Tea Party Roy Beck graphics v Glenn Beck silent rally

November 3, 2010

We need to get the Tea Party out of the Glenn Beck box of being seen but not heard to Roy Beck empowerment, speaking out, and taking charge of their own destiny. At the Glenn Beck Rally, the Tea Party was told to be silent because Dick Armey’s Freedomworks was paying for the rally, i.e. giving money to the speakers and their organizations.

The Glenn Beck Rally was the opposite of Ronald Reagen saying don’t turn off his microphone that he paid for. Dick Armey said turn off the people’s microphone that I paid for.

Peter Brimelow on Roy Beck’s graphics and data showing that patriotic immigration restriction strengthened in the 2010 midterm election in Congress:



A possibly temporary URL for Roy Beck’s 2010 election graphics showing that patriotic immigration restriction was strengthened.


==Some comments I left at Vanishing American

I agree. Tancredo was the most important race to me. Next was Angle. Losing West Virginia was a blow.

On Colorado, you have people in Denver who fled California voting against Tancredo. This is stupidity. This is on a level with Arizona voting for McAmnesty.


The media is already trying/pushing the line that Tancredo, Angle and even Whitman lost because of harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric that was beyond the pale. They are hoping to keep the Tea Party in the Glenn Beck Box of just being seen and not heard. They are trying to undermine the Tea Party and immigration reform in Congress.

Obviously, the MSM are not showing the Roy Beck graphics that show immigration restriction reform strengthened. Peter Brimelow at Vdare has links to the immigration patriot Roy Beck. Its the Battle of the Becks. The patriot reform side needs to get Roy Beck’s name out there more and his graphics and results that patriotic immigration restriction won elections.



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