PGP freedom v GP tyranny

February 28, 2011

If the people are over the government over the people, PGP, then there is freedom. If the people can physically defeat the government, the government will be free.

In the GP structure the government is over the people, and the government can win a physical conflict with the people. GP’s are either tyrannies or evolving tyrannies.

The Union after the Civil War was a successful GP structure. They had shown dominance over a rebellion of the people. They then imposed tyranny North and South and imposed ethnic cleansing of Whites. Those policies continue to this day and were intended to be a permanent tyranny to the White Race in this country. That expanded to the world.

The Union took elements of extreme Leftism from before 1860, fused them, and added more in the years and decades to come. It used war as a means to spread Leftism and anti-White and anti-Western causes. It supported the victory of the Soviet Union over Poland and Germany in World War II and of the Communist Party in China.

When Anonymous was part of PGP it was a civil rights group. When Anonymous took on the Tea Party and the right of the Right to peacefully elect a governor to restrain government deficits and corrupt public unions, they became another part of the anti-White Left. Anonymous is now part of the same establishment government of ethnic cleansing of Whites and corrupt government as Bush and Obama.

Anonymous has gone from being a civil rights group and freedom group to a terrorist group. Anonymous has gone from being a people’s militia to being a criminal gang ruling by terror. Anonymous has gone from being apart from and against the ruling establishment, which is Leftist, to being part of it and against the attempt by the Tea Party and the people to take back government from corrupt anti-White unions and to undo corrupt bargains by different parts of the Leftist front alliance that have bankrupted government and undermined a decent society that can aid the weak, the elderly and the hard hit by out of control greed of the anti-White establishment in Wall Street, academia and government.


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