MSM Pakistan TV finds no proof Pakistan knew

May 7, 2011

After a week, it looks like Pakistan is safe again. Sort of like the week after 9/11/2001. The Pakistan ISI head is in DC just like after 9/11. Chief of the ISI General Ahmad Shuja Pasha is here. All is forgiven. There is nothing to forgive. Nothing has changed in 10 years.

Fmr. Pakistani intel chief: Obama lying
Posted by:
Steve Frank – Digital Producer

Hamid Gul, Pakistan’s fmr. intelligence chief, says President Obama knows Osama bin Laden died ‘some years ago.’

Gul lying it should read.

Musharraf is in Dubai, one of the 9/11 co-conspirator countries along with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. There is an arrest warrant for him from a Pakistani court for killing the Prime Minister.

General Mahmud Ahmed of the Pakistan ISI was the one here 10 years when 9/11 hit. He had to resign. But it was just because us bigots made him. He knew nothing.

Those pages in the Senate report linking Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have still not been released. One of the Senators later in effect implied Pakistan was part of 9/11. The 9/11 Neoconned Commission lied for Pakistan. They couldn’t find anything wrong there. They can’t find anything wrong anywhere, except in us for being racist and suspicious. Lee Hamilton should be rolled out for this one to find no Pakistan knowledge that bin Laden was in the country. But he is disappointed they could not find him under their nose. No one lies for power so well as an old Democratic hack.

Any chance for history to have the truth is now down to the new birther group, whatever they call us. Doubting their ally Pakistan. Of course, their answer is our racism. It always is.


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