Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain

May 24, 2011

First Millenium Muslim freedom riders come to free the people from Southern White Christian bigotry. They actually say something very close to this in the show.

Funded by the same Freedom Funders who funded bin Laden from UAE and Saudi Arabia?

Funding in part by

Feisal Rauf the Cordoba Initiative is one of the honored teachers in the program.

Cordoba House is the 9/11 Ground Zero Mosque. It stands for the Caliphate ruling America and Europe.

They cite the first Caliph on the show. Muslim from Chicago.

White(?) traitor (Nirenberg JHU) says Muslims were just migrants like the Visigoths. He actually called them migrants. Visigoths were Europeans. Arabs were not. This is a lie.

Visigoths defeated. Don’t know how they say. Chicago Muslim says this. They say Muslims find allies among persecuted Jews in Spain in 711 AD. Muslims supply Jews with weapons to use against Christians. Jews garrisoned cities for Muslims when they took them. This is from 711 AD to 732 AD. Al Andalus.

Nirenberg JHU more of his talk.

Cordoba tolerance ended in fit of fitnah: strife.

Christian knights shown throwing books on floor after taking Toledo.

Berbers shown burning books on a massive scale. Berbers shown and told as engaged in extreme intolerance against Christians and Jews. “Authoritarian and absolutist.” Christians and Jews outlawed. This is the standard progression of Islam. The real Muslims come in with real Islam and end any tolerance for Jews and Christians.

Jews flee to Christian North. Good conditions for Jews from 1150 to 1250 in Christian lands.

Christian Crusade depicted as of equal intolerance to Muslim invasions of Christian Europe.

Male White Christian traitor type on show.

Scheindlin (someone else) equations Christian martyrs to Muslim jihadis.

Muslim Mustapha Kamal at Univ Illinois laments the Christian victories over the Muslims.

They say Christians transmit books and knowledge into Europe. This is from ancient Greeks primarily. So one moment the Christians are throwing books on the floor and the next they say the Christians were transmitting the knowledge from Cordoba to Europe.

Those who can not learn from the past are ethnically cleansed White people subjected to flash mobs in Detroits here and there.

Shariah imposed on VMI by Dod.


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