Volkstaat Secession Right of Return to Europe for African White

November 12, 2010

South African Whites need to be able to return to Europe or to go to America, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand. This is a moral obligation on Whites to support this.


Official website of the movement for a right of return for Whites from South Africa is:





3 Responses to “Volkstaat Secession Right of Return to Europe for African White”

  1. Interesting.
    I think it is good that the Dutch politicians are looking at possibly granting asylum or refugee status to Dutch South Africans. If anybody is in real need of refuge it is those people.

    I would hope, though, that if they come to the Netherlands they wouldn’t be going from the multicultural frying pan into the fire, what with Holland’s Moslem problem, etc.

    All Western countries should be giving refuge to the Afrikaans people but no, they are busy importing angry potential jihadis, etc.

  2. Hail Says:

    Contrast the responses of the two political parties queried on the topic:

    “We are ‘very, very busy preparing for an election’ and do not have time to think about this issue.” (–Neoconservative Geert Wilders’ party spokesman).

    “We Dutch have a very special responsibility towards all South Africans of Dutch descent. If they are targetted by violence, they should also be accepted as asylum-seekers in the Netherlands.” (–Kees van der Staaij, chairman of the Reformed Party, a Protestant-nationalist party)

    “The Reformed Party’s support is concentrated geographically in the Dutch bible belt…. The party scored absolute majorities in the several villages, in Uddel even 65,2% of the vote.” It got 12.7% overall in Zeeland province, its best showing.

    Reformed Party: Recently held 28 out of the combined 764 state-council seats. [3.7%]

    Neoconservative party of Geert Wilders: 0 state-council seats (it is a new party, next elections come in 2011). 24 / 150 national legislature seats [16%].

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