Frontline: Diversity Fallacy defeats US in Afghanistan Front

May 17, 2011

Frontline on PBS shows US troops in Afghanistan. At one point, someone supposedly a friendly convert is talking to other Afghans with a microphone on he had forgotten. He says the US are infidels, etc. and that they will become Taliban again as soon as US leaves that village.

The US is committing the Diversity Fallacy in Afghanistan. The US can’t understand that its White and Black troops are not Afghans. They are foreigners and infidels. They can’t win over the population because they are the diversity devils. The US is diversity incarnate, i.e. the enemy.

The US government makes the same mistake by bringing them here. It brings the diversity here and puts them over us in government and academia and industry. We don’t want that. The US government is losing America out of the same fallacy as it loses Afghanistan, it doesn’t understand that it is diversity incarnate.

Of course, Frontline did not point it out in quite these words. But that is what they said. The US is losing there by bringing diversity there, itself, and is losing here by bringing diversity here.

Kill Capture at Ruby Ridge and Waco worked from the US government point of view. So did Cemetery Ridge. It is us in the cemetery. But they don’t care, they have diversity to replace us. Affirmative Action is Kill Capture. Detroit is Kill Capture. Somalis in America are Kill Capture our cities and our schools. Eric Holder’s Civil Rights Division is Kill Capture.

Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley and UCLA are Kill Capture. They have met the enemy and it is us.

Gutting Medicare because Latinos are bankrupting it is part of their Kill Capture. Housing fraud agencies like FNMA and the SEC were part of Kill Capture. So are their precious banks. So is exporting jobs and know-how. So is bringing Chinese and Indians here to get stealth know-how. It is all part of Kill Capture on America (KCA).


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