GOP wants in on Tim Wise genocide of Whites

November 5, 2010

Sophia A at Auster’s site points out that the conservatives/GOP wants to make it clear that they want in on any genocide of Whites going on or admitted to.

Sophia A links to:

But there’s a big wrench that has been thrown into the gears of the hate machine maintained by the likes of Mr. Wise: the Tea Party. When Mr. Wise is confronted with the likes of Sen. Marco Rubio, and Rep. Tim Scott, and Rep. Allen West, and (God-willing) President Sarah Palin, and the thirty percent of African-Americans who already identify with the Tea Party, Mr. Wise’s head is going to explode. His head will explode when he discovers that “the oppressed” like freedom just as much as everyone else does, and would prefer to run their own lives as opposed to having their lives run by fascist socialists such as Tim Wise.

Now isn’t that like a GOP/conservative, bringing freedom rhetoric to a race fight.

Bush said his worst moment was Kanye West calling him racist. Its because Bush had Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell as among his main advisers that this hurt Bush, not despite it. Bush identified with being non-racist as his core identity not as being White. A White wouldn’t care what Kanye West called him. A White has self-respect as a White and doesn’t get his self respect from blacks, he gets it from himself and from his own people and from being loyal to his own people. Bush is not a White but a victim of the lib/Semitic mind war on Whites.

The conservative response is to say they are part of race replacement of Whites too and deserve full credit. Jeb Bush conservatives want full credit and claim pride of place even before Democrats in race replacement of Whites. Send your Plutodollars to the Bush family is what Jeb Bush Republicans are saying.

Said another way, if there is a trial for genocide of Whites they want to be convicted along with the Democrats and Libs and haters among non-Whites and libs.


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