Brendan O’Neill Democracy and peoplehood is something you fight for

January 30, 2011

Brendan O’Neill proves that democracy is something a people fight for themselves. He also proves that being a people is something you fight for. It is not just democracy you win, it is being a nation of your own with a country of your own you win.

The worst intervention is not to take away democracy, it is to take away being a people with a country of your own. That is the intervention Western Liberals are making. They are making it here. They are taking away not just our democracy but our being a people with a country of our own.

This is the struggle we are in. This is our fight, against the liberals and elites taking away our country and our democracy. They do that by reversing what O’Neill writes is the key to winning democracy and a country, being a single people. Diversity and rule is the motto of our elites. That is what we must fight. That means fighting diversity itself. That means sending the diversity back. Only by sending the diversity back, can we be a people. This is what you fight for.


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