Cheerleaders must cheer for atheletes who assault them in Texas

May 8, 2011

If we can’t make this right in Texas even after the courts look at it, and come to the wrong result, how can we make Afghanistan right?

Term limits for them all. Judges. Superintendents of schools. Those involved in monitoring compliance by athletes with basic decency.

High school football and basketball are likely full of rape and assault. This is covered up by coaches, principals, school boards, and it appears judges. A system this depraved indicates little chance to survive against the forces being brought against them. The system is brought down by covering up for non-White athletes. White athletes also often are bad, but the others take it down and corrupt the White ones more.

The elites in New York and San Francisco do not have this personal depravity in raising and teaching their own children as shown in this district. To stop those elites in their degradation of the people would take a level of determination that comes from morality and ethics that is absent in these officials in Texas. Nor do the people in this district seem to care. Nor does much seem to come from Texas in protest although there is some that I have seen.

If the people are this wicked, the effort to finish them off will be difficult to defeat. When a land is full of such wickedness and depravity as its norm, then it is ready to be blown away by other people taking it from the inhabitants. This has been true throughout history. It is not different here.

If a people allow themselves to be degraded to the level of animals, then they can’t resist the invasion of those determined to defeat them and take their land. This is the lesson of history. This is part of the elites’ strategy. Evidently, the judges are part of that strategy. Degradation by non-White athletes and the covering up even by White officials charged with maintaining and upholding decency becomes unstoppable. There is nothing there to fight back when this strategy succeeds.


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