Anonymous Youth are the new resistance to globalcopism

February 12, 2011

Egypt and Anonymous are the same thing. The establishment has created a system of global control. It is dictators and bombs for non-Whites in the 3rd world and race replacement for Whites in the first world. The plan is grinding poverty and medical, housing, food, job, physical, mental, and other insecurity everywhere.

The result is a new youth that has no alternative but to fight back. Because they have no mental or physical security, they might as well fight. That means protesting in Egypt or means joining Anonymous in America or Holland.!5757995/an-interview-with-a-target-of-the-fbis-anonymous-probe

Global youth don’t know the math of what is done to them at an abstract level. They don’t know the Wright Island Model. They don’t know the statistics web pages on median income the same as in 1973 in the US. They just know what is happening to them.

They have instinctively reacted against the threat to their existence from the Bush family, Soros, Obama, Pelosi, McCain, Cameron, Blair and the others.

The young FBI agents are hardly any different than the youth being ground into poverty and the atomized meaninglessness of diversity.

The Air Force ordering families of employees not to read Wikileaks or face prosecution is another example of system excess. They are a joke to make such an order. The FBI are a joke in their raids on these young people to this young woman. That is what counts. That the young perceive the global order as a joke. So they feel free to resist it.

The Bush World Order has no moral authority over them to grind them into poverty, bomb them, torture them, take their job security from them, take their future Medicare from them, and take their identity in an ethny from them. So they feel free to resist the Bush Family World Order.


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