Joint Chiefs don’t care Bradley Manning don’t care villages Afghanistan

March 14, 2011

If the joint chiefs don’t care of non-coms and warrant officers mistreat Bradley Manning and Quantico, how can they be trusted when a predator drone destroys a village in Afghanistan or Pakistan? If they don’t care what the lower ranks do in Quantico to the prisoner, how can they be believed that they care about destroying a village in Afghanistan or Pakistan by mistake?

Why should we keep the military in Afghanistan to just give them the Bradley Manning treatment with predator drones? What good does that do?

The joint chiefs have caring fatigue. That means it is time to leave Afghanistan. They can’t help the people there if the joint chiefs are fatigued from caring about what happens to the powerless.

Let those people kill themselves because they have the power to stop it. They don’t have the power to stop predator drones controlled in Utah. They can’t learn from the mistakes of noncoms in Utah like they can from their own mistakes in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is why it is time to leave.

The joint chiefs need to learn to care about the prisoners at Quantico. Until they prove that, they have lost the right to be trusted to destroy villages in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Bring the troops home. Their mission is finished because the joint chiefs have compassion fatigue syndrome.

In Manning’s complaint, he says one of the noncoms told Manning that he was God. Well it looks like the joint chiefs let God decide it was time to end the war in Afghanistan and bring our troops and predator drones home. If the Afghans and Pakistanis want to fight each other, they can decide that. But they can also decide to stop that.

It may also teach Colonel Choike and the joint chiefs to think twice about who they put in the position of God, here and there. When the colones and joint chiefs decide to let noncoms be God, then they do give up control.


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