DSK affair. What Jews want

May 21, 2011

If Dominique Strauss-Kahn is put in prison with the normal population it is instant death. This may be one reason the judge wanted him out of Rikers Island.

What do Jews want?

1) To live in a place where if they are put in prison they are killed by blacks, Muslims and Latinos.

2) To make the schools as bad as the prisons.

3) To make the streets as bad as the schools.

This is because they hate Whites. They want these things for Whites and are willing to suffer them themselves so that Whites suffer them too. They hope it won’t happen to them, but it will.


This is not anti-Semitism. I do not want this fate for Jews even though they want

1) This fate for me

2) To escape it for themselves

3) They work tirelessly and with great effort and money to make it happen to me.


I want a strong Muslim free Israel that includes all of Gaza and the West Bank and Sinai. I want safe and secure borders for Israel. I want this even though Jews work tirelessly to deny me and my race any border of safety and security in the world. I want this for The Jewish People even though Jews call me a bigot for wanting it for myself and my race, The White Race.

Perhaps Jews expect special treatment for DSK. So far he got it. He was put in a separate cell with all the other cells around him empty and special guards to protect him. I would not get that if I was put in jail in New York City. I would be in the general population and it would be hell. And all this before you are convicted. Death before trial is the system Jews want for me. They work to deny me a trial in their place, Manhattan, but for special privileges for their elites in their place, Manhattan.

Still, I support separating DSK from the population, the security measures, and bail. I think the bail conditions should be modified so it costs him a lot less. In fact, he can live in his house in Georgetown in DC as far as I am concerned. This is despite his having two defenses, that he wasn’t there when it happened and it was consensual. After all, DSK is paying top dollar for his legal protection and he is entitled to two defenses if he can afford them. Jews have worked to make sure most Whites are earning median wages from 1973 and would have trouble funding a single defense.

Mayor Bloomberg has called for more H-1b visas in the last year. That will keep his personal labor costs down at his company. Bloomberg has also said that all immigrants should live in Detroit. So evidently, his company plans to open an office in Detroit soon.


2 Responses to “DSK affair. What Jews want”

  1. Admirer Says:

    You couldn’t be anymore right, and your opinion is confirmed by the recent decision by the bolsheviks on the US supreme court in the California prison overcrowding case. These commissars not only want the schools like the prisons – they want the streets like the prisons as well. Where is the call for the impeachment of these bolsheviks?

    • Old Atlantic Says:

      Good point. I had not thought of that as an instance. How quickly things are proven out when it comes to those who work for our destruction.

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