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Equally valuable on both sides of the border?

May 27, 2011

We should avoid committing ourselves to mathematical propositions that are not true and whose consequences we actually disagree with or that are false.

At A3P they quoted a statement that people are equally valuable on both sides of the border. (They have clarified this is not their position) Is this really true? Is a person equally as valuable with themselves if they work better? Or they become more valuable? All persons are equally valuable independent of their actions, genes, behavior, etc. is a proposition that is false and dangerous. Throwing around such false slogans in an immigration context is damaging.

(Following was quoted by A3P but was subsequently removed as not representing their view.)

At different times this country will need different levels of immigration, but we will always need new immigrants. People on one side of a border are not more “valuable” than people on another side of a border.

This proposition is false and dangerous. Moreover, it is the opposite to what is desired in an immigration restriction party.

One of the dangerous consequences of this idea is that different people fit equally well in either country. They are equally valuable to something. To what? To each country in its society and economy and polity? This is clearly false.

This is the people are equally exchangeable fallacy. It is false. It leads to switching people who should not be switched. Switching people has consequences and switching them on sides of the border if it increases diversity is harmful and destructive of social bonds and of the equilibrium of the societies. It produces two misfits. Done in a one way destruction it makes the original people of the target country misfits in their own country on a systematic basis.

Asserting mathematical or logical equalities that are false has consequences. Math has implications. To invent a mathematical concept of equally valuable and assert it is true of all people has consequences. These are harmful.

The person who wrote it at A3P indicated they were a lawyer who had prepared immigration papers and they complained it was too much work. This is a view consistent with the people are equally valuable on each side of the border view. But it is clearly false. Immigration restriction is all about people not being equally valuable and that a mass influx of foreign people is harmful.

The immigration papers are about selection which is the concept that people are not equally valuable outside the US to those inside. To say they are is to be for more open borders than even the US government is now. That is the opposite of A3P. This comes from throwing around immigration lawyer boilerplate as if it was true.


Anti-Christ tries to break the nations before Christ

May 26, 2011

Breaking the nations is done by the Messiah according to Psalms 2, but only at the end of times.

Breaking the nations before the Messiah is what the anti-Christ does. It is also what immigration lawyers do.

Break the nations rhetoric

Nation of immigrants.

Immigration forever.

Everyone supports legal immigration.

People on the other side of the border are just as valuable and cheaper.


What we have is an elite trans-nation of nation breakers. When the nation is saved from the nation breakers, the nation breakers must go.

See article and comments at

(Following was quoted by A3P but was subsequently removed as not representing their view.)

“At different times this country will need different levels of immigration, but we will always need new immigrants. People on one side of a border are not more “valuable” than people on another side of a border. ” These two sentences are among the worst. If they want to be our leaders they should think and say people on our side of the border are more valuable to them as our leaders. That means not taking their future and increasingly present by allowing immigration.

This is more like Libertarian boilerplate. People are interchangeable parts. This is like you go to a large company meeting to hear some rah rah and the management says they are the company and we are just components that can be replaced. This is what a multinational company says not an ethnopatriot party.

I want to hear that the Founding Stock Americans and those closely related to us from Europe who came after are a unique people and can’t be replaced. I want to hear that we are now our own old wineskin and that there will be no more new wine. Immigration implies as a mathematical theorem, the Wright Island Model, complete genetic replacement not a mixture of old and new as an asymptotic state. Isn’t A3P suppose to tell the mathematical and scientific truth that immigration is bad? Not some boilerplate written by immigration lawyers for H-1b, guest worker, student visa, etc?

These sentences they state are put forward as fundamental principles. Whereas the opposition to illegal immigration is based on contingent facts and is not a principle.

“People on one side of a border are not more “valuable” than people on another side of a border.”

Libertarianism and communism come together in this sentence as their founding principle that can’t be given up. They are flavors of economism. They are opposed to the idea that people are an organic biological entity that is unique and has a right to life of its own. Economism is the enemy of the organic people as a living entity with a right to its own separate identity. All versions of economism make the economy their fundamental principle and oppose the biological or organic conception of the people as a legitimate entity. Moreover, economism in all its flavors tries to break and destroy distinct peoples, with one exception of course.

More from A3p post

Meanwhile, the law abiding people that would like to get into this country legally are put through absolute hell. I used to practice law and I have filled out immigration forms. The process is a complete and total nightmare.

So we have been making it really easy for law breakers to sneak in the back door of our country and we have been making it really hard for law abiding people to get in the front door.

What in the world could be wrong about wanting to fix that?

Once many illegal immigrants arrive in the United States they either try to make a living legally (by directly competing with blue collar American workers for jobs and driving their wages down) or illegally by selling drugs or being involved in other kinds of criminal activity.

This is immigration lawyer pro immigration rhetoric. It is not fixing the border to make it easier to immigrate legally. It is breaking the nations with a rod of pig iron immigration. If that is hate speech, then so is Psalms 2.

Asians taking over Berkeley and engineering is part of beheading a nation. Fjordman wrote about beheading as a strategy at Brussels Journal in 2006. He was talking about taking our cities from us with immigration.

Harvard is less than 25 percent White Christian. That is beheading us.

Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain

May 24, 2011

First Millenium Muslim freedom riders come to free the people from Southern White Christian bigotry. They actually say something very close to this in the show.

Funded by the same Freedom Funders who funded bin Laden from UAE and Saudi Arabia?

Funding in part by

Feisal Rauf the Cordoba Initiative is one of the honored teachers in the program.

Cordoba House is the 9/11 Ground Zero Mosque. It stands for the Caliphate ruling America and Europe.

They cite the first Caliph on the show. Muslim from Chicago.

White(?) traitor (Nirenberg JHU) says Muslims were just migrants like the Visigoths. He actually called them migrants. Visigoths were Europeans. Arabs were not. This is a lie.

Visigoths defeated. Don’t know how they say. Chicago Muslim says this. They say Muslims find allies among persecuted Jews in Spain in 711 AD. Muslims supply Jews with weapons to use against Christians. Jews garrisoned cities for Muslims when they took them. This is from 711 AD to 732 AD. Al Andalus.

Nirenberg JHU more of his talk.

Cordoba tolerance ended in fit of fitnah: strife.

Christian knights shown throwing books on floor after taking Toledo.

Berbers shown burning books on a massive scale. Berbers shown and told as engaged in extreme intolerance against Christians and Jews. “Authoritarian and absolutist.” Christians and Jews outlawed. This is the standard progression of Islam. The real Muslims come in with real Islam and end any tolerance for Jews and Christians.

Jews flee to Christian North. Good conditions for Jews from 1150 to 1250 in Christian lands.

Christian Crusade depicted as of equal intolerance to Muslim invasions of Christian Europe.

Male White Christian traitor type on show.

Scheindlin (someone else) equations Christian martyrs to Muslim jihadis.

Muslim Mustapha Kamal at Univ Illinois laments the Christian victories over the Muslims.

They say Christians transmit books and knowledge into Europe. This is from ancient Greeks primarily. So one moment the Christians are throwing books on the floor and the next they say the Christians were transmitting the knowledge from Cordoba to Europe.

Those who can not learn from the past are ethnically cleansed White people subjected to flash mobs in Detroits here and there.

Shariah imposed on VMI by Dod.

US retaliates over Wikileaks

May 24, 2011

The US has retaliated over the Wikileaks leak.

1. Asked Australia to admit Asians until Whites become a minority in their own country. This is retaliation against Assange.

2. Asked the UK to admit non-Whites until London is majority non-White and Muhammad is the most popular name of a child born in Britain. Also to prosecute the leaders of any party advocating against ethnic cleansing of the British people. This is retaliation for Guardian publishing it.

3. Asked the Supreme Court to bus blacks to White schools to attack Whites.

4. Asked Congress to admit over 1 million non-Whites a year to retaliate for the New York Times role in Wikileaks.

5. Asked Germany to admit Turks and to fund countries in Europe that have bankrupting 3rd world immigration. This is retaliation for Der Spiegel’s role.

The US government has demanded the total ethnic cleansing of the White race in every White land because of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange as retaliation.

The US has asked these countries to demonize Whites and to purchase at their own expense and broadcast on TV “entertainment” that demonizes Whites and promotes race mixing of Whites to eliminate the White Race.

DSK affair. What Jews want

May 21, 2011

If Dominique Strauss-Kahn is put in prison with the normal population it is instant death. This may be one reason the judge wanted him out of Rikers Island.

What do Jews want?

1) To live in a place where if they are put in prison they are killed by blacks, Muslims and Latinos.

2) To make the schools as bad as the prisons.

3) To make the streets as bad as the schools.

This is because they hate Whites. They want these things for Whites and are willing to suffer them themselves so that Whites suffer them too. They hope it won’t happen to them, but it will.

This is not anti-Semitism. I do not want this fate for Jews even though they want

1) This fate for me

2) To escape it for themselves

3) They work tirelessly and with great effort and money to make it happen to me.

I want a strong Muslim free Israel that includes all of Gaza and the West Bank and Sinai. I want safe and secure borders for Israel. I want this even though Jews work tirelessly to deny me and my race any border of safety and security in the world. I want this for The Jewish People even though Jews call me a bigot for wanting it for myself and my race, The White Race.

Perhaps Jews expect special treatment for DSK. So far he got it. He was put in a separate cell with all the other cells around him empty and special guards to protect him. I would not get that if I was put in jail in New York City. I would be in the general population and it would be hell. And all this before you are convicted. Death before trial is the system Jews want for me. They work to deny me a trial in their place, Manhattan, but for special privileges for their elites in their place, Manhattan.

Still, I support separating DSK from the population, the security measures, and bail. I think the bail conditions should be modified so it costs him a lot less. In fact, he can live in his house in Georgetown in DC as far as I am concerned. This is despite his having two defenses, that he wasn’t there when it happened and it was consensual. After all, DSK is paying top dollar for his legal protection and he is entitled to two defenses if he can afford them. Jews have worked to make sure most Whites are earning median wages from 1973 and would have trouble funding a single defense.

Mayor Bloomberg has called for more H-1b visas in the last year. That will keep his personal labor costs down at his company. Bloomberg has also said that all immigrants should live in Detroit. So evidently, his company plans to open an office in Detroit soon.

anyone who quotes Gingrich on immigration is a liar

May 20, 2011

anyhow who quotes

Dick Armey

Immigration lobbyists

We are a nation of immigrants

In GOP immigrants we trust

Muslim immigration groups

Only illegal immigration is bad

Everyone is for legal immigration


Mayor Bloomberg

Bill Clinton


Fareed Zakaria



French elites

American elites

academic elites

British elites

Davos elites

Bill Gates

any elites


Federal Reserve



Goldman Sachs


The Black Panthers

Eric Holder

Rev Wright

Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

DSK press mistakes show Birthers right to doubt

May 20, 2011

The many mistakes made by the press in the Dominique Strauss Kahn case show that the Birthers were right to demand disclosure of all the birth certificates on record for Obama including those sealed. We still don’t know how many there were and which one we are looking at.

The same is the case in the DSK affair. We don’t know the truth in that case either. Did the hotel staff arrange a girl? Is that why they took an hour to report the alleged attack?

The press may have been lied to by the government intentionally or simply miscommunicated. But that could have happened in the Obama natural born citizen case as well. The press still refuses to use the term natural born citizen.

Yet the press calls us liars and haters and racists and bigots to doubt them, Obama or government officials in Hawaii or the State Department or the universities that have put a wall of silence around Obama’s time at them especially Harvard. Obama told his HLS classmates not to talk to the press. The press supports that. They call us racists to say that this is wrong.

DSK delay was because hotel staff arranged the girl?

May 19, 2011

The story has now come out that there was a delay of several hours in notifying the police in the case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn at the hotel Sofitel. Is this because the hotel staff had arranged the girl for DSK?

The staff were afraid if they reported the rape claim, then they would be investigated for arranging this girl? And all the others. This was the popularity of the hotel, especially the sweet suites at the top? The DSK suite was layed out for special services in mind.

The staff had to arrange their lie and rehearse it? They also tried to convince the girl not to insist on reporting it? Many had to be convinced?

They hated DSK because of his arrogant behavior on prior trips? Not to mention they had resentments towards the IMF because of the countries they came from? They were French speaking, but not recruited from a grande ecole.

IMF Dominique Strauss Kahn case questions

May 18, 2011

Some questions.

1. What times can they fix for entering and leaving the room from a) any record kept from opening the door b) records on electronic key cards c) hall cameras d) minibar being used e) checkout of hotel f) logs on chambermaid g) logs from person who allegedly told her the room was clear.

2. Did some man tell the chambermaid the room was empty?

3. Where did this conversation happen?

4. Who was he and why did he say this to her?

5. Was he arranging someone for DSK?

6. Did he pick a different woman?

7. Or not communicate fully with the chambermaid?

8. Was there any payment between any of these parties now or in the past?

9. How did this woman get to the US?

10. Where is she from?

11. Does she have resentments against France, US, Whites, Christians or the IMF?

12. Did DSK verbally abuse this man who is said to have told her the room was clear?

13. Did the maid go back to this man after the incident?

14. Was he her pimp?

15. Was there an exchange of money?

16. Was it the pimp who came up with the story?

17. Or this man, pimp or not?

18. Did this man then contact hotel security or 911?

19.Why did the maid enter the room before checkout?

20. Is there not a fixed rule not to?

21. Does the maid enter a room because some random hotel employee tells her to?

22. Why would this man have entered the room before the checkout?

23. Is there a record of when this man entered the room, if he did?

24. Why would this man tell the maid he had entered the room if he hadn’t? (See above for hypotheses and questions.)

25. Is the sequence the chambermaid described really credible?

26. Even if the encounter was arranged by this other man with DSK for a fee, would the scenario play out on the short time frame as described by the chambermaid?

27. Does she go to a mosque?

28. What about her family?

29. Who is the imam?

30. What is their past from before 9/11/2001 to the present?

31. The scenario described as it ever happened in America where a White man did this to a black chambermaid in a hotel?

32. Has it happened in Africa?

33. Was it done to her in Africa by some black?

34. Who is her the father of her child? Did something like this happen?

35. Was the scene in a movie that this mysterious hotel employee man saw?

Why is Geithner so hot to take the lead to dump DSK from the IMF? Because Obama is black, a black chambermaid gets to dump the IMF head? Because the chambermaid is Muslim and Barack Hussein Obama is pResident? What story did the woman give to get in the country? Is this diversity lottery? Muslim reunification?

== Posted at Galliawatch

There were reports that a male hotel worker told the maid the room was clear. Who was he? Why did a male hotel worker go in the room before the guest checked out? Where did he tell her this? Did she go back to him after the alleged incident?

If there was no male worker telling her to go to the room, why did she go to the room before the guest checked out?

Did this unknown male arrange something for DSK? Then double cross him by sending in a maid who knew nothing? Or some other cross? Who is this man and what is his history? Did DSK verbally abuse him at a prior stay? Did the staff dislike DSK for verbal abuse from prior stays? Hercule Poirot is needed to unravel this one.

The basic fact that someone, the maid or another hotel worker went into the room before checkout is what to hold onto.

Also, since when does an employee go into a room and not find anyone there and decide the guest has checked out and tell the maid to clean it? Since when does a hotel employee go into a room just before check out to check if the guest is still there? What if the guest is going to try to stay late or another night? Did someone else want the room?

Even so, they wouldn’t just check out the head of the IMF without his knowing it or being informed that the room was now taken for someone else.


BHL denounced:

The phenomenon is not unique to Lévy or French philosophers. The Tennessee Freedom Coalition’s decision to honor Dutch politician Geert Wilders at an event last week caused little uproar — despite the latter’s habit of hate speech against Muslims.

Or maybe it’s a general lack of knowledge of the intricacies of foreign politics, and the inability to adequately judge whether the foreign pundit at hand is a legitimate figure or his or her country’s equivalent of Michele Bachmann.

Of course, the maid is a Muslim from Africa. That trumps BHL being Jewish under liberalism. Thus BHL becomes just another racist and Islamophobe. Our ranks keep growing.

BHL, Geert Wilders, and Michele Bachmann all White bigots. It is enough to make you want to rethink the whole BHL thing.

== It gets worse.

“An Indefensible Defense
French intellectuals’ despicable response to Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s arrest.”

David Rieff

A journalist from one of France’s main radio stations who witnessed Strauss-Kahn’s arraignment reported that, before he had been brought before the judge, there had been a procession of “blacks and Latinos accused of all sorts of petty crimes, above all selling drugs.”

So now all French people are White racist bigots. Convicted. Proof that America under its enlightened establishment is superior on race to the French intellectuals who pride themselves on being above the racists in America. Turns out they all think the same about blacks and Hispanics. It is a horror to see DSK in Ryker’s Island with the blacks and the Hispanics. In the same court room. Many liberals will rethink living in New York City or even Westchester County while at the same time denouncing others who say that for being racist. Perhaps even Goldman Sachs will think about increasing its office staff in other locations and reducing the New York staff or at least capping it.

Also is it such a good idea to have financial contracts subject to New York jurisdiction where a jury of blacks and Hispanics and some judge of this type handles a case? Maybe a White state should be found to have the contracts settled in like Utah or Vermont. Even Idaho and Montana might be considered.

The above are hypotheses or questions. All disclaimers apply.

Paul Ryan wants to abolish America and Medicare.

May 17, 2011

Ryan has an F grade from NumbersUSA on immigration.

Paul Ryan wants to abolish Medicare to save legal immigration. Paul Ryan knows that legal immigrants can’t pay for their Medicare and schools and doesn’t want the rich to have to either. So Ryan knows he has to eliminate Medicare because Latinos can’t pay for it, which means the rich would have to. Ryan doesn’t want that. So Ryan wants to eliminate Medicare to keep big immigration rolling.

Primary Paul Ryan in 2012. He will have big Wall Street money, he is their darling, but we have the votes. Defeat Paul Ryan in 2012. Even a Democrat would be better than Paul Bush Maid Ryan

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