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White August no increase in debt ceiling

June 30, 2011

If the debt ceiling is not increased in August, it will be the equivalent for Whites of the Arab Spring. The Obama Holder Schumer occupation government has no legitimacy with Whites. It is an occupation government.

TSA groping and humiliations of 95 year old Whites and White babies have discredited the US government and shown it is an occupation government. Muslim immigration continues while Whites are humiliated not because they are threats at a post 9/11 level. Whites are humiliated out of pure anti-Whiteness, ie PC and Diversity because the government won’t admit it is Muslims, black, Arab and South Asian who are the threat.

The attacks on Whites by blacks are now widely known. This is a new and old form of terrorism and ethnic cleansing. Blacks videotape it and put it on the Internet for Whites to see. That is ethnic cleansing behavior. They can’t control themselves. It gets them arrested, but it is a sacrifice for their race to intimidate our race.

Obama and Holder have taken the side of blacks in this. So have the elite Jews of the Democratic Party. This includes Schumer, who is in effect their leader in the Senate. This is the face of the Soviet Democratic Party as a foreign occupation on White Chrisitian America.

The budget is to fund the occupation. Whites don’t have to pay for their own occupation. They can just vote no to lift the budget ceiling. This is the White August. It is the equivalent of the Arab Spring or the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Fall of the Soviet Union.

White people want to be free from the Black Jewish occupation and humiliation and ethnic cleansing. So they can just vote no to the budget ceiling increase.

Section 8 housing will be eliminated in the reduction in government. The Civil Rights Division won’t have the funding to pursue White America for ethnic cleansing. TSA will feel the cuts. This occupation government depends on debt. We can just say no and the occupation is fatally crippled.

Blacks and Jews are the advocates of PC and Diversity. Anything done for PC and Diversity is done for and by Blacks and Jews. This is true no matter who says it or does it. PC and Diversity are for the sake of Blacks and Jews always. So they are always the ones to be held to account for any act done in the name of PC and Diversity.

This includes TSA humiliations of Whites. The TSA finds new ways to humiliate Whites. This shows the government is acting for PC and Diversity not Whites. This shows the government is acting for Blacks and Jews not Whites.

It is the same thing as busing. It is the same thing as Archie Bunker’s complaints. It is the same hatred by blacks and Jews that All in the Family showcased. It is the same hate filled occupation of White Christian America by Blacks and Jews. It is the same White uprising to not agree to increase the debt ceiling.


Sharia Starbucks Skyline Falls Church Virginia

June 26, 2011

3544 South Jefferson Street, Falls Church, VA 22041 (703) 845-0029 ‎


Shady, Shady and Dirty. This is a poor excuse for starbucks. This place is located in the shopping plaza across the street from the Target. It tastes like a starbucks but surely doesn’t look like one. Who are these people that Starbucks hired? They don’t know the first thing about customer service.

After I found what looked like a hair hanging out of the rim of my coffee cup and asked the barista about it but nothing was done, I asked for manager. A boy that didn’t look a day over the age of 19 approached. Not only did he not look a day over 19, he didn’t act a day over 19 either. Didn’t even offer to make another cup of coffee. Just muttered an I’m sorry. Hey buddy, why don’t you try a morning cup of java with a side of hairball and let me know how that tastes. No? Ya methinks not.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=770&bih=449&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl

JoeyV10 ‎ – Dec 14, 2010
Shady al Qaeda looking groups always hanging outside on the tables regardless of weather.
Disliked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value
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Paddy ‎ – Apr 6, 2011
Huh. Shady Al Qaeda types? I suppose your grandparents grew up as shady Paddy types in the Five Points in New York. This is an immigrant community–get over your racism.
Liked: Food, Service
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Office Depot Sharia Starbucks,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=770&bih=449&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=Office+Depot+falls+church+va&fb=1&gl=us&hq=Office+Depot&hnear=0x89b64b6e7a4663ad:0x6e536688973d9759,Falls+Church,+VA&ei=HLAHTrWRMqu20AG1m_XbCw&sa=X&oi=local_group&ct=image&ved=0CAQQtgM,or.r_gc.r_pw.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=einstein+bros+bagels+falls+church+va&fb=1&gl=us&hq=einstein+bros+bagels&hnear=0x89b64b6e7a4663ad:0x6e536688973d9759,Falls+Church,+VA&ei=HrEHTqa9K4fVgQeO8NG8DQ&sa=X&oi=local_group&ct=image&sqi=2&ved=0CAQQtgM

Infiltration: how Muslim spies and subversives have penetrated Washington
By Paul E. Sperry

He had coffee at the Sharia Starbucks in 2005 where the Arab men were still going. The hijackers stayed across the street it is thought at Sharia Skyline Towers. They used the apartment building as a landmark in the deadly flights of 9/11/01.

SKYLINE TOWERS: Luxury high-rise apartments, off Route 7 on the Alexandria-Falls Church border, is home to a large number of Saudi and Yemeni diplomats who work at their countries’ embassies in nearby Washington. Non-Muslim residents say the mostly Muslim tenants there cheered the 9/11 attacks. It is also rumored that some of the hijackers stayed there. A leasing agents confirmed only that the FBI questioned tenants after the attacks.

Congress is asleep.

Search Skyline Towers Falls Church hijackers.

Romney for open borders to justify his father

June 16, 2011

Romney’s father was born outside the US and ran for president. This raises issues of whether he is a natural born citizen. Romney’s conclusion is like Bush’s, eliminate the Whites who are not loyal to his father first. So Romeny wants open borders to settle the issue that his father was a natural born citizen. In effect, eliminate the true natural born citizens, leaving just immigrants. That is the Romney solution to Whites who disrespect his father running for president.

Just as with George H W. Bush, Romney lost because of ungrateful Whites in the 1960’s. GHWB was defeated in a Texas Senate race. George Romney was laughed at for using the word brainwashing. So Mitt Romney has to prove Whites wrong.

Mitt Romney is another father complex candidate like George Bush. Like George W. Bush, Mitt Romney is running to prove we were wrong and evil to laugh at his father and not vote for him in the 1960’s. Like George W. Bush, Mitt Romney has decided to eliminate us with legal immigration as revenge and vindication for his father.

The sin of the voters to reject their father is punished by genociding them. This is the Mitt Romney mindset. It is the same as the George W. Bush mindset.

This is why Romney calls us bigots every chance he gets. He did that with the Confederate Flag question in South Carolina in 2008 and he did it again with the Muslim in the cabinet question on Monday June 16, 2011. Romney thinks we are evil bigots and that in his mind requires him to replace us with legal non-White immigrants. This can never change with Mitt Romney because eliminating us with non-White immigration is the only way to prove we are bigots.

Punishing us proves we are guilty. It proves we are evil bigots. That proves we were wrong to reject his father in an election.

This is the same logic George W. Bush had. It can’t be bargained with or altered. This is fundamental to his father complex and need to vindicate his father by proving us evil bigots. He proves we are evil bigots by replacing us with non-Whites.

GOP field: keep legal immigration junk Medicare

June 13, 2011

The GOP field sold us out on Medicare for legal immigration. Legal immigration sells us out on jobs and education. So we can’t get ahead to save for medical care for our retirement. So we don’t get it.

That is the GOP answer, keep legal immigration, keep men’s median wages at 1973 levels, keep Latinos taking backup jobs or starter jobs and Asians taking the good jobs and good education. We lose everything, not just medical care. We lose dignity. We lose having our own country to live in. We live as strangers in a country owned by other races, creeds and peoples.

The GOP answer is to hell with us. We need to reject this field and vote 3rd party. The only exception is Michele Bachmann, not because she really breaks with the field, but because practically she is so much better than anything we have had in a long time that we should consider compromising. The others are not worth it.

They really want to dump us for cheap foreign labor. None of them had real loyalty for us on legal immigration or outsourcing or cheap imports. They do say to hell with us. We need to support a third party that is for us.

Romney sells us out for Muslims and Islam

June 13, 2011

In the New Hampshire debate, Romney was mouthing a PC attack against the other candidates for not being pro-Muslim. He barely held back, but his opinion was evident. Romney was a PC bigot for Islam just like George Bush. Romney thinks taking our side against Muslims or non-Whites is bigotry. Romney really thinks taking our side, Whites and Christians, is bigotry period.

This is the same as last time when Romney said the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate. His facial expression was the same. His sneer. His contempt and disdain as he looked down on us for being loyal to our own race and faith.

To Romney, the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate to Romney because Romney hates us as well as our flag. We are bigots to Romney and so our flag symbolizes our bigotry to him. This is because our flag symbolizes us and Romney rejects us. Thus we must reject Romney. He viscerally rejects us this time just like 4 years ago in South Carolina.

The same with our religion. Romney has PC Christianity not a Christianity that puts his own first.

Based on tonight, I don’t believe I could vote for Romney. His disdain for being for us is too evident. He simply hates us to sneer at loyalty to us as he did on Muslims and the Confederate flag.

Voting for Romney is like voting for Bush the second time, when his disdain for us had been made manifest by him over and over. We can not vote for Romney and have respect for ourselves, because Romney does not respect us. Romney actively disrespects us and disdains us.

Weiner Alpha Jerk leads us to lose Medicare to immigration

June 13, 2011

Weiner was a hero to women in the Democratic Party because he stood up for single payer and liberal causes. But in actuality, he is an alpha jerk. A jerk is someone, usually a man, who acts alpha inappropriately. It is almost always inappropriate to exert or claim one’s authority.

Senator Boxer saying don’t call me ma’am is an example. She asserted her authority and came off as a jerk.

Alpha jerks stand around asserting their dominance and not just making fools of themselves but causing us to lose. Alpha jerks in Congress are making us lose Medicare by lying about 3rd world immigration helping us.

Alpha jerks in Congress are responsible for TSA searches because they didn’t stop Muslim immigration after 9/11 and then reverse the flow to send the Muslims back. Operation Muslim Back is what they needed.

Instead we got George Bush the Ultimate Alpha Jerk spouting Religion of Peace nonsense and bringing in more Muslims. It was his Alpha Jerk incompetence of standing around being important when he was told bin Laden determined to attack inside the United States.

A recent article said men go into politics to be important and women to do something. Translate that, men go into politics so they can be alpha jerks. Women are trying to achieve some specific goal.

Betas achieve, alphas destroy. That is the lesson of history. Wellington defeated Napoleon. Napoleon is the prime alpha. Hitler is another. Alphas die in the fuhrer bunker aka alpha bunker.

Sun Tzu wrote the Art of Beta War. The whole book is the art of war for betas to defeat alpha jerks. The best strategy is never to fight and win by positional logic. This is beta war.

Betas deal with reality. Reality is that humans are physical beings in a physical, chemical, and biological world that is harsh and unforgiving of ignoring reality even for a moment. Alphas want to live the moment of ignoring reality. Commanding the sea to stop rising is alpha jerk behavior.

We have a Congress of alpha jerks. They are eliminating medicare because their immigrants bankrupted it.

When men can be important without achieving goals, they are pure alpha jerks. It is the job of the people to cut this off. Weiner is an example of the alpha jerk Congressman. Bill Clinton, George Bush and Obama are alpha jerk presidents when it comes to immigration and much else besides. Of the three, Bush was the worst alpha jerk president.

Any command to physical, chemical, biological, economic or financial reality that is in opposition to it is alpha jerk behavior. That leads to destruction.

This is what 3rd world immigration has done to America and Europe. Greece is overrun with asylum seekers and welfare diversity. Those kill hard work which is why Greece is in such dire straights. Greece is a society without hard work, i.e. without beta behavior.

Beta behavior is submitting to reality. Alpha behavior is to deny reality. Alphas build pyramids and their civilizations disappear. That is where we are now with the Bush alpha jerk family. Their presidential libraries are monuments to their stupidity. But also ours to tolerate it.

Only when being important is aligned with accomplishing results can any organized effort succeed. This is not the case in politics today. Immigration is against our survival and having physical safety and economic security. It is brought to us by the worst alpha jerks of history, the Democrats and GOP. The Weiners and Gingriches. The Bushes and Obamas.

Time for us to stop being fans of politicians who have never spoken up in our behalf in terms of the reality of 3rd world immigration being a disaster for us. Shame on us to support such politicians. The politicians are standing around being important while we lose our economic security, Medicare, and physical security. They are alpha jerks and should be treated that way not admired.

Game and alpha behavior in bars is an example of women not forcing men to align being important with being useful. This however flows from men’s opportunity being taken away by immigration flows that can’t be beaten by individual men.

Sitting in bars is a waste of time. It is not a useful form of behavior. It is unpleasant as it drags on. People avoid it to the extent they can. It is a condition of having opportunity taken away.

The real battle is in stopping immigration and getting back opportunity. We have to align being important with doing this work. That is the only way our movement can succeed or the White People survive. This is the objective of war in our time. Those pushing immigration are using it as their art of war to make us lose no matter how good we practice game or alpha jerk texting.

Whites are without representation since that is racism

June 9, 2011

Representation of Whites is defined as racism. So Whites are not represented. The interests of Whites are not represented. The survival of Whites is not represented.

We see that in the current economic and financial crisis. Legal immigration of over a million occurs even with over 9 percent unemployment. There has been no recovery for Whites in jobs terms.

A TV show on America’s falling infrastructure showed an elevated road near Philadelphia that had cracks in a support found by luck. The sewer system in St. Louis mixes human waste with flood overflow and dumps it back into the ground and river.

We can’t afford the infrastructure for the millions of immigrants who have already come much less more. Immigrants don’t pay for infrastructure. Just like they don’t pay for schools, ERs, or mass transit. Immigrants are a burden not a support.

Yet the immigrants keep coming even as we have a deficit of over 1 trillion a year. Why? Because the deficit is spent on them here just like it is spent on them there in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Why is the deficit spent on people in Afghanistan and immigrants here? Because Whites have no representation.

Why do Whites have no representation? Because representation of Whites is defined as per se racism. Therefore there is never representation of Whites. So they are not represented. So they go out of existence without representation.

This is why representation of the White Race is so important. What is not represented doesn’t survive. No survival without representation. No representation of the White Race. So no survival of the White Race.

Who has defined representation of the White Race as inherently racism?

Who took over entertainment? Who runs Hollywood?

Who reduced White Christians at Harvard to a minority? Who decided that Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc. were no longer Christian colleges? They should still be Protestant colleges.

Who said it was racism for Harvard to stay Christian? Even though Christian is not a race? Who plays a game with race and religion as to which they are? Who uses that as a tactical weapon to get their own ahead?

Questions for candidates.

Do you believe representation of White interests is racism?

Do you believe representation of White interests in opposition to Jewish interests is racism?

Where there is opposition between White and Jewish interests, will you represent White interests?

Do you believe representation of White interests in opposition to black interests is racism?

Where there is opposition between White and black interests, will you represent White interests?

Where there is opposition between White and Latino interests, will you represent White interests?

Where there is opposition between White and Asian interests, will you represent White interests?

Another set is as follows.

Where there is opposition between White and Jewish interests up to now, you have represented Jewish interests over White interests. Do you admit that?

Can you show a time where you represented White interests over Jewish interests?

Can you show a time where you represented White interests over black interests?

Can you show a time where you represented White interests over Latino interests?

Can you show a time where you represented White interests over Asian interests?

Can you show a time where you represented White Christian interests over Muslim interests? (Such as stopping Muslim immigration after invasive TSA searches started.)

It was within living memory that the Ivy League were much more closely integrated with the White Protestant American people. The tuition was much lower in relative terms. The colleges taught loyalty and Christian duty. They celebrated the Founding Stock Americans. In a short time, this has disappeared and then reversed.

The same is true of Congress, the courts, the legal system, non-profits, schools, and entertainment and media of all types. Non-White immigrants were accelerated this change and added mass to it. They were not the vanguard of change but they were the body of the change as it was intended they would be.


By defining explicit representation of White interests as racism, they have prevented representation of White interests except on the sly. This pervades every transaction of government. Every meeting even when Whites are the only ones present. Meetings to elect candidates. Tea Party meetings.

Everywhere that Whites are present they are forbidden to speak up explicitly for White interests because to do so is racism. And thus White interests are ignored and slighted and Whites eventually replaced. This is why we have deficits for the sake of Afghans and Latinos. This is why we have given up our schools for the sake of Somalis and hate filled former and head kicking brutal former slaves.

If the mere mention of the interests of a group as a group is forbidden, then that group will not survive. If a group can not say its own interests and its own survival are its goals, then that group can not survive. Such is the fate of Whites.

If a college teaches White interests then it might face loss of federal funding. If a school teaches White interests it faces busing in of head kicking blacks. This is terrorism. This is ethnic cleansing. This is brutality at its most basic. This is evil.

Rape by blacks of Whites is used as a tool of ethnic cleansing. It is used to cleanse school districts of Whites. It was used to cleanse Detroit of Whites.

It is used in prisons against White men. Every Jew on the Supreme Court voted against segregation in prisons despite the pleas of prison officials. This is after black and Latino gang rape of White men in prison is documented. This is after White men have been killed by AIDS in prison from rape by black and Latino men. This shows the use of rape by blacks and Latinos against Whites is intentional ethnic cleansing.

The lies that come from the mouths of those doing this are what we should recognize as their hate. Their hate flows out. Their actions show it. Their contempt and disdain for us are repeated and shown in the headlines of the news.

Their hate for Whites is shown on their media and in their speeches. They do not hold back.

Their hate for Whites is shown in their texting. They treat Whites with contempt and disdain. When caught, they lie. Their media then backs them up. There is one standard for them and another standard for Whites. This is imposed by their hate filled media.

If any of them objects to it or blames who pushes it, they are immediately fired. This done to send a message and it happens instantly. Whereas when they are caught texting their contempt for morality, their media defends it for days.

There is one standard for the black such as Charlie Rangel and another standard for the White. A White caught out is held to the strict standard. A black to almost no standard.

We are seeing before us with Anthony Weiner and Spitzer defending him that elite Jews in the Democratic Party want the standard for the Jew to be that of the black. This seems to be the message over and over. DSK at the IMF expects the lower standard to apply to him. BHL thinks that. Roman Polanski thinks that and his defenders in the entertainment industry.

Whereas those who have spoken out about the double standard for Jews in the media have been silenced instantly. They are denounced as mentally insane not just fired. The response is instantaneous. Whereas with Weiner, at first the media blamed Breitbart. Even when Weiner confessed, Begala on CNN was blaming Breitbart and the women.

Where is Harvard College founded as part of a City on a Hill? It is now part of the Schumer Spitzer complex of special standards. Whites are now fewer in number than Jews at Harvard College. It is no longer an upholder of the interests of the Founding Stock Americans who created it. Now it is a tool to ethnically cleanse the people who founded it. They are not fit to go to an elite college but places must be made for blacks, Latinos, Asians, Muslims and above all Jews.

This is no accident. Jews targeted Harvard to turn it to Jewish interests from the time they arrived here. Jews coveted Harvard and they have taken it from White Protestant America, which they have hated from the beginning. Whatever it did for them, it was a chump in their minds.

They have no gratitude only contempt for gullibility. This is their message in the Weiner texting scandal. This is what pours forth from their media. Even when caught, he was defended by their media. Spitzer dismissed it after the confession. Maddow had a chart of scandals the same night that dismissed the Weiner scandal. A chart that took days to prepare.

The response of their media to the Weiner scandal is that we are chumps who can and will be silenced. They have been right in the past, why not in the present. Even when they lose in the end, they teach us a lesson. Can we finally learn it? We have to speak up explicitly for White interests as against Jewish interests. Jews have defined the Jewish interest as reducing Whites to a minority and eliminating the White Race.

Jews in Progress for Pesach presented these as non-negotiable absolute conditions. Jews said that reducing Whites to a minority and eliminating the White Race are the inherent core tenets of the Jewish faith and can’t be abandoned under any conditions. This includes a financial crisis and jobs crisis for long term unemployed White men over 50. Or over 40. Or graduating from college with student debt. Or graduating law school with even more debt.

Jews in Progress for Pesach this treatment of Whites is not just a Jewish interest but a non-negotiable part of Judaism that can’t be put aside even in a jobs crisis for Whites. Even with failing schools for Whites. Even with elevated roads that collapse from cracks from no maintenance. Even with all these, displacing and eliminating Whites can’t be stopped for an instant. Jews in Progress for Pesach said there is no provision for charity to Whites that could suspend reducing Whites to a minority and eliminating Whites.

Whites can’t be taken in, only put out. This is true at the Harvard level as well as the school level. This is true of the good jobs in hedge funds as well as the hard jobs in construction. This is true in the South as well as the cities of the North. This is true of the West as well as the inner corridors of the East. This is their America. This is Weiner Spitzer Schumer Specter America.

Big story is Social Media used as Left intended

June 7, 2011

The big lie from Democratic Media is that this is just a story about a sole Democratic Congressman misusing social media. Social media are intended to spread oral cancer and social cancer by the Democratic Left. They are intended to target the underaged. Social media are intended to cause an epidemic in oral cancer in the young.

This is what the Democratic media are trying to cover up. This is their big lie to move on from this story. What the Congressman did is supposed to be accepted as normal. It is supposed to be another Clinton type story of powerful men gone wrong in their personal life and that doesn’t matter.

But this is about targeting young people to subvert their opportunity for a normal life in a normal society. That is how the Left uses this social media. That was the big lie that this was a short term story.

Ultimately, they are targeting the White Race. That is always their target. They want to subvert normal social bonds and replace them with texting. They want texting to subvert the family. They are succeeding as usual.

Democratic Media defends Weiner Spitzer Matthews

June 6, 2011

Establishment Leftist Media turned out to defend Weiner. Elliot Spitzer treated it as unimportant. He sat there in his serious lawyer suit and said this doesn’t matter and his Democratic guests said the same thing.

They were big serious men from New York media and the Democratic establishment and what Weiner did doesn’t matter to voters. That is what they said. They had on their dark suits, white shirts, stylish tie and broad shoulders and looked down on us and said it doesn’t matter. They said that means the end of the story because they say so and they have the power to shut the story down. Spitzer acted this way exactly.

Hate filled Begala attacks Weiner Women for coming forward on CNN

June 6, 2011

Paul Begala expressed his disdain for the Weiner Women who came forward to Drudge and Breitbart after Weiner lied about his activities and smeared Breitbart along with half the Leftoverse. This was on CNN Monday June 6, 2011 between 6 PM and 630 PM EDT on Wolf Blitzer.

Begala attacked directly out of the Clinton play book, attack the women for coming forward. This was after Anthony Weiner lied and smeared Breitbart. Begala engaged in the equivalent of wagging his finger at the Weiner Women and Breitbart after Weiner admitted that he lied and CNN played a clip of him lying to Wolf Blitzer in Weiner’s Congressional office. Then Begala after hearing this launched his attack on the Weiner Women and expressed his continuing contempt for Breitbart.

The hate filled Left has no shame even when caught in flagrante in their lies. They hate the common person which includes these women. They are to be seen voting Democrat and not heard when their Democrat overlords tweet, lie and smear. Which is what Weiner did. That is what Begala did after Weiner admitted he lied and apologized to Breitbart.

Sneer and Smear is the Begala book for Clinton women damage control. Attack the women. Attack the media and lawyers the women turn to.

What Begala knows is that there may be more women. They may be underaged. Begala is a lawyer and has experience from the Clinton years. Begala knows that if an underage girl comes forward with these tweets, this will get a lot worse for the Democrats and the Left media that came to the defense of Weiner and smeared Breitbart. Begala knows that an underage girl and her mother can be scared off by Begala’s tactics. Begala knows that from the Clinton years.


On John King at the 7 PM segment, Begala said that we don’t know everything at this point and more may come out. This shows his understanding of this at the time. Begala was less strident during this segment. Either he thought better or someone pointed out that attacking the women was ugly and vicious.


The above is opinion and hypotheses and speculation. See disclaimers.

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