DSK press mistakes show Birthers right to doubt

May 20, 2011

The many mistakes made by the press in the Dominique Strauss Kahn case show that the Birthers were right to demand disclosure of all the birth certificates on record for Obama including those sealed. We still don’t know how many there were and which one we are looking at.

The same is the case in the DSK affair. We don’t know the truth in that case either. Did the hotel staff arrange a girl? Is that why they took an hour to report the alleged attack?

The press may have been lied to by the government intentionally or simply miscommunicated. But that could have happened in the Obama natural born citizen case as well. The press still refuses to use the term natural born citizen.

Yet the press calls us liars and haters and racists and bigots to doubt them, Obama or government officials in Hawaii or the State Department or the universities that have put a wall of silence around Obama’s time at them especially Harvard. Obama told his HLS classmates not to talk to the press. The press supports that. They call us racists to say that this is wrong.


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