Why Vietnam LBJ’s war against America here and there

December 21, 2010




Technicolor Universe:

Is it odd that LBJ increased troops in Vietnam to combat Communism but Implemented The Great Society?
President Lyndon B. Johnson increased troops in Vietnam to combat communism, but also implemented Medicare, Medicaid, and a whole list of socialist programs. Why is this? Or was there a clear distinct line back then between Socialism and Communism, and somehow today, people tend to clump the two terms together?


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It’s not at all odd. The Great Society is modern liberalism, which is the smart pro-capitalist’s way to fight communism at home, while the army is the way they fight it in other countries.

Instead of denying that there’s anything wrong with capitalism, the way the less-intelligent pro-capitalists do with their conservative ideology, liberals admit that there are problems but pretend that the problems can be fixed with “programs.” Take that principle a little further and you get a “Labor,” “Socialist,” or “Social Democratic” approach.

These are the responses by flexible and intelligent pro-capitalists to a threat of possible Marxian socialist, or “communist,” sentiment in the population. The less intelligent and less flexible pro-capitalists say ANY change is “communism” or “socialism” and fight it tooth and nail.

FDR (LBJ’s model) was a master at the flexible approach. His New Deal programs completely neutered and destroyed what was a promising, developing communist movement in the U.S. LBJ, and to only a slightly-lesser extent Nixon, used the same approach against the rising tide of the Left in the 1960s-1970s.

But there comes a point in the life of every capitalist country where NOTHING works to preserve it. Trotsky once wrote something to the effect that at that point, every attempt by the government at conservative “toughness” makes people angry and creates more opposition, and every attempt at liberal “concessions” makes people contemptuous of the government’s weakness and creates more opposition.

At that point they’re doomed no matter which way they go.

If you are an American under fifty, you will probably live to see that happen right in front of your eyes.
an American Marxian socialist

* 5 months ago

By Don’t Call me Dude




The Left is waging a war to decolonize America from its Germano-Wasp occupiers in favor of its indigenous immigrant population. Chairman LBJ led the way with the 1964 Liberation Act applied to the indigenous people of color in the South.

The war to decolonize the world from the Anglo-Celtic-Dutch-German infestation goes on.

Schumer said it well in the Dream Act debate. “They will always fail.” Thus ever to the Anglo-Celtic colonists on planet earth. They will be defeated. Schumer guarantees it.

This war against the White has many leaders. Mayor Bloomberg. David Cameron. Tom Friedman.

Robert McNamara went on to lead the war on Whites from the World Bank. That is what is taught today at Harvard Business School where McNamara graduated.

The abolitionist North is determined to prevent free elections in the South as in the North by importing non-White voters to vote the end of the White Race and the perpetuation of the anti-White Democrat Party.


Vietnam was a model of the anti-colonial colonial war. The US would get loss of money, body bags, refugees, immigrants, family reunification, and hate. These wars could never work since they were designed for the colonial power, the US, to not get any benefits of a colony. By bringing back refugees they continued the war against Whites here. So it ended up as a reverse colonial war and a decolonize America from its White population by the indigenous Vietnamese, Hmong, Laotian, Chinese, etc.

The point of colonies are to get raw materials, agricultural goods, and a place for your own surplus population. The US anti-colonial colonial war reverses all of these. It becomes a huge drain of resources including scarce resources. It generates reverse colonization of America by hostile aliens.

The US Civil War was the first war in this model. The North lost many lives and had many others come back without limbs or otherwise injured long term. That likely included a lot of PTSD.

The Negros then came into the North from the South and immediately ethnically cleansed Whites in Philadelphia and other cities. This was a reign of terror and murder that led to them accounting for half the murders in Philadelphia in a few years after the Civil War.

The Abolitionist North passed anti-White amendments and these are part of what is sealing the fate of the White People in America today. (If the Southern states were never out of the US, then making ratification of them conditional on readmission might make these amendments void. Alternatively, the right of
secession is admitted.)


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