US retaliates over Wikileaks

May 24, 2011

The US has retaliated over the Wikileaks leak.

1. Asked Australia to admit Asians until Whites become a minority in their own country. This is retaliation against Assange.

2. Asked the UK to admit non-Whites until London is majority non-White and Muhammad is the most popular name of a child born in Britain. Also to prosecute the leaders of any party advocating against ethnic cleansing of the British people. This is retaliation for Guardian publishing it.

3. Asked the Supreme Court to bus blacks to White schools to attack Whites.

4. Asked Congress to admit over 1 million non-Whites a year to retaliate for the New York Times role in Wikileaks.

5. Asked Germany to admit Turks and to fund countries in Europe that have bankrupting 3rd world immigration. This is retaliation for Der Spiegel’s role.

The US government has demanded the total ethnic cleansing of the White race in every White land because of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange as retaliation.

The US has asked these countries to demonize Whites and to purchase at their own expense and broadcast on TV “entertainment” that demonizes Whites and promotes race mixing of Whites to eliminate the White Race.


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