The Libertarian Fallacy on White People not wanting Medicare

June 4, 2011

There are two contrary views in the pro-White community on Medicare.

(1) Whites wanted Medicare and went along with Leftists bringing in non-Whites because they wanted Medicare more.

(2) Whites wanted non-White immigration and went along with Leftists setting up Medicare against their will and because it helped attract non-White immigration which is what they really wanted.

Pro-White Libertarians believe (2) apparently. They think that Whites have always opposed Medicare but went along with it for the sake of non-White immigration. These libertarians want to oppose Medicare to win popularity and then after being elected on the eliminate Medicare platform they can quietly eliminate non-White immigration and start to reverse it against the public’s will on this key issue to them.

However, those who believe (1) will think that we stop and reverse non-White immigration by explaining to Whites that it is non-Whites being here who make their losing Medicare inevitable. Those who believe (1) think that Medicare is what Whites want and losing it is a big deal to them that will make them turn to us for an explanation and solution, which is to remove the non-White population. The alternative is for Whites to lose everything they have gained in the last 1000 years ending with losing their existence.

Paul Ryan appears to be part of the libertarian (2) camp. So do Dick Armey and Newt Gingrich. The word processor says I misspelled Armey. But it is happy with Dick Smarmy. It doesn’t like Dick Swarmy. But that is who he is. Ryan is an Irish Catholic with a C rating from NumbersUSA.

This is in contrast to Michele Bachmann who is in B territory. At this point, Bachmann is the best hope Whites have in the major parties for president this time around.

Most libertarians are anti-White. They want Whites to lose Medicare and their jobs and schools to non-Whites. So most libertarians have a total anti-White platform and anti-White agenda.

This is consistent with Ayn Rand as the Delilah figure of libertarians. Contrary to the view that libertarians never got power, Greenspan was the libertarian victory from the inside. So we have seen Ayn Rand libertarianism gain power and it was Greenspan. It was anti-White when it got power just as it is from those advocating it from the outside.


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