The debate between Jews and Whites

October 6, 2010

Whites: We want to separate from you because you want to genocide us.

Jews: Separation from us is racism.

Whites: That is because you want to genocide us and if we separate, then you can’t genocide us.

Jews: Just for you to say you are Whites is racism.

Whites: You don’t want to live with us, you want to rule us.

Jews: We are smarter. Harvard is ours. The Supreme Court is practically ours.

Whites: You use your power over us to depossess us and to reduce us in relative numbers.

Jews: You are a Nazi.

Whites: California is in ruins. You admit it yourself.

Jews: When you say it its racism.

Whites: The reason it is in ruins is because of non-White immigration, Latino and Asian.

Jews: Asians are better than you.

Whites: You admit Latinos are not?

Jews: They make better servants. Even Meg Whitman prefers an illegal Latino to a legal White. She has a billion dollars. She could have had a German genius to tutor her kids if she wanted that. She didn’t. She wanted a subservient non-White Latino.

Whites: Let me just repeat that.

Jews: When you say it its Nazi.

Whites: Why is that?

Jews: Because you are Nazi.

Whites: So if you think that then you should agree to separate from us.

Jews: Separation from Nazis is racism.

Whites: So you have to rule us just like you tried to rule the Germans and Russians and Americans through Red Bolshevism.

Jews: That is just Nazi talk.

Whites: All we can say is accept our race replacement by Latinos and Asians.

Jews: And Muslims.

Whites: You hate us so much you will race replace us with Muslims even though they hate you?

Jews: They are Semites like us. Blood is thicker than ideology.

Whites: We have noticed that about you.

Jews: Tea Klanner.

Whites: Your ideology changes but your real action stays the same, ethnic networking and you over us.

Jews: Nazi.

Whites: We need separation from you before you finally genocide us. You have tried every chance you have gotten since the Roman Empire.

Jews: When you bring up history its racism. When we bring it up it justifies our race replacing you.

Whites: Which is why we need to separate from you right away.

Jews: We had the alphabet and monotheism while you were pagans running in the forest.

Whites: So that justifies you to rule us and race replace us?

Jews: We are The Jewish People. That is all the justification we need.

Whites: What you are saying is that Whites don’t have the right to an identity. By taking away our right to an identity you take away our right to exist. The right to an identity and the right to exist are the same because without a right to an identity, the right to exist is the right to exist of nothing. So by taking away our right to have an identity you take away our right to exist. That leaves us no defense to race replacement and America just means freedom and such rot which just justify our being denied a White identity and thus denied a White existence.

Jews: Finally figured that out. You are so slow and stupid. Well its too late now.

White: No it isn’t. That is why you are fighting so hard, because you know its not too late for us to save ourselves. All we have to do is say it. We just need to say we are The White People and the others in our lands must leave now including Jews. That is all we have to do, but our time left to say it is shrinking.

Jews: Its shrinking too fast. By the time enough Whites are ready to say that it will be too late. Blog entries like this will show how we beat you by controlling what the mass of you would dare to say until the mass was shrunk so small it no longer counted.

Whites: So really you do hate us. Your hate of us is the greatest hate of all. You have worked to destroy us without let up and tried one thing after another until it worked. Just like you have done before in Russia or Spain or Rome.

Jews: Success is sweet. We have worked for this and you deserve it.

Whites: Deserve it why?

Jews: For being so stupid.

Whites: To let you do it to us?

Jews: Yes.


2 Responses to “The debate between Jews and Whites”

  1. jmcaul Says:

    Anti-racist is just a codeword for Antiwhite.

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