Robert Reich: Tells Wall Street their common enemy is the Tea Party

October 30, 2010

Hunter Wallace reviews some of Robert Reich’s articles and statements to Congress.

Reich said don’t give the stimulus to just “White construction workers”. This was all code words that became a little too explicit. Charlie Rangel was there, possibly as chairman. This was testifying for the initial Obama stimulus.

Hunter Wallace reviews Reich’s statements and shows that Reich hates the Tea Party and wants to destroy the people. This is in effect for being White.

Hunter Wallace has written a very good article and exposed Robert Reich as someone motivated by hate of Whites and working to destroy Whites with trade and with forcing stimulus to go to non-Whites. Reich also says keep the state legislatures out of it, so as to keep them from giving the money to Whites presumably.

Reich hates the state legislatures from the days of the pre Civil Rights era. Reich’s conclusion is those state legislatures should never have a say in anything even budget matters or how to spend money on local projects. Presumably he thinks they would spend the money on Whites or at least not channel the money to non-Whites only, which is Reich’s real goal.

Reich shows himself full of hate for Whites. Robert Reich is a real enemy of Whites. The Democrats in Congress listened to him on stimulus and trade as has Obama. Obama is pushing free trade for Korea to export at low cost to the US and thus damage the US auto industry, what is left of computers, etc.

Here is Reich in WSJ saying that he Reich and Wall Street have a common enemy, the Tea Party

Why Business Should Fear the Tea Party
CEOs who complain about uncertainties caused by President Obama’s policies aren’t going to be happy about a new crop of congressman seeking to abolish the Fed.

Notice when Whites fear its Nazi. But Wall Street should fear the Tea Party. When Wall Street fears Whites like Reich does that fear is not Nazi.

They blame the Fed for creating the Great Recession and believe that the economy would be better off without a single institution in Washington setting monetary policy.

I.e. without Jews setting monetary policy. Actually monetary policy is a code word for setting bailout policy. And that is not just policy its specifically whom will be bailed out and they need to control who does the deciding of whom gets the bailout money.

Another tea party target is the Internal Revenue Service. South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, who has emerged as the Senate’s leading tea party incumbent, says that his “main goal in the Senate will not only be to cut taxes, but to get rid of the IRS.” Mr. DeMint’s goal is echoed by many tea party candidates, including Arkansas Rep. John Boozman, now running for Senate.

Why is it that business and the rich should fear this?

Wall Street may be furious with the Obama administration but at least Mr. Obama (and his predecessor) bailed it out. By contrast, tea party activists consider the Troubled Asset Relief Program a betrayal of America. In the Bloomberg poll, nearly 70% of tea partiers said that they’re less likely to support a candidate who voted for the bank rescue.

Reich says he is with the banksters against their common main enemy, the Tea Party ie Whites. To Reich, its the Nazi Tea Party.

Underlying all of this is a deep tea party suspicion that big government is in cahoots with big business and Wall Street, against the rest of America.

The bailout proves it. Reich proves it by this article, his testimony to Congress, and his being in the Clinton administration as Labor Secretary while being anti-labor and in favor of free trade and worker replacement by immigration and low wages. Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. That is the Reich achievement by cheap foreign labor.

Reich has betrayed workers while having the job title of Secretary of Labor. That puts him up as a person to be blamed by the White working class for their unemployment, underemployment, and stagnant wages.

Reich is saying let’s finish off White workers before they wake up to how much Robert Reich himself personally has lied to them as Secretary of Labor and betrayed them as Secretary of Labor. Reich is a Yale law school graduate like Clinton.

Lesser known is that a higher proportion of tea party adherents believes that free trade agreements hurt the nation overall (61%) than does the general population (53%), according to a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll last month. In a poll earlier this year by the Mellman Group, a majority of tea party supporters favored putting taxes on imports from countries with lower environmental standards than the United States.

So Reich is for exploiting labor in other countries by exposing them to toxic working conditions and those will also hit pollute their schools and their own children. Reich wants malformed children around the world. For what? To keep White construction workers from having jobs in industry while construction work drops out from the burst of the housing bubble. Reich is against level working conditions in foreign countries that export into the US at cheap prices, causing White workers to lose their jobs. Suddenly, Reich doesn’t care about non-White workers losing their jobs. Secretary of anti-Labor is what he is.

History has shown that people threatened by losses of jobs, wages, homes and savings are easy prey for demagogues who turn those fears into anger at major institutions, as well as individuals and minorities who become easy scapegoats—immigrants, foreign traders, certain religious groups. Were it not for their economic stresses, Americans wouldn’t be receptive to abolishing the Fed and the IRS, or believe that government and big business were conspiring against them, or turn isolationist.

So when the chips are down, Reich is for cheap imports, and keeping stimulus away from White construction workers or White state legislatures. Doesn’t that show their fear is right? But fear is always wrong when Whites fear and always right when those who see Whites as their main enemy do it.

“History has shown that people threatened by losses of jobs, wages, homes and savings”

“as well as individuals”

like the Secretary of anti-White Labor Robert Reich.

Reich tries to deal with that “unfounded” fear, by in fact taking their jobs, wages, homes and savings, if they are White. And he takes them if not White in order to hit the Whites too.

Business leaders should be standing up to this dangerous idiocy, while actively supporting policies to relieve the economic stresses that fuel it. Their silence in both regards is bad for business and threatens the stability of our economic and political system.

“dangerous idiocy” What would be the dangerous idiocy? It isn’t voting for Hitler, since he still is not on the ballot. So it must be what?

Were it not for their economic stresses, Americans wouldn’t be receptive to abolishing the Fed and the IRS, or believe that government and big business were conspiring against them, or turn isolationist.

So Reich proposes conspiring against them by cheap imports and directing stimulus money to non-Whites to show them their fears are wrong? Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. Graph page 19:

Mr. Reich is a professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkeley, former U.S. secretary of labor, and author, most recently, of “Aftershock: The Next Economy and America’s Future” (Knopf, 2010).

The state of Jewish America is good. The state of White America is bad, which for Reich is good, because White America is the main enemy of Reich. Reich says fear keeps Jews alive. Reich says that Whites are waking up to what has been done to them for decades by Jews like Reich. For decades, Jews like Reich have worked to take schools, jobs, education, factories, know-how, freedom, and their majority away from Whites.

Reich is saying the way to fight these fears is what? To finish Whites off. To keep free trade flowing to take away the rest of manufacturing from Whites. To direct stimulus money so Whites don’t get it and White state legislatures can’t get their hands on it.

Reich is saying that fear and hate of Whites is what keeps Jews like himself alive. He is saying that Wall Street should join him in that fear and hate of Whites. Reich is saying give their money to the Democrats because the Democrats are a reliable force against Whites. But he is also saying when they give to the GOP make sure the GOP knows its being bought to be anti-White on trades, stimulus, bailouts, affirmative action, desegregation, non-White immigration, amnesty, gay marriage, and the entire program of dispossession of Whites.

Reich is saying that Whites will start listening to those who have pointed out the whole time in the last 50 years that this was being done to them and who was doing it to them. Reich is saying this makes Whites the main enemy of Whites too because it will be bad for Wall Street bailouts and normal theft through market manipulation trading programs like the one the Justice Department asked a court to keep secret for Goldman Sachs.

Goldman’s high frequency trading program is for market manipulation. They don’t want the public to know how it works, because then they can’t make money.

Goldman Sachs and others use “flash trading” to send out automated sell offers at higher and higher prices until one comes back with no buyer. The program then drops back to the highest acceptable price and sells at what the buyer set as his maximum limit. This allows Goldman to always obtain the best possible selling price, while the buyer loses the normal give and take of bargaining. In the case of large orders, such as those from pension funds or mutual funds, this can cost the buyers a small fortune.

All this leaves us to wonder: Did Goldman really tell the government its high-speed, high-volume, algorithmic-trading program can be used to manipulate markets in unfair ways, as Facciponti said? And shouldn’t Goldman’s bosses be worried this revelation may cause lots of people to start hypothesizing aloud about whether Goldman itself might misuse this program?

PREET BHARARA, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and JOSEPH M. DEMAREST, JR., the Assistant Director in Charge of the New York Field Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), announced that SERGEY ALEYNIKOV was indicted today on charges related to his theft of proprietary computer code concerning a high-frequency trading platform from his former employer, Goldman Sachs. ALEYNIKOV was previously arrested and is expected to be arraigned in Manhattan federal court at a later date.

This case is being prosecuted by the Office’s Complex Frauds Unit. Assistant United States Attorneys JOSEPH FACCIPONTI and REBECCA ROHR are in charge of the prosecution.

So they are helping Goldman Sachs maintain its edge in market manipulation programs to take away money from individual traders up to insurance companies, investment funds, pensions, and even hedge funds that don’t use high frequency trading. So even sophisticated hedge funds are fleeced by Goldman’s high frequency trading if they don’t do high frequency trading defensively. That can also get in the way of other goals in trading and not be practical if the fund has to make large trades in one direction.

When large institutions have to trade in one direction in a thin market, these programs let Goldman Sachs make it far worse for that institution to get good prices. They are systematically manipulated so that it is more costly for large institutions to do large trades in one direction. This then hits individuals when these large institutions are insurance companies, pensions, mutual funds, or others.

The USDOJ under Preet Bharara is helping Goldman manipulate the markets against individuals, mutual funds, pension funds and insurance companies.

Robert Reich from WSJ

Underlying all of this is a deep tea party suspicion that big government is in cahoots with big business and Wall Street, against the rest of America.

Reich is saying Wall Street, government, and Reich share a common enemy, the White Tea Party. He is saying they have to eliminate it before they wake up to the truth that they are trying to eliminate it with non-White immigration, free trade, bailouts, monetary aka bailout policy, and even helping Goldman Sachs manipulate markets when caught doing so.

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