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Bernanke Bail out Charlie Sheen 3 million an episode

February 28, 2011

Bernanke, can’t you see Charlie Sheen is in pain? He needs 3 million an episode. Even if he doesn’t get an episode, he needs the 3 million.


PGP freedom v GP tyranny

February 28, 2011

If the people are over the government over the people, PGP, then there is freedom. If the people can physically defeat the government, the government will be free.

In the GP structure the government is over the people, and the government can win a physical conflict with the people. GP’s are either tyrannies or evolving tyrannies.

The Union after the Civil War was a successful GP structure. They had shown dominance over a rebellion of the people. They then imposed tyranny North and South and imposed ethnic cleansing of Whites. Those policies continue to this day and were intended to be a permanent tyranny to the White Race in this country. That expanded to the world.

The Union took elements of extreme Leftism from before 1860, fused them, and added more in the years and decades to come. It used war as a means to spread Leftism and anti-White and anti-Western causes. It supported the victory of the Soviet Union over Poland and Germany in World War II and of the Communist Party in China.

When Anonymous was part of PGP it was a civil rights group. When Anonymous took on the Tea Party and the right of the Right to peacefully elect a governor to restrain government deficits and corrupt public unions, they became another part of the anti-White Left. Anonymous is now part of the same establishment government of ethnic cleansing of Whites and corrupt government as Bush and Obama.

Anonymous has gone from being a civil rights group and freedom group to a terrorist group. Anonymous has gone from being a people’s militia to being a criminal gang ruling by terror. Anonymous has gone from being apart from and against the ruling establishment, which is Leftist, to being part of it and against the attempt by the Tea Party and the people to take back government from corrupt anti-White unions and to undo corrupt bargains by different parts of the Leftist front alliance that have bankrupted government and undermined a decent society that can aid the weak, the elderly and the hard hit by out of control greed of the anti-White establishment in Wall Street, academia and government.

Anonymous targets doctors who refuse to do abortions on lesbians in Navy

February 28, 2011

In what some see as a sea change, but which Anonymous sees as the advancement of community norms, Anonymous has announced it will now target doctors who refuse to do abortions on lesbians in the US Navy.

Leftist agony at freedom of expression for Whites on the right:

Anonymous is well on its way to being another anti-White hate group of the Left.

They should have stuck to the unfair conditions of Mannings confinement, the alleged torture in Iraq Manning objected to, the right of Assange and Wikileaks to publicize it, and that the attacks on Wikileaks financials were extrajudicial actions of the US government as part of a series of extrajudicial actions started by Bush and already planned before 9/11 as shown by the pre 9/11 drafted Patriot Act. When they do that they have a chance of being David against Goliath.

Taking the side of greedy unions that use corruption to undermine state government, democracy, transparency, and accountability in government and who are part of a Leftist front system of organizations to control government and ethnically cleanse Whites is not something that commands the respect of a candid world.

Charlie Sheen Lara Logan CBS Execs used Shiksa word?

February 27, 2011

Did CBS execs call Lara Logan a dumb shiksa before they sent her back to Egypt? Did they say this in front of gentile secretaries? Did they get into a panic?

When Charlie Sheen called Chaim (or Haim) Levine a maggot, did they jump on that to frighten the gentile secretaries? They wanted to make a huge example that every little person would hear about. Charlie Sheen made sense?

“Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros. Television have decided to discontinue production of Two And A Half Men for the remainder of the season.”

This is widely interpreted as CBS choosing itself to call Sheen’s comments anti-Semitic.

CBS did not have to associate itself with smearing Sheen’s comments as anti-Semitic. It could distance itself from that if it wanted to.

Evidently, Sheen himself sees the anti-Semitic slur as not rational based on his prior interactions with Chuck Lorre and CBS.

There are images of them laughing together:

The Charlie Sheen program Two and a Half Men produces ad revenue around 150 million a year? I am going by memory and will try to verify these figures in time. Sheen costs 1.5 to 2 million an episode? So the annual profit is only about 50 to 60 million? Plus it helps their line up that evening. But in syndication they can make another 150 to 300 million or more? This is for each year’s episode.

CBS 2009 annual profits were about 250 million. In 2008 they lost about 12 billion. In the 4th quarter of 2010 they made about 250 million. So to cancel this show is stupid. Only Sumner Redstone could make that decision.

There has to be some bigger reason than Redstone got made at Sheen listening to the radio rant. All Sheen did was say Chaim Levine is a maggot. This is not anti-Semitic. So CBS needed to invent some anti-Semitic slur on the execs at CBS for some reason. The logical reason is those execs called Lara Logan a dumb shiksa before they sent her back to Egypt.

Lara Logan was detained by Egyptian police and basically told to leave the country and not come back. She left and went on Charlie Rose and said it would in effect be stupid to go back. She would only go back to interview Mubarak. But when she was sent back, it was not to interview Mubarak. So why did they send her?

The execs may also have joked that if a dumb blonde shiksa like Logan, a former model, was sexually assaulted it would help Israel. This would undermine the journalistic independence of CBS. If they said the goyim in the US would react against the Muslims and for Egypt by Logan being attacked, and said it in front of goyim staff, then they would be in a panic when she came back so badly beaten.

CBS execs tried to cover it up what had happened to her. She was stripped by the crowd and beaten with flagpoles. We don’t know how exactly they used the flagpoles or where on her body.

It is clear that the firing of Charlie Sheen was done out of some sort of panic. It makes no sense to give up their 2009 annual profits for just using Chuck Lorre’s Hebrew name.

The US has asked Egypt to investigate and punish those who did this. This has caused an international incident and been the subject of government to government talks. CBS has caused by sending Lara Logan back to Egypt after the police told her to leave an incident. Egypt may end up badly for the US. The US has spent over a billion in foreign aid a year for 30 years.

CBS tries to downplay the cost to NYT:

However, they admit:

Jon Swallen, the senior vice president for research at Kantar Media, which measures the economic value of television shows, estimated that CBS took in about $155 million in advertising on the program last year, while Warner Brothers added $268 million in what are known as barter sales in the syndicated repeats of the show. Local television stations acquire the repeats for a small fee, and also hand over a portion of their advertising time to Warner Brothers to sell.

The syndication revenues from one year of the show are not equal to the 268 million, that is the one year revenue in 2010 from all prior years? It is listed as 8 seasons, presumably including the current one. So dividing by 7 we get 40 million a year from a year’s production. Over 7 years that would come back to 268 million. Plus the 155 million gives 423 million dollars as the gross for a year of the show.

Warner Brothers had net income of 845 million in 2007.


CBS cover up Lara Logan

CBS is controlled by Sumner Redstone who is Jewish.

Because the US government has officially requested an explanation and prosecution of the incident, it could investigate CBS to find out why they sent her back to Egypt after the Egyptian police detained her and basically told her to leave the country and not come back and she said it would be stupid to on Charlie Rose after coming back.

In addition to Lara Logan and Charlie Sheen, the gentile secretaries and staff who heard this or were told of it could all bring actions or make complaints. This might even extend to food delivery services or other providers of service to CBS executives.

The US could also investigate under civil rights claims of discrimination against Lara Logan and Charlie Sheen for not being Jewish. This could be by the EEOC, the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ, and since it is an international incident, the FBI and the relevant US attorney offices and likely other parts of the government.

The above is speculation and hypotheses. Restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Dmitry Belyaev and Bush Stalin run domestication experiments

February 24, 2011

Dmitry Belyaev was running a domestication experiment on foxes. Unfortunately for him, Stalin was running a domestication experiment on humans. The Bush family is running the same one.

See Steve Sailer:

How Texas Ended

February 24, 2011

Bush: My maid was Hispanic, don’t you see?

Texas Whites: Bush is like me. Don’t you see?

Bush: My maid was Hispanic, she respected me unlike the White kids at school. So they have to be race replaced by Hispanics who respect Bushes. Don’t you see?

Texas Whites: Bush is like me. Don’t you see?

Bush: Replace them. They didn’t respect me. Don’t you see?

Texas Whites: Bush is like me. Don’t you see?

Daleks: Exterminate the Texas Whites. Only the Hispanic maids can survive. Don’t you see?


Vanishing American writes on the current state of Texas here:

Anonymous Youth are the new resistance to globalcopism

February 12, 2011

Egypt and Anonymous are the same thing. The establishment has created a system of global control. It is dictators and bombs for non-Whites in the 3rd world and race replacement for Whites in the first world. The plan is grinding poverty and medical, housing, food, job, physical, mental, and other insecurity everywhere.

The result is a new youth that has no alternative but to fight back. Because they have no mental or physical security, they might as well fight. That means protesting in Egypt or means joining Anonymous in America or Holland.!5757995/an-interview-with-a-target-of-the-fbis-anonymous-probe

Global youth don’t know the math of what is done to them at an abstract level. They don’t know the Wright Island Model. They don’t know the statistics web pages on median income the same as in 1973 in the US. They just know what is happening to them.

They have instinctively reacted against the threat to their existence from the Bush family, Soros, Obama, Pelosi, McCain, Cameron, Blair and the others.

The young FBI agents are hardly any different than the youth being ground into poverty and the atomized meaninglessness of diversity.

The Air Force ordering families of employees not to read Wikileaks or face prosecution is another example of system excess. They are a joke to make such an order. The FBI are a joke in their raids on these young people to this young woman. That is what counts. That the young perceive the global order as a joke. So they feel free to resist it.

The Bush World Order has no moral authority over them to grind them into poverty, bomb them, torture them, take their job security from them, take their future Medicare from them, and take their identity in an ethny from them. So they feel free to resist the Bush Family World Order.

Condemn the beating of Anderson Cooper CNN by Diversity Thugs

February 2, 2011

Anderson Cooper supports bringing the diversity thugs that beat him to America to beat other Whites here, take their jobs, and make them unemployed for the rest of their life with unpayable college debt. Anderson Cooper laughs at Whites beaten up in America by his immigrants or killed by his Muslims.

Despite that and unlike Cooper who has not condemned the violence by non-Whites against Whites in America, this blog does condemn the anti-White beating of Cooper by the diversity thugs. This was an anti-White and anti-American beating by thugs who think American does equal White.

Cooper would not condemn them for racism for beating him, but this blog does.

Anderson Cooper will continue to be anti-White, because it makes him more money.

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