Rick Sanchez fired CNN Jews control media Jon Stewart bigot

October 2, 2010



Mostly PC commentary at Hot Air


The search CNN Ken Jautz Jewish picks up some saying that Jautz is Jewish. He replaced Jon Klein who was Jewish and fired Lou Dobbs over the birth certificate and immigration.

Sanchez is a White Cuban and Jon Stewart is Jewish as are many key media executives.

The following thread at Raw Story has some unPC comments as well as the usual lobs of anti-Semitism.


Elite Jews certainly do support ethnic cleansing of Whites whether at Harvard or in the media or on the Supreme Court or picking fruit jobs. Jews vote for this and support the Jewish organizations that push this agenda of dispossession of Whites.

Dispossession of Whites in America obviously impacts Jews. So it is not as if the non-Elite Jews are not affected by it. Some obviously object to it. But most support it is a reasonable conclusion.

Sanchez has been an anti-White Latino. CNN has backed him up in that role. Thus Sanchez role as anti-White was approved by CNN. The firing of Lou Dobbs, which is what it was, was obviously approved by CNN. CNN is anti-White.

This reflects CNN management, which is obviously liberal and elitist. CNN is anti-White and CNN promotes genocide and dispossession of Whites. So do other elite media and so do elite Jews and organizations that Jews control or influence heavily.

It would be interesting if Sanchez sues CNN and there is testimony on the internal discussion at CNN on firing Sanchez. It would also be interesting if that could also go into the discussion on the termination of Lou Dobbs by CNN.

The message here is to be fearful and not speak up. But as previous posts for the last few days indicate here, we are already being dispossessed and ethnically cleansed. CNN is not starting to ethnically cleanse Whites by firing Rick Sanchez. CNN is not retaliating against Sanchez by promoting ethnic cleansing of Whites by non-White immigration. CNN has been doing that already.

We don’t get CNN to stop by not criticizing CNN or by not criticizing Jews or pointing out the role of Jews in this firing or other firings such as Jon Klein firing Lou Dobbs over immigration and the birth certificate.

We are being dispossessed. We have lost Harvard, we are down to under 25 percent non-Jewish Whites at Harvard. We don’t win by keeping quiet about Jews ethnically cleansing Whites. We need to speak up. Its our failure to speak up on a regular basis and defend those punished for doing so that is causing our ethnic cleansing, not the few times that we do speak up.

Derek Fenton was fired by a Jew (James Weinstein NJ Transit), and that supported by an Irish Catholic (Gov Christie of NJ) for burning the Koran. There was some support for him, but this has mostly disappeared as an issue.

Would Jews be more persistent to protect one of theirs? They defend Roman Polanski, and they won.

The US DOJ didn’t give the Swiss requested information so the Swiss dismissed the case and did not extradite. Some say this was Jews in DOJ or pressure from them that got DOJ not to release the information requested. Its not as if the Polanski rape case was about classified information. So the DOJ failure to release the information requested made no sense on national security grounds.

Whites are being dispossessed. That is not retaliation for speaking up but is retaliation for not speaking out. We have to go on speaking out and pointing out the role of Jews in dispossession of Whites. We gain nothing by being quiet while we are dispossessed and ethnically cleansed.

Whites are losing millions of jobs and Jews have been the ones enriched by the rise of income inequality to a disproportionate extent. That in turn was fueled by immigration but also Jewish ethno-networking that pushed Whites out of Harvard and Stanford. If Whites can’t speak up now, what are they waiting for?

Waiting to be finished off is a mistake. Jews fire us now because we really do have a chance still to fight back. Since Jews are firing us now for speaking out, that shows we do need to make separation from Jews part of our agenda.

Jews have chosen the Democratic Party as the anti-White party. Jews have also made the Democratic Party the anti-White party. In the same way, Jews have made the media anti-White and have chosen to work in the anti-White media and to work in the most anti-White organizations like the New York Times.

Anti-Whites like Bill Maher are promoted on CNN. Bill Maher hates Whites and makes that hate clear to all. CNN promotes that. This is the CNN business model. They fired Lou Dobbs but kept the anti-White hate of Bill Maher. CNN has branded itself as anti-White. We need to speak out about this and point out this reflects Jewish preferences and that we need separation from Jews as a consequence.

The way out of this trap is not cowering in fear. The way out is to speak out about Jewish power and Jewish hate of Whites such as shown by Bill Maher on CNN. Anything else is just accepting our own genocide quietly.

==Some other blogs on this issue




What are the lessons?

Jews hate Whites. This is shown by the ethnic dispossession of Whites and Jewish support for its continuation with 15 million unemployed. Its shown by the hate humor of Bill Maher on CNN on Larry King Live. This is anti-White hate and its constant.

Jews are dispossessing Whites. Jews have reduced the number of Whites at Harvard to lower than the number of Jews. This is done elsewhere as well. Jews have done this in the media.

Jews support non-White immigration that will result in the ultimate extinction of White genes. White gene lineages eventually terminate and this is a policy Jews support. Any disagreement with it is labeled racism and hate. That shows consciousness of guilt and criminal intent by Jews against Whites. That shows hate by Jews against Whites.

We need to speak up more about our dispossession and the Jewish role in it. We have to be more explicit that Jews hate us. We have to say explicitly and back it up that Jews hate Whites.

As shown above Jewish hate of Whites is proven by Jewish support for genocide of Whites even in a depression, Jews calling Whites racist when they object, Jews calling it hate speech when Whites say Whites are a race with racial interests, Jews firing Whites who speak up such as Rick Sanchez, Lou Dobbs, Derek Fenton and others, the explicit hate in Jewish humor such as Bill Maher against Whites, and the overall hate and contempt that Jews show Whites and White society, tradition and religions.

Its not speaking up that is leading to our dispossession and genocide not speaking up.

Silence as a strategy is getting us 1.1 million green cards a year with 15 million unemployed and states and local governments only hanging on because of federal stimulus funds because the non-White immigrants Jews bring here are breaking state and local government. Silence in the face of genocide does not work.

Silence in the face of Jewish hate of Whites does not work. We must speak up and out about Jewish hate of Whites and that we need to stop Jewish influence that is contributing to our dispossession and ultimately separate from Jews, a people who hate us and work to dispossess and genocide us and betray the kindness we have shown them in taking them in.

If Whites do not want to be genocided, they must separate from Jews. Jews are committed to reducing Whites to a minority and that this dispossession will be irreversible. Jews are also aware that they must finish Whites off or face responsibility for their role in dispossession of Whites.

Together these fuel and prove Jewish hate of Whites. Whites must recognize this hate by Jews of Whites and speak out about it and work to neutralize its intended goal of dispossessing Whites. This can only be done by separation from Jews.

The extreme reaction of Jews to any comment by Whites shows consciousness of guilt. It shows Jews know and are aware of Jewish hate of Whites. It shows Jews intend the dispossession and genocide of Whites that is happening. It shows that Whites must separate from Jews to escape the fate Jews are working actively to inflict on Whites, dispossession and genocide.

The firing of Rick Sanzhez for saying Jews control the media is a teachable moment. We should not let it pass because Sanchez himself is a hypocritical White Cuban Latino agitator against Whites. Rather, we should point this out and use it to show even in such cases, even a reliable anti-White racist is fired by CNN for one comment out of line.

CNN had hired Sanchez to have an anti-White broadcast as part of its turning away from being pro-White with Lou Dobbs. This was part of its anti-White line up that includes Fareed Zakarai and Bill Maher hate rants on Whites on Larry King Live.

This is a teachable moment because Sanchez’s role and job at CNN was to spew hatred of Whites just like Fareed Zakaria and Bill Maher. Sanchez was an ethnic agitator and hate monger against Whites and was paid to do this. When Sanchez spoke about Jews, he was immediately terminated by CNN.

This shows CNN is anti-White and that CNN regards Jews and Whites as distinct groups, the one favored, Jews, and the other marked for genocide, Whites. Its CNN’s policy to make sure that the genocide of Whites is completed.

This is even in the middle of a jobs depression and with state and local governments going bankrupt from Latino populations. That same financial stress will break health care whoever pays for it, as well as Social Security and Medicare.

So non-White immigration is not to help people or help Whites, its to break them. That is CNN policy and Sanchez was part of that policy until he mentioned Jews. Then he was immediately terminated.


It is a mistake to think we should drop this issue because Sanchez is anti-White. Instead, we should realize the logical scheme here.

1. Sanchez is anti-White on CNN.

2. This is CNN policy since it goes on regularly.

3. Sanchez says CNN policy is set by Jews.

4. Therefore Sanchez is saying its the Jews who set the policy of Sanchez’ anti-White rants.

5. CNN fires Sanchez when he says this.

Its precisely because Sanchez was anti-White as his job for CNN that we should not drop this case when Sanchez is fired for saying Jews set the policy at CNN for what goes on there. Because, this is Sanchez admitting that his anti-White rants at CNN were a policy set by Jews.

Jews at CNN were using Sanchez as a Latino to be anti-White. Its only when Sanzhes let that out of the bag indirectly that CNN fired Sanchez, not for his anti-White racism. This is what we have to latch onto and not let go of.

This is the real admission in this tangled web that CNN has woven and that Sanchez cut through for us to see. Its the continuation of the firing of Lou Dobbs by Jon Klein and the hate rants against Whites and Christians by Bill Maher on Larry King Live. Those have gone on for years and he is asked back for more by CNN.

What makes Sanchez a teachable moment is not just that Jews or CNN fired him for saying Jews run CNN or the media. What makes it a teachable moment is that Sanchez’s role at CNN under CNN policy was to be the anti-White Latino broadcaster.

Sanchez was the CNN Latino answer to Lou Dobbs. But then Sanchez admitted that this was the policy of the Jews at CNN not an authentic Latino idea he got himself from growing up in some barrio somewhere. That is why CNN fired Sanchez for saying that policy at CNN is set by Jews not made up by Latinos on the air.

Its because Jews set policy at CNN that Lou Dobbs was fired for pro-White advocacy. Its because Jews set policy at CNN that Bill Maher is invited back for hate rants against Whites, Christians and Palin over and over.

Its because Jews set policy at CNN that Sanchez was an anti-White angry Latino on CNN. This is because dispossession of Whites is CNN policy and that anti-White policy is set by Jews. It was for admitting that that Sanchez was fired by CNN.

=The thread at Raw Story and some others have some interesting links posted.

Israeli Art Students and 5 Mossad agents in US celebrating on 9/11 that were captured by the FBI and interrogated 71 days.

Ketcham article in CounterPunch


All five future hijackers of American Airlines Flight 77, which rammed the Pentagon, maintained addresses or were active within a six-mile radius of towns associated with the Israelis employed at Urban Moving Systems. Hudson and Bergen counties, the areas where the Israelis were allegedly conducting surveillance,
were a central staging ground for the hijackers of Flight 77 and their fellow al-Qaeda operatives. Mohammed Atta maintained a mail-drop address
and visited friends in northern New Jersey; his contacts there included Hani Hanjour, the suicide pilot for Flight 77, and Majed Moqed, one of the strongmen who backed Hanjour in the seizing of the plane. Could the Israelis, with or without knowledge of the terrorists’ plans, have been tracking the men who were soon to hijack Flight 77?

The 5 Israeli men caught celebrating 9/11 in New Jersey were thus in the same general area.

According to the source at ABC News, FBI investigators chafed at the denials from their higher-ups. “There is a lot of frustration inside the bureau about this case”, the source told me. “They feel the higher echelons torpedoed
the investigation into the Israeli New Jersey cell. Leads were not fully investigated.” Among those lost leads was the figure of Dominik Suter, whom the U.S. authorities apparently never attempted to contact.
Intelligence expert and author James Bamford told me there was similar frustration within the CIA: “People I’ve talked to at the CIA were outraged at what was going on. They thought it was outrageous that there hadn’t been a real investigation, that the facts were hanging
out there without any conclusion.”

Choking Off the Press Coverage

There was similar pressure brought against the media venues that ventured to report out the allegations of 9/11-related Israeli espionage. A former ABC News employee high up in the network newsroom told me that when ABC News ran its June 2002 exposé on the celebratory New Jersey Israelis, “Enormous pressure was brought to bear by pro-Israeli organizations” – and this pressure began months before the piece was even close to airing. The source said that ABC News colleagues wondered, “how they [the pro-Israel organizations] found out we were doing the story.

Pro-Israeli people were calling the president peppered the shit out of us”, Carl Cameron told me in 2002, referring to an e-mail bombardment that eventually crashed the Fox News.com servers. Cameron himself received 700 pages of almost identical e-mail messages from hundreds of citizens (though he suspected these were spam identities). CAMERA spokesman Alex Safian later told me that Cameron’s upbringing in Iran, where his father traveled as an archeologist, had rendered the reporter “very sympathetic to the Arab side”. Safian added, “I think Cameron, personally, has a thing about Israel” – coded language implying that Cameron was an anti-Semite. Cameron was outraged at the accusation.

According to a source at Fox News Channel, the president of the ADL, Abraham
Foxman, telephoned executives at Fox News’ parent, News Corp., to demand a sit-down in the wake of the Cameron reportage.

The source said that Foxman told the News Corp. executives,

“Look, you guys have generally been pretty fair to Israel. What are you doing putting this stuff out there? You’re killing
us”. The Fox News source continued, “As good old boys will do over coffee in Manhattan, it was like, well, what can we do about this? Finally, Fox News said, ‘Stop the e-mailing. Stop slamming us. Stop being in our face, and we’ll stop being in your face – by way of taking our story down off the web. We will not retract
it; we will not disavow it; we stand by it. But we will at least take it off the web.’”

Following this meeting, within four days of the posting of Cameron’s series on Fox News.com, the transcripts disappeared, replaced by the message, “This story no longer exists”.


AMY GOODMAN: Let’s go to Alexander Cockburn. You have published this piece. It is titled “Cheering Movers and Art Student Spies: What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?” Who were the Israelis living next to Mohammed Atta? What was in the van on the New Jersey shore? How did two hijackers land on watch lists weeks before 9/11? Who shut down FOX News’s Carl Cameron? We just have two minutes, but talk about the way the media has covered this, why you chose to cover it, and that last story of FOX.

ALEXANDER COCKBURN: The main thing, Amy, is that basically the story, which Perelman and others did do good work on, has been systematically suppressed by the media for a very long time, starting with FOX News, which killed off Cameron, the ABC News, which dropped it.

So the media suppressed the stories relating to possible prior Israeli knowledge of specifics of 9/11 including Atta inside the U.S.

Israeli art students are scamming Whites in Utah selling 15 dollar paintings mass produced somewhere such as China as if hand painted by them and sold for 350 dollars. The police found the “students” couldn’t actually paint themselves.


==Comment Raw Story (have to show more comments)

nowhocares [Moderator] 12 hours ago
Jews show how much power they don’t have by firing Sanchez lol.

You can’t tell the truth about them or else.


An empire of their own: How Jews invented hollywood by Jew Neal Gabler


Jews run hollywood and media by Jew Joel Stein. CBS chairman is nephew of Israel’s first Prime Minister come on people.

Why wasn’t Joel Stein fired for telling the truth?
Who is replacing Sanchez? Another Jew Eliot Spitzer.

Sure you guys are victims and have no power.


Israeli espionage penetration in US and Europe:


And that, of course, is the elephant in the room. “Whether it’s a Democratic or Republican administration, you don’t bad-mouth Israel if you want to get ahead,” says former CIA counterterrorism officer Philip Giraldi. “Most of the people in the agency were very concerned about Israeli espionage and Israeli actions against U.S. interests. Everybody was aware of it. Everybody hated it. But they wouldn’t get promoted if they spoke out. Israel has a privileged position and that’s the way things are. It’s crazy. And everybody knows it’s crazy.”

On possible Israeli knowledge before 9/11


In the fall of 2005 Ketcham ran across a short report in the Philadelphia Times-Herald about a 166-page memorandum written by a retired corporate lawyer named Gerald Shea. The memo, which Shea sent to the 9/11 Commission and the relevant Senate and House intelligence committees, reviewed all publicly known information about the activities of possible Israeli intelligence operatives working in New Jersey, Florida and elsewhere, and posed the questions: how much had the Mossad learned about the hijackers’ plans; what had they divulged to the agencies of the U.S. government?

These are not questions likely to receive an enthusiastic reception in the U.S. press or in Congress. Shea’s memo, which he sent to many major news outlets, received almost no coverage aside from that tiny story in the Philadelphia Times-Herald (written, it should be noted, by Keith Phucas, who broke the Able Danger story). After reading Shea’s full memo, Ketcham went back to the leads and sources he’d developed for the earlier piece for Salon. By May 2006 he’d completed an 11,000-word report for Salon. One hour before it was due to go up on Salon’s site, the story was killed. The word from inside Salon is that the top editors suddenly decided that there was nothing newsworthy about Ketcham’s report.

Anyone familiar with the verbal smokescreens sent up by a publication killing a story knows well two standard ploys: one is the last-minute assertion, often after weeks of enthusiastic editorial preparation, that “there’s really nothing new here”, that “it’s an old story”. The other is that the facts are so explosive, so fresh, that unusually explicit corroboration is required, demanding the reporter get multiple named sources and so forth. Salon’s editors obviously decided that an exposé with words like “Israeli spies” and “9/11” in the same headline was just too hot to handle. But in that case why wait to the last minute, after long hours of editorial work preparing the story for publication? They probably didn’t like to admit to themselves that were just not prepared to take heat for the story and that they simply got cold feet.

Ketcham took the story to a number of other magazines and got nowhere.



These stories are not just about Israel’s possible prior knowledge of Atta or of al Qaeda in the US but of media suppression of these stories. That is what the Sanzhez firing is about that he said Jews control the media.


They quote Ketcham:

According to the former CIA counterterrorism officer with knowledge of investigations into 9/11-related Israeli espionage, when law enforcement officials examined the “art students” phenomenon, they came to the tentative conclusion that “the Israelis likely had a huge spy operation in the U.S. and that they had succeeded in identifying a number of the hijackers”.

The veteran CIA/NSA intelligence operative told me in 2002 that there was “a great press to discredit the story, discredit the connections, prevent [investigators] from going any further. People were told to stand down. You name the agency, they were told to stand down”.

Following has many links and info on suppressing the story by major media.


Links to Cameron Fox report videos and some other interesting information:



The Mossad agents caught by the FBI on 9/11 celebrating while watching 9/11 actually later sued the FBI.


Ariel Sharon, “We control America.”


Such control would require media collusion to achieve and maintain. So evidently Sharon thought such media control was true and that it was used for Israel.


Fox News, to its credit, ran an initial series of pieces about the art student spy ring, but, in a meeting with “good old boys” from the Israeli lobby, they caved, feeling they had to end to a barrage of hate mail and negative punditry. Afterward, they even removed the story from the Fox News web archives (Though it is archived here). Ketcham writes that, “Following this meeting, within four days of the posting of Cameron’s series on Fox News.com, the transcripts disappeared, replaced by the message, ‘This story no longer exists'”.



Cameron reported Dec. 13 that federal agents were afraid to criticize Israel. “Investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying … is considered career suicide.”

Cameron told me in similar language that’s what journalists also can face. And, what’s clear is that Fox quickly removed the story from its website. (Fox reposted the story last week after other media finally picked it up.)

The story pretty much fell asleep before Christmas. Then, all hell broke loose in the last 10 days. A French Web-based service, Intelligence Online, obtained the same 61-page June 2001 federal report that Cameron had. The website reported that 120 Israelis had by now been detained or deported by U.S. authorities.

Let me repeat that: 120 potential spies. This isn’t worth press curiosity?

The reporter’s stunning reply, “While I agree with you, if I say anything about US geopolitical interests with Israel, I might as well clean off my desk.” Of course this interview was never aired.


Transcripts of 4 part Cameron story on Fox on the celebrating Israelis on 9/11 and the Urban Moving Systems front company.


Israeli penetration of US phone system and extensive wire tapping.


Cryptography pioneer Philip Zimmerman warns that “you should never trust crypto if the source code isn’t published. Open source code means two things: if there are deliberate backdoors in the crypto, peer review will reveal those backdoors. If there are inadvertent bugs in the crypto, they too will be discovered. Whether the weaknesses are by accident or design, they will be found. If the weakness is by design, they will not want to publish the source code. Some of the best products we know have been subject to open source review: Linux; Apache. The most respected crypto products have been tested through open source. The little padlock in the corner when you visit a browser? You’re going through a protocol called Secure Socket Layer. Open source tested and an Internet standard. FireFox, the popular and highly secure browser, is all open source.”



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