Obama’s aloof post 2010 election news conference

November 4, 2010

Obama came out in a blaze of aloofness and indifference to the losses by White Democrats in the 2010 election. He could barely keep himself from sneering and celebrating their defeat.

His rhetoric of being humbled was his own version of Jon Stewart mocking George Bush. Obama doesn’t care about anyone else and certainly not White politicians beaten by other White politicians. Because in the final analysis, they were just White politicians, that is how Obama registers it.


Basically, race replacement of Whites by non-White immigration.

1.1 million green cards a year while 15 million are unemployed.

Busting the budget and long term solvency by millions of poor non-Whites.

Affirmative Action and ethno-networks to complete the takeover of institutions like the Supreme Court and federal reserve to be against traditional White America.

Not talking about our real problem, non-White immigration and race replacement of Whites.

The solution of this part of the problem is for the House to vote to decertify that Obama is a Natural Born Citizen. The House can pass a resolution on its own stating that Obama has never been president because he was never a Natural Born Citizen.

This does not require impeachment or a Senate trial. It is simply a majority vote by the House. Then Obama’s presidency and his Supreme Court appointments are void.


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