Loughner doesn’t know proof that immigration is genocide

January 12, 2011

Jared Loughner was forced out of community college. He doesn’t know the proof of the Wright Island Model that immigration is genocide the way a tenured professor does. But Loughner without a degree and without a job feels the effects.

Congress won’t listen that it is a math theorem that immigration causes genocide. Nor that genocide in human populations will inevitably happen as conditions deteriorate. Such as young men being dropped from college and dropped from their job.

An immigrant can replace them in a snap. That produces a throw away mentality towards people. The theorem says that throw away mentality is what will take place in the minds of colleges and employers, ie the minds of the authorities, establishment and of the hierarchy.

They won’t listen to the math theorem that this is what they are doing. But it is because they want to have that feeling they can throw people away that they won’t listen.

Who is the real homicidal maniac? The young man who is replaceable at college and is replaced and is replaceable at his job and is replaced or the people in power doing the replacing because it makes them feel powerful. They want to replace people. They want to feel that they can replace their students or workers or voters at their whim.

Well when those people are dropped, they strike out violently in some cases. Loughner’s understanding of theorems and data is not what governs. Loughner feeling dropped and cast away by a society that can replace him with immigrants in college and the sandwich shop does matter.

He was replaced by his college. He was replaced by his employer. They can do that under immigration without any loss to themselves.

Congress won’t listen to the theorem. That is because they want to do this to the young. The elites on Charlie Rose’s show or PBS News hour won’t listen to the theorem. They want to hate the prole Whites they are replacing.

They want to despise the median income White as a loser and lazy. They don’t want to hear it is the theorem doing this. They don’t want to hear it is them doing this. But they are feeling the blowback.

Loughner losing his college and job because he is replaceable by immigrants is their doing. They did this to him and he did it to them. They don’t want to hear a theorem says this must happen because of their choice to use race replacement immigration on the median income Whites they disdain and hate.


Congress: We don’t listen to math theorems that immigration is genocide. We just do it because we want to. It makes us feel powerful.

Well it makes Loughner feel unpowerful. He loses his college and then he loses his sandwich shop job. He feels unpowerful the way Congress intended him to feel.

Loughner has no way to undo this. The theorem can’t be beat. He really has no way out. You can’t beat a theorem. You definitely can’t beat it when college drops you and your sandwich shop employer fires you.

Congress gave Loughner a no way out situation. That is what the theorem says. The Loughners as a group have no way to the beat the theorem. It is mathematically impossible for the young Jared Loughners to beat the math theorem that immigration is genocide. That is what it means to be a theorem.

Congress can learn math the gentle way or the blowback way. Their reaction to blowback is more blowback of their own on the population. That won’t work.

The theorem applies to Congress too. Congress can’t beat the theorem either. Giffords in the hospital proves that. Judge Roll in the grave proves that.

Laws don’t beat theorems, theorems beat laws. If you are religious, theorems are God’s Laws. God’s Laws trump man’s laws.


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