Bradley Manning and Military’s Careerist Conformist Corrupt System

March 14, 2011

The Bradley Manning case is discrediting the military. The Marine Corp colonel at Quantic, Daniel J. Choike is allowing corporals and sergeants and warrant officers to abuse a prisoner repeatedly in the face of the nation. This is either his policy or he doesn’t care. The same applies to the chain of command up to the joint chiefs, the civilian secretaries and the president.

They are all careerist checkoff artists. They blow smoke in every situation. They say the positive thing that is expected. They hammer the person who speaks up with the negative truth. That person is fired as happened to the State Department spokesman, normally an arch smoke blower. Philip J. Crowley bio:

The JAG and the JAG judges are also doing nothing. They just pile on more charges and hope the kid breaks from the treatment by the non-coms at the brig.

There needs to be a reform. JAG should be held accountable for the treatment of all prisoners. That should be written into their mandate. There may need to be civilian review of treatment of prisoners and possibly remove it from the military. However, the civilian system tends to have much harsher punishments.

The promotion system of the military weeds out the independent and the outspoken. This needs drastic reform. The joint chiefs are a product of this system, as is Colonel Choike, as are the JAG officers and as are the JAG judges.

The treatment of prisoners also should not be left to warrant officers to decide. This should be subject to review by officers at a minimum. JAG should definitely be involved in reviewing this treatment.


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