Joe Sobran and the fear of speaking up v fear of ethnic cleansing

October 1, 2010

Are we afraid to speak up about our ethnic cleansing because of fear of retaliation? Joe Sobran illustrates that fear well. He spoke up about Jewish influence and his career had a hard time recovering from that and other things.

John Derbyshire on Joe Sobran getting the Jew Thing and losing his career.

Derbyshire expresses well the pack mentality of Whites afraid to speak up.

Make what you do pay for you. Grasp every opportunity the octopus leaves us. Remember, it barely thinks. So you can grasp for all the money it sheds and at the same time speak up somewhere else against it all. Be shameless to work the system for you and your own, but with the law. Take the opportunity of the Jews who work the system for their profit and at the same time advocate our ethnic cleansing and support “comedians” who openly hate all Whites and all Christians like Bill Maher. They call us stupid.

We do fear to speak out. But the example of Jews like Maher and Bloomberg is you can openly speak out and still openly grab all the money you can. These are not inconsistent. Both should be pursued with gusto and joy is the example they give us.

We must fear the ethnic cleansing more than the speaking out. They are already taliating against us. Bloomberg and Maher are already openly hating on Whites and are already trying to take our jobs from us. We don’t gain anything by being quiet, they hate us openly already.

In fact, our only hope is to speak up. We don’t hurt ourselves by speaking up any more than Jews have. Its the not speaking up that leaves you vulnerable. Its the not being loyal to Whites facing the Hate Machine like Derek Fenton that leaves us vulnerable. They are already ethnically cleansing us from Harvard and the Supreme Court. They are not going to stop because we keep quiet. 15 million are without jobs and they testify to bring in millions more per year.

They have no shame in showing their brazen hate of us. Why is that?

The reason they have no shame in showing their brazen hate of us is because we are afraid to speak up. We are cowards and they know it. That is why Maher and Bloomberg show their hate openly and why they advocate our ethnic cleansing even when 15 million are unemployed and millions are losing their houses.

Its the ethnic cleansing of Whites, stupid. Its already happening. They are pushing it now because we are afraid to speak up not in retaliation for our speaking up against it.


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