the top ten percent and most to the top 1 percent.

How far can they push us. They keep testing us.

When will people speak up to the race replacement? This is what it is.

This is a slow motion genocide.

The people are cowed into not speaking up against the non-White replacement of the White.

Girls and boys will be subjected to these searches. Women and men who have had cancer in these areas will be subjected to them.

My reaction is not just stop Muslim immigration, but expel all Muslims. Let’s just do it.

The Pakistani conspiracy to bomb the Metro stations in Virginia is another example. Now they want to check bags at Metros and then these searches will follow.

This is abusearchy, rule by abuse. Our rulers are abusegarchs and abusearchs. Schumer and Bloomberg are abusegarchs. DHS and TSA are run by abusearchs.

This is Gitmoization of America and of normal life.

This is the same as taking our schools by forced busing. This is the same hate by the abusearchy that rules us.


October 22, 2010

Pelosi launches Lib hate attack on GOP as oligarchy. Fundamentally, its because they are White. This is the Catholic hatred of White Protestant America being shown on display. This is what she was likely taught by her political family growing up, hate the White Protestant bigots. This is the hate she spews out now. This is why she has non-White ethnic cleansing immigration with 15 million unemployed.

Pelosi approved Obama as president even though there were doubts on his being a natural born citizen because it was White Protestant bigots raising the doubts about Obama. She hates the White Protestant bigots and will ethnically cleanse all White people to destroy them.

Juan Williams fired from NPR by Jews Vivian Schiller and Ellen Weiss

October 22, 2010

The Fundamental Principle of Jewish response to bigotry

Any bigotry by any non Jew of any kind towards any one or group threatens all Jews at all times and requires a full retaliatory attack that causes the prompt and utter destruction of that person and, if they are white, ultimately their entire ethnic group and race. If they are not white it requires a full retaliatory strike and total ethnic cleansing against Whites anyhow. Bigotry is any statement, act or situation that triggers this response in Jews.

This is why Whites need separation from Jews.

Because Jews act this way, they are a threat to Whites everywhere and at all times. Moreover, Jews take their chances when they see them. Marx, Norbert Schlei, Trotsky, Alinsky, Schumer, etc.

Whites can’t survive a process where Jews act on this and over time get enough chances to eliminate Whites as a group and race.

Eric Cantor’s support for ethnic cleansing of Whites by non-White immigration illustrates this. Cantor attacked a Republican candidate because he wore a Nazi uniform as a reenactor.

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) on Sunday criticized a Republican nominee for the U.S. House who has reportedly participated in Nazi reenactments.

In a debate on “Fox News Sunday,” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) raised the example of Rich Iott, a member of the National Republican Congressional Committee’s “Young Guns” program, as an example of GOP extremism. The Atlantic reported that Iott participated in the reenactment group with his son as “a father-son bonding thing” and left three years ago after his son lost interest.

“She knows that I would absolutely repudiate that and not support that,” Cantor said.

“Well, you haven’t,” Wasserman Schultz said.

“I’m doing that right here,” Cantor, who is Jewish, responded. “I’m doing that right here. You know good and well I don’t support anything like that.”

Iott is trying to unseat Democrat Marcy Kaptur in Ohio’s 9th Congressional District.


Boehner did not condemn him but gave him money.

Lawrence Auster discusses how the Judeo centric view distorts Jewish thinking and misinforms their actions.

Melanie Phillips replied:

The war against the Jews is the single biggest and defining issue of our time because (a) it stands at the fulcrum of the west’s repudiation of its own culture (b) the animus against the Jews lies at the core of the Islamic threat against the west and (c) if Israel goes down, the west goes down. Your message is typically as ignorant as it is offensive.


M. Phillips original article

== NPR’s coverage of this

Here’s the statement NPR from CEO Vivian Schiller and Senior Vice President for News Ellen Weiss released just after midnight:

“Tonight we gave Juan Williams notice that we are terminating his contract as a Senior News Analyst for NPR News.

“Juan has been a valuable contributor to NPR and public radio for many years and we did not make this decision lightly or without regret. However, his remarks on The O’Reilly Factor this past Monday were inconsistent with our editorial standards and practices, and undermined his credibility as a News Analyst with NPR.

“We regret these circumstances and thank Juan Williams for his many years of service to NPR and public radio.”


NPR on Rich Sanchez fired for saying Jews control the media

== Some background notes

Ellen Weiss & Vivian Schiller Jewish

A Letter to Readers About TimesSelect – New York Times
Vivian Schiller Senior Vice President & General Manager … From Obama, the Tax Cut Nobody Heard Of · Booker Prize Winner’s Jewish Question ……/lettertoreaders.html – Similar – Add to iGoogle


Vivian Schiller
Senior Vice President & General Manager

Vivian Schiller Wed in Atlanta
Vivian Luisa Schiller, a vice president of TBS Productions, and Phillip Jeffrey Frank, a senior producer at CNN, both in Atlanta, were married there yesterday evening. Rabbi Steven Lebow officiated at the Colony Square Hotel. Ms. Schiller, 30 years old, is keeping her name. She graduated from Cornell University and has a master’s degree in Russian from Middlebury College. She is a daughter of Ronald and Lillian Schiller of Larchmont, N.Y. Her father, who is retired, was an editor at Reader’s Digest.
March 29, 1992


Also see elites not elites Anne Applebaum post

==Also note this on Juan Williams

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==More background

NPR cuts Williams during mega deficit. Time to cut NPR.


By this action, NPR has bravely offered to give its federal money up to help with the budget deficit crisis. Soros has given them a grant and can step in to fill the gap.

Read more:



Subject: [areps] Juan Williams


Thank you for all of your varying feedback on the Juan Williams situation. Let me offer some further clarification about why we terminated his contract early.

First, a critical distinction has been lost in this debate. NPR News analysts have a distinctive role and set of responsibilities. This is a very different role than that of a commentator or columnist. News analysts may not take personal public positions on controversial issues; doing so undermines their credibility as analysts, and that’s what’s happened in this situation. As you all well know, we offer views of all kinds on your air every day, but those views are expressed by those we interview – not our reporters and analysts.

Second, this isn’t the first time we have had serious concerns about some of Juan’s public comments. Despite many conversations and warnings over the years, Juan has continued to violate this principal.

Third, these specific comments (and others made in the past), are inconsistent with NPR’s ethics code, which applies to all journalists (including contracted analysts):

“In appearing on TV or other media . . . NPR journalists should not express views they would not air in their role as an NPR journalist. They should not participate in shows . . . that encourage punditry and speculation rather than fact-based analysis.”

More fundamentally, “In appearing on TV or other media including electronic Web-based forums, NPR journalists should not express views they would not air in their role as an NPR journalist.”

Unfortunately, Juan’s comments on Fox violated our standards as well as our values and offended many in doing so.

We’re profoundly sorry that this happened during fundraising week. Juan’s comments were made Monday night and we did not feel it would be responsible to delay this action.

This was a tough decision and we appreciate your support.



Vivian Schiller

President & CEO, NPR

Read more:

==End memo

Juan Williams lesson: Step up our fight.

Rick Sanchez

NPR: Americans exist only to serve us.

Jeffrey Goldberg:

There’s a larger trend here, the increasing tempo of journalist firings around the issues of Islam, terrorism,and Israel. There is Helen Thomas, of course, as well as Octavia Nasr, who was fired by CNN for praising the radical Shi’a Ayatollah Fadlallah. Helen Thomas is a ridiculous figure, and her comments touched on the Shoah, so I think my position on her firing remains, good riddance, but Nasr’s firing seemed unjustified to me, and Williams’s removal, so far at least, seems unjustified as well. More to come, undoubtedly.

This proves Muslims are our enemy.

Note also that blasphemy against the Holocaust is particularly singled out to justify firing Helen Thomas.


Mel Gibson dissed by cast and crew of a movie and so could not do cameo.

Derek Fenton was fired from NJ Transit by Jew James Weinstein for burning the Koran.

Rick Sanchez was fired from CNN for saying Jews control the media.

Jews really do go after people for any statement that is bigotry in their view. This is why we need separation from them. Whites have the right to live in freedom from bullying by Jews. Moreover, Jews direct their bullying to undermine the immune system of The White People and ultimately to ethnically cleanse The White People.

These are powerful Jews taking their opportunity to not just harm individual Whites or blacks in the case of Juan Williams, but to undermine White identity. Because Juan Williams works for Fox and this happened on Fox, the real target of the Jews at NPR is not Williams but The White Network, Fox.

Jews do want to control the media. These two Jews at NPR are trying to do just that. They are using their platform at NPR to control the media and to launch an attack on Whites. Their firing of Juan Williams for his remarks on Fox is meant to attack Fox, which is the network least controlled by Jews and least toeing the Jewish line on Muslims and adherence to the Jewish definition of bigotry, any statement, act or situation that offends Jews and triggers Jewish retaliation and that justifies Jewish ethnic cleansing of Whites.


NPR Keeps Commentator Who Offended Christians
Friday, 22 Oct 2010 08:13 AM

By: L.D. Breen

In December 1995, Codrescu said of the evangelical belief of the Rapture, in which Christ’s faithful would miraculously ascend from the earth before the Second Coming: “The evaporation of 4 million who believe this crap would leave the world an instantly better place.”

Tens of thousands of complaints from listeners were soon sent to NPR, much of whose funding comes from the taxpayers. NPR apparently never considered removing Codrescu from his regular on-air perch, and took three days to issue a qualified apology for his use of a “vulgar term,” and for saying the world would be better without such believers.

“Those remarks offended listeners and crossed a line of taste and tolerance that we should have defended with greater vigilance,” NPR said in its apology, adding that “We spoke with Andrei, who told us he would like to apologize for what – with hindsight — he regards as an inappropriate attempt at humor. It’s one he regrets. And so does NPR.”

Codrescu was born Andrei Perlmutter but changed it to a Romanian pseudonym because of the difficulty of publishing in Romania under a Jewish name; his family narrowly escaped the Nazis while living in
Hungary. The New Orleans-based author of “Ay, Cuba! A Socio-Erotic Journey” once remarked, “I still have an irrational nostalgia for Stalinism.”


This entire episode illustrates the Fundamental Principle of the Jewish Response to Bigotry, its an extended attack on The White People. Juan Williams is a black pawn in the war of Jews against Whites. They are firing Williams from NPR to make a statement against Fox as White bigots. This is a New York Times Jew, Schiller, trying to extend Jewish control over the media to what is said on Fox, the anti-Jew control network.

This entire episode is about Jewish control of the media. It was triggered not just by what Juan Williams said but by what Rick Sanchez said. In fact, Williams comment was more a pretext to fire him and attack Fox as White bigots. Williams as a target lets NPR hide that it is attacking Fox as a White network. This is a covert bid for power for Jewish domination of Fox and thus of the most key media ground that Jews don’t control.

Beck and O’Reilly are not Jews. Fox broadcasts are not dominated by Jews. Bill Maher is not a regular guest on O’Reilly or Hannity. Thus Jews lack the control over Fox they have over CNN. This is what is intolerable to the Jews, their lack of control, not the attitude of Williams towards Muslims which they share and go far beyond.

The difference is that Jews see Muslims as a tool to be used in the war on Whites while Williams just sees himself being killed in airplane over a war between Jews and Muslims that he is not part of. This also is how the Jews at NPR reacted to Williams statement. He was saying, why should I be at risk from Muslims to ride on an airplane because of what the Jews are doing to the Muslims in Palestine. This is another subtext that the Jews at NPR heard which must of us did not think of.

This triggered a response they were not even conscious of. This is why they can’t explain why Williams was fired. They acted out of instinct. This is why Whites need separation from Jews. They have an alien group allegiance that makes them act on instinct against out group members without even being able to understand why they are acting.

They had to fire Williams by midnight, see statement above. They had an aching need to immediately annihilate Williams and they acted on it. It was a terror strike and an ethnic cleansing strike by Jews on an out group member who was not loyal to them and not saying what they wanted him to say. So they eliminated him immediately without recourse or any opportunity by him to argue his case. They terminated him.

In the same way, Jews react to Virgil Goode saying stop Muslim immigration or Derek Fenton burning the Koran. A Jew, James Weinstein fired Fenton instantly. Jews funded Periello to defeat Virgil Goode. Jews act instantly and without any due process to destroy Whites. In this case, the attack is on Fox not just Williams.

Williams was on Fox, the White Network saying the word Muslim and that is all the Jews needed to feel the instinct to strike Williams down for disloyalty to the Jews. Just being on Fox saying he was afraid of Muslims was disloyalty to the Jews in the minds of Schiller and Weiss. So they struck Williams down instantly. This was an attack on Whites, their real enemy, more than Williams, who is just a foot soldier in the war of Jews against Whites.

This is why Whites need separation from Jews. They fundamentally see Whites as their main enemy that they must take their chances to destroy. Thus their war on Fox the White Network and thus their striking down Williams, a foot soldier, albeit black, at Fox, their enemy, the White People’s Network. A network that features blondes, the ultimate sign of the enemy of the Jews.

This is instinctive hate which is why they can’t explain it. That is what we must understand. This is how they act when they act on their hate of Whites. This is why they couldn’t explain the attack on Whites by their commentator and never fired him as documented above.


Justin Raimondo on the purge of Williams, Sanchez, Helen Thomas, and Nasr.

How these controversies work themselves out – who is fired, and who is not – describes the structure of the victimological hierarchy: Sanchez thought he could get away with what he said because, after all, he’s a “minority” too: CNN soon disabused him of this notion, and notified him that he’s on a much lower victimological rung than super-oppressed millionaire TV star Stewart. As for poor old Helen Thomas, she was given the same treatment – and a good thing for her she isn’t a German!

Rick Sanchez, on the other hand, is almost certainly a self-important fool, but his comments were not only not offensive but also true: Jon Stewart is most certainly not a member of an “oppressed” or otherwise marginalized group on account of his ethno-religious heritage, and there’s no two ways about it.

The atmosphere of intellectual and physical intimidation is thick to the point of suffocation – and it has to stop, or else we’re in some real trouble.

The fiction that they don’t want their “analysts” to engage in polemical or political speech is laughable: what about then NPR legal “reporter” Nina Totenberg said she hoped Jesse Helms died of AIDS? What about their reporter specializing in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Linda Gradstein, who took honoraria for speaking engagements sponsored by pro-Israel organizations? If we apply my theory of the victimological hierarchy to these prominent exceptions to NPR’s “policy,” they become all too explicable.

And most of all, we don’t need self-appointed Guardians of Political Correctness deciding what people can and cannot say, write, or think.

==Wiki excerpt

Ellen Weiss (born January 30, 1959) is the vice-president of news for National Public Radio.[1] Weiss was named to that post in April 2007. Before that, she was head of the NPR News National Desk[2] and Executive Producer of the NPR News magazine All Things Considered. She joined NPR in 1982.[3] She is a three-time Peabody Award winner.

She attended Scarsdale High School in Scarsdale, NY, and is a Smith College graduate. She currently resides in Washington DC with her husband, Rabbi David Saperstein and her two teenage sons.

==end Wiki excerpt

==Wiki excerpt

David Saperstein is a rabbi, lawyer, and Jewish community leader.[1] He has served as the director and chief legal counsel at the Union for Reform Judaism’s Religious Action Center for more than 30 years.[2] Saperstein succeeded Rabbi Richard G. Hirsch as leader of the Washington D.C.-based political lobbying arm of the North American Reform movement. There, he advocates on a broad range of social justice issues. He directs a staff who provide extensive legislative and programmatic materials to synagogues, federations and Jewish Community Relations Councils nationwide, coordinating social action education programs that train nearly 3,000 Jewish adults, youth, rabbinic and lay leaders each year.[2]

He currently co-chairs the Coalition to Preserve Religious Liberty, and serves on the boards of the NAACP and People For the American Way. In 1999, Saperstein was elected as the first Chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.[3]

On August 28, 2008, Saperstein delivered the invocation at the Democratic National Convention’s final session, before Senator Barack Obama accepted the party’s nomination for president.[4]

Saperstein lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife, National Public Radio vice president for news Ellen Weiss. They have two sons.[5]

==end Wiki excerpt

Consistent with the political and social concerns of Reform Judaism, the RAC played a key role in important political events of the American civil rights movement, the struggles of Soviet Jewry, as well as the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Darfur. It hosted several meetings at which the groundwork for the various pieces of legislation, including the Civil Rights Acts and Voting Rights Acts, were laid.

So firing Juan Williams was part of the Civil Rights Struggle. This shows that the Civil Rights Struggle was just part of the War of Jews against Whites. It was never about being for blacks, but being against Southern Whites whom Jews hate with vengeance and ultimately all Whites. Juan Williams was collateral damage of the Jews in that war.

One of the women, NPR Senior Vice President Ellen Weiss told Juan Williams that “this was decided above me”.


Howard Kurtz

His firing has backfired, handing Fox a victory and making Williams a symbol of liberal intolerance—on the very day NPR announced a grant from George Soros that it never should have accepted.

After watching Bill O’Reilly lead an hour of NPR-bashing on Fox News Thursday night, it’s tempting to say that the right’s reaction to the Juan Williams firing is just a tad overblown.

But it’s not. This was a blunder of enormous proportions.

This admits that this was an attack on Fox, The White People’s Network, not on Juan Williams. Howard Kurtz who is Jewish sees what the real attack is and feels the setback of this defeat.

And in a triumph of awful timing, yesterday was the day that NPR announced a new grant—$1.8 million from liberal philanthropist George Soros to hire 100 new reporters. No news organization should accept that kind of check from a committed ideologue of any stripe.

What Williams said makes me uncomfortable, but it isn’t close to being a firing offense—not for someone who is paid for his opinions.

Admission against Lib interest.

We must defeat the NPR and send it on its way.
This land is for the outspoken, the tyrants can not stay.

Sung to Bonnie Blue Flag that bears the Christian Star.

Posted by: OldAtlantic | October 22, 2010 at 03:29 PM

Williams was also on “Good Morning America” this morning telling George Stephanopoulos NPR was out to get him: “I knew about their antagonism towards Fox. And I knew that they really didn’t like it, and as I said I have been there more than 10 years and I have seen managers come and go and who dealt with this issue. This current crew was really getting vicious,” Williams said.

This crew was really getting vicious. What was different about this crew? Their associations are documented above.


Those fired by Jews

Derek Fenton NJ Transit Fired by James Weinstein

Juan Williams National Public Radio Schiller and Weiss

Lou Dobbs CNN Jon Klein

Fired for mentioning Jews or Jewish interests

Helen Thomas

Rick Sanchez CNN

Nasr CNN

Looks like Jews really do control CNN. They are also trying to control Fox. Jews are trying to control all dialogue relating to Jews, Israel, Muslims, Islam, immigration, Whites, survival of the White Race, White Protestant rights, White Christian America, etc.

Jews are in fact advocating ethnic cleansing and race replacement of Whites. Jews are acting to deny Whites an identity as members of The White Race. Jews are trying to prevent loyalty to The White Race as they require in Israel to the Jewish Race. Jews are trying to make White countries be minority White. Jews are supporting the gang rape of Whites in prison by blacks and Hispanic gangs which often leads to death from AIDS.

Jews historically have used threats against businesses to force them to fire people or at least threaten it. This is the Jewish way of business. This is intimidation.

This is why we need separation from Jews.

== Proposed Legislation

Employees can not be fired for speaking out on public issues. This includes racist, bigoted or derogatory remarks on immigration, races, religions, ethnic groups. It includes all pending or proposed legislation or existing laws or candidates for office or hot button issues already being debated.

Businesses may fire an employee for publicly criticizing the business, its employees, customers or suppliers.

The same applies to suppliers and customers?

Rick Sanchez exists only to serve The CNN Jews

October 21, 2010

Rabbi CEO of CNN Yosef has disclosed the real reason for firing Rick Sanchez.

Rabbi Yosef: We fired him because he no longer served the interests of The CNN Jews.

WNR: Aren’t you afraid that letting the cat out of the bag is going to be bad for the Jews?

Rabbi Yosef: First if they don’t know it yet, they are not paying attention. And if they are not, they still won’t pay attention.

WNR: Why is that?

Rabbi Yosef: It is a blessing from G_d.

WNR: How is that?

Rabbi Yosef: G_d blesses The Chosen People by making the goyim forget that we rule them.

WNR: So why are you saying it?

Rabbi Yosef: I am speaking not to the goyim whose ears are made deaf by G_d to the truth of their servile nature but to The Chosen People that they must rule their goyim with a strong hand. G_d wants them to.

WNR: So like what?

Rabbi Yosef: Like ruin their financial systems and bail out the banks and pay the money to the Jewish employees as bonuses even though it comes from the public.

WNR: What else? Are you going to ask for Pollard to be freed?

Rabbi Yosef: Let me tell you the truth about Pollard.

WNR: Which is what?

Rabbi Yosef: We don’t ask for Pollard to be released to actually free Pollard.

WNR: Why do you ask then?

Rabbi Yosef: So that they don’t arrest another one of our people. We make so much trouble over Pollard they don’t want to have it over another. So we can go right on doing our thing under their noses.

WNR: Under their goyim noses?

Rabbi Yosef: Their stopped up goyim noses.

WNR: Stopped up by G_d?

Rabbi Yosef: The stopping up of the noses of the Goyim as we pick them clean is a blessing of G_d. Its a sign that G_d intends us to take it from them.

WNR: Straight from the Rabbi’s mouth.

Rabbi Yosef: From my lips to G_d’s ears.

==Appendix of notes.

“Goyim were born only to serve us.” CNN

Rich Sanchez was born only to serve us

CNN Master race.

CNN Supremacists.

Jews defend the Rabbi in comments above. They use Hebrew taqiyya to explain it all away. A lot of Taqiyya is being thrown around by liberal Jews to cover this up and make the goyim not listen to what their ears heard. The Koran copied the Talmud and Old Testament.

Sephardi leader Yosef: Non-Jews exist to serve Jews

October 18, 2010

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli Sephardic leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in his weekly Saturday night sermon said that non-Jews exist to serve Jews.

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel,” he said during a public discussion of what kind of work non-Jews are allowed to perform on Shabbat.

“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat,” he said to some laughter.

Yosef, the spiritual leader of the Shas Party and the former chief Sephardi rabbi of Israel, also said that the lives of non-Jews are protected in order to prevent financial loss to Jews.

“With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” said the rabbi, who recently turned 90.

An audio recording of some of the rabbi’s remarks was broadcast on Israel’s Channel 10.

The American Jewish Committee condemned the rabbi’s remarks in a statement issued Monday.

“Rabbi Yosef’s remarks — suggesting outrageously that Jewish scripture asserts non-Jews exist to serve Jews — are abhorrent and an offense to human dignity and human equality,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. “Judaism first taught the world that all individuals are created in the divine image, which helped form the basis of our moral code. A rabbi should be the first, not the last, to reflect that bedrock teaching of our tradition.”

Bernanke: Mortgages of gentiles are protected to avoid financial loss to the Jews. FNMA is meant to serve us. If a gentile defaults on a mortgage, then a Jew loses money on a CMO sold by Wall Street. So we must bail out the little gentile’s mortgage to bail out the Jew’s big hedge fund and protect the bonus of the Jew on Wall Street. This is not optional but is a mitzvah.

CGO: Collateralized Goyim Obligation.

Of course, for Jon Stewart to mock Rick Sanchez after Sanchez was fired was good. But for a goyim to mock the Rabbi’s words is anti-Semitism. We start with that. Anything the goyim says except that the Rabbi’s words don’t apply to Bernanke, bailouts, and Lib Jews is anti-Semitism. If a goyim says that Jews believe what the Rabbi said, that is anti-Semitism.

Now back to gutting Medicare so that the goyim don’t cause taxes to be raised on Jewgarchs like Bloomberg who want to get richer from more 3rd world immigration that busts the schools and Social Security, Medicare and teacher pensions.

Right to live as free and independent people

October 21, 2010

This means no ethnic cleansing by non-White immigration. It means sending back the non-Whites who have come here.

“The Right to Live as a Free and Independent People”

Is a point in Chuck Baldwin’s list of rights. But it has to mean freedom from ethnic cleansing and of race mixing to eliminate your people. The right to exist without the right to have and keep your identity is not the right to exist of anything. Something has to have the right to exist and that has to be a biological something or the right to exist is meaningless.

The right of an abstract principle to exist is empty rhetoric. Its the right of a people to exist. That means a people of the same race and religion. It does not mean an aggregation that exists and changes randomly or systematically to eliminate the founding race.

Opposing the genocide of the White Race is our post

October 21, 2010

The idea that people have a post or station in life that they occupy in an active sense goes back to classical times. You man your post is your job in life. This has been mentioned at some other blog(s) over the last year or two.

Once you become part of the movement of opposing the genocide of the White Race and restoring our lands to White lands under White control, you have to keep doing it despite the risk or fear you feel. There is fear in not fighting it and there is fear in letting it happen. So its not about choosing fear or no fear.

Talking about blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews is not going to be risk free. But not talking about it risks certain destruction. This includes the loss of Social Security and Medicare. You fight for your own health care and old age pension by fighting against non-White immigration and to reverse it.

Dick Armey of Freedomworks is fighting against Medicare. The bosses don’t want to pay for the Medicare of the 3rd world immigrants they brought here to keep our wages down with. So they intend to take Medicare and Social Security from us to avoid paying the social cost of the 3rd world immigrants they brought here and by keeping our wages to the same level as 1973 for men.

Thus there is no avoiding this fight. Once you join it, it is your post. One could almost say leave fear behind the way you leave hope behind when you enter Hell. Of course, fear is always with us. Especially fear of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews.

When the GOP tries to be inclusive, its really fear motivating the GOP leaders. They are afraid of the non-Whites they have brought here and empowered with affirmative action as judges and prosecutors and professors and bankers.

The elites see the non-Whites loyal to China, Pakistan, Arabia and the rest and they are afraid of them and the nations and races they are linked to while they are here. Thus there is fear in even the most powerful to the non-Whites here.

Thus there is fear of them in the non powerful. Those of us subjected to loss of jobs, schools, education, security and safety fear them every day, but so do our masters who brought them here.

Non-White immigration is systematic fear. Its a society based on fear. Multiculturalism is the use of fear to control and subjugate your own people. That is what our elites our doing. That is why we must resist it. That is why resisting it becomes our post.

So no matter what fear we may feel, or the consequences of exposure, we must shoulder on. We must take the slings and arrows of the outrageous racism of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews towards Whites and of the Libs of Hate and the CEO’s of Hate and the Oligarchs of Hate who rule us. These are the true Hatearchs. We live under hatearchy. Multiculturalism and PC are hatearchy. They are rule by hate. They are also rule by fear, phobiaarchy or feararchy.

Libarchy leads to hatearchy and feararchy. It is what happened under Red Bolshevism. It is the intended outcome of their actions. Oligarchy in its modern guise is hatearchy and feararchy applied almost as a science.

The search phobiarchy gives 6 hits.

Can Jews reconcile with Whites? A program to consider.

October 20, 2010

Can Jews reconcile with Whites? Is it possible? Are Jews by their nature alienated from Whites and unable to resist trying to undermine White control of White countries?

The following would be a possible program for Jews to adopt to show they can reconcile with Whites.

==Reconciliation Program of Jews with White Christians. Jews would adopt the following:

America would become a White Christian country.

All persons would swear loyalty to America as a White Christian country.

Whites would maintain voting control of America regardless of their numbers.

End non-White immigration, student visas, family reunification, asylum, refugees, guest workers, Agjobs, etc.

Start process of blacks, Latinos and Asians returning to their own continents. Acknowledge they already have the largest continents and don’t need ours and that their taking ours is ethnic cleansing.

Support return of Muslims and non-Whites in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to their home continents.

Acknowledge that the White Race is the result of unique evolution and that it must not be permitted to be lost in mixing with the other races. Acknowledge such mixing is itself a crime against humanity and a crime against evolution.

Segregation of schools, prisons and the military by race and religion.

Declare Islam not a religion and require Muslims to leave. All mosques would be forfeit.

End anchor baby.

Acknowledge and teach in the schools that Whites had to take measures to protect themselves.

Support the return of White rule and Apartheid for South Africa.

Break up the large banks and make the banks small. This could mean state or regional banking.

Restore Ivy League and 19th century colleges to be White Christian colleges. The Ivy League should specifically uphold White Protestant America. They would be majority Founding Stock Americans in students and faculty and over 90 percent White Christian students and faculty.

End affirmative action.

Segregate the military. The military academies would be White Christian academies.

Allow freedom to study and write about Jews (and others) and their role in history and to maintain any position about them or others.

Allow free commenting about the role of Jews or other groups without having comments deleted or losing jobs or being subjected to persecution or fear because of it.

==end of program

The above program would show that Jews were loyal to White Christian America. If Jews were to adopt this program, then reconciliation would likely happen, especially starting from the current situation.

In fact, Jews are opposed to almost every one of these positions. This is true of Jewish organizations and with rare exceptions, Jews themselves oppose most of them is a reasonable working hypothesis.

Jews have worked and contributed money and time and even been killed in the 1960’s in the South to undermine and reverse White Christian America and take away everyone of the freedoms and rights listed above from White Christian America. Jews have contributed fanatics to the causes of taking away these freedoms and rights from Whites which amounts constructively (or deconstructively) to taking away America from Whites.

Jews have also used their opportunities as lawyers, judges, legislators, aides, professors, staffers, etc. to undermine White Christian America and take away the rights and freedoms listed above from White Christians. This has amounted to a program of dispossession ending in ethnic cleansing of White Christian America.

Jews have supported dispossession of White Christian America and are now among the leaders in supporting its ultimate conclusion of genocide of White Christians by race replacement substitution. This now means the loss of Social Security and Medicare to White Christians and leaving them destitute in a country they founded and let be taken from them.

One could say that Jews have long since decided which side they were on in this struggle. It is a war since its outcome is the dispossession and ethnic cleansing of a people of their country. Jews have supported that dispossession and ethnic cleansing of Whites and have furnished some of its most important leaders.

Jews openly lead for all these rights and freedoms to be lost forever to Whites. That Jews have taken a side and it is against White Christians is thus a fact at the present time. Whether Jews can switch or not is open to debate, but that they have chosen the side against White Christians is a fact already determined.

It would take a monumental reverse of direction for Jews to switch sides from being for White Christian dispossession ending in the ethnic cleansing going on now to being for White Christians and to stop and reverse the dispossession and ethnic cleansing of White Christians. Being on the side of White Christians does not mean finishing them off slowly or the status quo but reversing it along the lines of the list given above. That is what it would mean for Jews to reconcile with White Christians.

Note that no reconciliation between White Christians and Jews is possible as long as Jews oppose the right of White Christians to speak openly about Jews. That includes Rick Sanchez and others. If Jews oppose freedom of speech for White Christians to state their grievances with Jews and their perception of the role of Jews in the dispossession and ethnic cleansing of White Christians, then Jews have already ended the possibility of reconciliation and of ever being on the side of White Christians or for the restoration of White Christian America.

Reconciliation can openly come from open dialogue between White Christians and Jews. If Jews response to such dialogue is to simply shout anti-Semite and threaten jobs and doing business, then they have already closed off reconciliation. That approach to dialogue by Jews is not approaching reconciliation with a serious intent, but simply continuing the dispossession and ethnic cleansing of White Christians. This is what we have now from Jews. This shows that as of now, Jews are still pushing dispossession of Whites and the ethnic cleansing of Whites now underway.



Frum is feeling the heat from his irrelevance. He now acknowledges the multicult has failed in Germany.

Of course, the Frumbag is half empty because he still doesn’t say stop immigration and reverse it. Maybe its 2/3 empty. He could also say to stop and reverse it here too. So maybe its mostly empty.


Jeez, what a moron you are. Frum has been against mass immigration and multiculturalism for the last two decades. He writes anti-immigration articles that could be published at, if they didn’t have his name on the byline. Obviously he’s not in there with Alternative Right, but he’s very clearly anti-immigration.

You’re so dumb you’re not even lying when you spout this nonsense. I guess that’s something you can be proud of.

The following are some comments at Alternative Right by OA and a short quote from one by Aaron on David Frum.

“Frum has been against mass immigration and multiculturalism for the last two decades. ” Aaron.

Can you cite an article from 1990 where he opposed mass immigration? Bush Sr. increased immigration in 1990. Did Frum oppose that?

“Public Law 101-649 (Act of November 29, 1990), which increased the limits on legal immigration to the United States” From USCIS. Nov 29, 1990 is within 20 years going back. That falls within your window. So you should be able to find an article by Frum opposing that act.

” How I Rethought Immigration
One Man’s Confessions
By David Frum | National Review
Monday, June 25, 2007 ”

“The last time America debated amnesty for illegal aliens, I was on the other side. The year was 1986. I was a student at law school and an occasional contributor to this magazine. I believed then that immigration was a great thing, the more the better. ”

In September 2010 there was a CIS conference on immigration where Frum spoke.
Transcript and video here:

Search on “Can Conservatism Survive Mass Immigration” to find out more on it. One hit is here at Vdare:

“Based on the good things Frum and Ponnuru said towards the beginning of their remarks, it is clear that they understand that mass immigration poses a huge threat to this country. But not only are they unwilling to fight for this country, they are undermining and attacking those who do. ”


As long as Jews continue to throw at us anti-Semite when we discuss our views of them and their actions, we know they are not interested in reconciliation but are still pursuing our dispossession and ethnic cleansing. When Jews seek to take away our right to have a side in the dialogue, we know by that alone that it is not a reconciliation dialogue but the continuation of our dispossession and ethnic cleansing. That is what we have now.

== More at Alt Right with Aaron


That 2007 article is probably the main source. I’m not going to go reread it or reread any other article now. I didn’t follow the VDARE links, but I do remember a very tendentious and dishonest article there by Sam Francis about something Frum wrote on immigration, I think in National Review. Francis and others at VDARE obviously had an ax to grind for Frum (justifiably). They smeared him as he smeared them. You can’t take their word on this any more than you can take Frum’s word in “Unpatriotic Conservatives”.


OA reply to Aaron:

Thank you for your constructive comment. The article Unpatriotic Conservatives is here:


In 1991 Pat Buchanan had accused the neoconservatives of enforcing the “limits of permissible dissent.” The paleocons were now defying those limits with ever-increasing gusto and boldness.

“The civilization that we as whites created in Europe and America could not have developed apart from the genetic endowments of the creating people.” — SAMUEL FRANCIS, SPEECH AT THE AMERICAN RENAISSANCE CONFERENCE, MAY 1994

OF all the limits against which the paleoconservatives chafed, the single most irksome was the limit placed by civilized opinion upon overtly racialist speech. Francis’s speech at the 1994 conference of the white-supremacist American Renaissance organization, for example, ultimately cost him his job as a staff columnist at the Washington Times.

end quote


This is how Frum ends that piece:


There is, however, a fringe attached to the conservative world that cannot overcome its despair and alienation. The resentments are too intense, the bitterness too unappeasable. Only the boldest of them as yet explicitly acknowledge their wish to see the United States defeated in the War on Terror. But they are thinking about defeat, and wishing for it, and they will take pleasure in it if it should happen.

They began by hating the neoconservatives. They came to hate their party and this president. They have finished by hating their country.

War is a great clarifier. It forces people to take sides. The paleoconservatives have chosen — and the rest of us must choose too. In a time of danger, they have turned their backs on their country. Now we turn our backs on them.

end Quote

That seems a definite taking sides by Frum. Who is the fringe and who decides who is the fringe?

Frum’s answer is that Canadian Frum is the center of America and that White Christians with an explicit White Christian identity and advocacy are the fringe. Pat Buchanan whose ancestors fought in the civil war is unpatriotic fringe and Frum turns his back on Pat Buchanan and all those Buchanan represents.


Sailer on Frum on immigration, Whites and pro-White advocates:

Frum hates Whites. Frum hates Whites who advocate for White rights and the right of Whites to keep their lands. Frum opposes the idea of Whites with White identity possessing America as theirs.

This amounts to opposing the survival of a people or race of Whites who have a self aware and expressed White identity possessing the country in their own name.


Sephardi leader Yosef: Non-Jews exist to serve Jews

October 18, 2010

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli Sephardic leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in his weekly Saturday night sermon said that non-Jews exist to serve Jews.

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel,” he said during a public discussion of what kind of work non-Jews are allowed to perform on Shabbat.

“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat,” he said to some laughter.

Is he afraid he will lose his job? Does he have to apologize. Ask Rick Sanchez. Ask Derek Fenton. Ask James Weinstein who fired Fenton. Ask Jonathan Klein who fired Lou Dobbs.

At 10/19/2010 6:32 PM, Anonymous Chris said…

Former Chief Sephardic Rabbi last week: “Goyim were born only to serve us.”

This isn’t some obscure nut in a basement but one of the most influential spiritual leaders in Israel.

Israel requires a loyalty oath to Israel as a Democratic Jewish state.

Note that Frum in effects calls Whites who are pro-White racist and White supremacist. Others will call them anti-Semitic. The above program might be called anti-Semitic by many Jews. This just shows that a reconciliation dialogue is not even possible. Israel has a loyalty oath for non-Jews and yet to discuss a loyalty oath to White Christian America while White Christians are dispossessed and ethnically cleansed is racist or White supremacist or anti-Semitic, assuming such a criticism is mounted.

Beheadings hit New Mexico Too late to stop them

October 15, 2010

Radical immigrants have engaged in a beheading in New Mexico. However, its too late to do anything to stop it because they are here already. Welcome to the radical future brought to you by moderates who wouldn’t stop it by stopping and reversing immigration.

Homicide detectives found a man stabbed and decapitated, after a party near Arizona Ave and Pecos. The suspect, 36-year-old Crisantos Moroyoqui, the victim, and several other men were drinking at the party.

Libs will say this doesn’t count because it was in Arizona not in New Mexico.

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