Obama to America: You’re fired. Take this b.c. and shove it.

April 27, 2011

Obama made his disdain for America clear today yet again. The contempt and sneers of this man leapt down his nose and out his mouth at the news conference on his releasing his birth certificate.

Has any public figure expressed such disdain, contempt, and hectoring while releasing his information? This was the equivalent of Clinton waving his finger at us. But it was deeper than that. Obama thinks he is a god. He is Obama the Supreme Leader. He thinks he is a Qaddafi or Castro. Bill Ayers knew he had a live one when he picked Obama to sponsor and ghost write for.

Farrakhan asked, “Who does he think he is?” of Obama. Surely takes one to know one.

Obama has been non-stop contempt for us. He was calling us stupid not just a cop. Obama’s Cairo was speech was the Mosque child speaking to his people against the White West he and they had grown up hating.

Obama hates the birthers because they don’t bow down before him like CNN does and NBC does. It is said Obama was outraged that Stephanopoulos did not show him the same obsequiousness that Brian Williams did earlier this year when Williams said to Obama that he was born a Christian, an obvious lie from his name alone.

Obama expects the press and the establishment to lie for him and to repeat his lies and to bow down before him and to express his disdain for us. Obama was playing to the MSM in his conference, egging them on to express disdain and contempt for us the people, in particular Whites. CNN did. They were out there denouncing us and giving us their hate certificate of us. They loathe us as racist bigots. They opposed the release of documents by the government, a seeming first by the news media, and blamed it on our racism and stupidity.


2 Responses to “Obama to America: You’re fired. Take this b.c. and shove it.”

  1. VA Says:

    OA – I didn’t see the event, but I have been reading the discussion of the ‘BC’ on a few blogs. I wonder do you think it’s genuine? Whatever the case may be, I think most people will believe what they are told. However I have a feeling that the ‘conspiracy theorists’ so-called will not be easily convinced. What do you think?

    • Old Atlantic Says:

      I am taking it as genuine as a working hypothesis and because I don’t have the technical background or energy to challenge it. The initial debate in 2008 over the posted COLB was beneficial to get this started, but to go back to that type of debate after the natural born citizenship issues have been raised should not be the main focus.

      But I think those who want to discuss it should be free to do so. This document should have to be explained and vetted like other evidence. One thing challenging this type of document presented without witness testimony does is bring out the media’s disdain and contempt, which it is useful for people to see and experience. In court, they would have to present witness testimony of how this document was prepared. I think it is contempt of us on their part not to present an explanation of how this document was prepared.

      I can tell from even your occasional comments that you have followed this issue, but let me restate some. Obama was born of a foreign father never a US citizen. Obama was then adopted by a foreign father who was never as US citizen and lived abroad as his son. This is a fact pattern the courts have never addressed. This basic fact pattern created more. His mother in particular wanted that for him and she was creating as many facts to have him out of the US as she could.

      The courts have not addressed such a fact pattern, where parent intent and actions were to take the person out and put them on a course of citizenship in another country to live there.

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