Dominique Strauss-Kahn accuser is Muslim from Ghana

May 16, 2011

She always wore an Islamic headscarf and worked long hours.

DSK is in a sense the world’s top Jewish official. What is the chance that the Jewish head of the IMF would be falsely accused by a Muslim from Ghana, a former French colony?

Adjustment program

In June 2009, the authorities adopted new budget measures to ensure that the 2009 deficit target is met. Given the limited scope to expand public borrowing, Ghana has no scope for countercyclical fiscal policy, and the government stands ready to cut spending further if the slowing economy leads to revenue shortfalls.

In other words, the IMF put this woman out of work in 2009 and then she came to NYC? Or put her family out of work?


Post I submitted at New York Post, part appeared, presumably hitting the word limit.

“She always wore an Islamic headscarf and worked long hours.” DSK is in a certain sense the top Jewish official in the world.

IMF imposes austerity on Ghana. She is from Ghana. Perhaps she had to leave Ghana because of IMF policies or blames them.

“IMF support is being provided under the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF). Under the PRGF-supported program, the government is targeting a substantial phased reduction of the fiscal deficit. This would cut public sector borrowing and allow Ghana to reverse the sharp deterioration in the public debt-to-GDP ratio since 2006 (see Box 1).”

“Ghana’s inflation—already higher than the African average—rose from the 10 percent range in 2007 to more than 20 percent by early 2009. ”

“The fiscal deficit, which had already risen to 9 percent of GDP in 2007, rose to 14½ percent of GDP in 2008,”

This could be revenge on the IMF for imposing deficit reduction on Ghana’s government leading to unemployment. She may blame the Jews and DSK in particular for this, thinking the Jews run the IMF.

Posted in discussion thread at New York Post

The Muslim maid from Ghana may be retaliating for IMF imposed austerity on Ghana in 2009, leading to a cut in government spending and thus higher unemployment. DSK has immunity for retaliation against IMF policy by this woman from Ghana. IMF austerity imposed on Ghana:



“Wall Street wounded Ghana. IMF tonic could hurt it more”

Polly Toynbee in Accra
The Guardian, Saturday 18 April 2009


Actually, DSK may have a good case for diplomatic immunity. The hotel maid is a headscarf wearing Muslim from Ghana. The IMF has imposed austerity on Ghana.

“Wall Street wounded Ghana. IMF tonic could hurt it more”

Polly Toynbee in Accra
The Guardian, Saturday 18 April 2009…

Search IMF loans Ghana for more. IMF austerity loan package link at IMF… discuss imposing austerity on the government. This may have led to unemployment. The Muslim maid have left Ghana and come to NYC because of this austerity. She may blame the IMF. This allows DSK to claim diplomatic immunity for this revenge against IMF policy.


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