Sarkoleon Muslim Christian Empire

March 24, 2011

The leaders of the West

Obama: Ayers Dohrn terrorist, anti-White, not natural born citizen, raised a Muslim, African nationalist

Merkel: Lutheran Leftist, communist Stasi stooge. Hates British, French, America, muscular Christianity, NATO, Irish independence, etc.

Cameron: Thinks British means Pakistani Somali fusion. Thinks Saxon Celtic people are racists and has no loyalty to them. Proud of some Jewish lineage. Said to have had substantial Jewish financial backing.

Sarkozy: Primarily Jewish but nominally Christian. Aspires to lead Jewish Muslim Christian Med Union. Wants to rule the Jewish Muslim Christian world as Sarkoleon the Magnificent.

Sarkozy believes that the defeat of Gaddafi will be the time at which he finally becomes Sarkoleon and the Sarkoliate commences.


7 Responses to “Sarkoleon Muslim Christian Empire”

  1. zazie Says:

    I think I’ll translate your description of Sarko for those French who can face truth ; honestly we feel that man makes us ridiculous ; he will also deprieve this nation of its sense of honour by complying with anything the muslims demand….
    Off topic : have you got any news of VA?

    • Old Atlantic Says:

      No news. I look forward to your translation. Also I am still undecided if it is best called the Sarkoliphate, Sarkonate, or similar word. BHLate is another possibility.

      • zazie Says:

        just now I am going to Austria, for opera performances in Vienna ; I’ll translate the text when I am back ; I’ll take some time to…forget German!

  2. zazie Says:

    PS : I just love BHLate ; that man being always fishing for compliments, I am afraid he may not catch your meaning : I am sure he sees himself as a “leader maximo”, a vessel of truth to be listened to by herds of followers!
    Sorry to appear nasty : I really dislike Bernard-Henri Lévy, because of what he is, what he writes, and his barbie-like wife.

  3. zazie Says:

    here is my translation : “D’origine juive, mais officiellement chrétien, Sarko rêve de diriger une Union Méditerranéenne judéo-islamo-chrétienne…Veut régner sur ce monde judéo-islamo-chrétien sous le nom de Sarkoléon le Magnifique…
    Sarkozy croit que la chute de Kadhafi verra son couronnement en tant que Sarkoléon et marquera la naissance de l’Empire sarkozien!”
    Meanwhile, I had a wonderful time in Vienna ; so restful to forget about Sarko and his likes! Vienna Philarmonic (al?) made me very happy, especially in “Siegfried” ; the singers were good too.

  4. fellist Says:

    Napoleon is quoted as having said, “I hope the time is not far off when I shall be able to unite all the wise and educated men of all the countries and establish a uniform regime based on the principles of Quran which alone are true and which alone can lead men to happiness.”

    And it is said that the French government-sponsored newspaper, Le Moniteur, reported his conversion to Islam in 1798.

    I don’t know how true all this is, but I know one or two relatively well-grounded Muslims who believe it.

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