What to remember on election day Nov 2 2010

November 2, 2010

What to remember on election day November 2, 2010.

Remember the anti-White legislation that was added:

Hate Crimes and Hate speech laws. Jim Webb voted for these as did Mark Warner in Virginia, supposedly new age Democrats. See Patrick Cleburne at Vdare on this.

Stimulus to go to non-Whites according to Robert Reich in his testimony to Congress. (See Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent on this.)

The NumbersUSA 50 worst that Patrick Cleburne points out:


Obama actions:

The New Black Panthers let off by the Old Black Panthers of DOJ HQ.

Trillion dollars in stimulus to Acorn, banksters who recycle the money back to the Democrats to bring in non-white immigrants, and the other components of the Democrat anti-White coalition.

The trial of LTC Lakin for asking to see a doctor signed hospital issued birth certificate. Obama is morally responsible for this.

The Democrats never looked at Obama’s records despite knowing it was both a fact and law problem for Obama to be a Natural Born Citizen. They knew about Vattel, Obama used it himself as a con law prof.

We are 2 years into a presidency never verified.

Remember what they didn’t do

No restriction on 1.1 million green cards in a job depression. These should be capped at 25,000 per year.

No restriction on non-tourist visas. These should be capped at 25,000 per year.

Know-how is being transferred by universities to foreign firms and governments.

No restrictions on factory transfer.

What to remember about the GOP:

They have done nothing for us to cap immigration or non-tourist visas.

Dick Armey Freedomworks is Frontworks. Its not for us, its against us.

The GOP intends to do nothing for us once the election is over. If they are to do anything for us, its only if we hold their feet to the fire. They need angry town hall meetings asking them why they took our votes while intending to do nothing to help us on stopping immigration, student visas, know-how transfer, factory transfer, job replacement by outsourcing and low cost imports, and job replacment by low cost immigrants and “temporary” replacement workers.


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