Leftist hate thread against Florida Christians exposing Disney

June 5, 2011

Leftist hate thread against Florida Christians exposing Disney’s Gay Day celebrations that expose children to sin and the spreading of stds.


Nur Alia binti Ahmad 9 hours ago
This “Florida Family Association” seems to be a Christian oriented group who wants to limit or deny the free excersize of anything they dont agree with.

They have on thier site “anti Islam’ rhetoric, anti homosexual, anti porn, anti Hip Hop….etc on it.

If they are a Christian group…and they would be about the ministry and teaching of Jesus (pbuh)…that 7000USD could have gone to make some people’s lives a little better.

…but it was wasted on trying to deny, or restrict the rights of someone else to be happy.

dennycrane 9 hours ago in reply to Nur Alia binti Ahmad
Check out how these “floridians” handle homeless people in public parks in this awful state:

Three arrested for feeding Fla. homeless


Notice that “floridians” is intended to deny that White Christians are Floridians. Whites are not citizens of a Southern state but are interlopers in lands belonging to non-Whites is the message. The same as the big diversity lobby (BDL).

Gay Day has an increased spreading of stds including those resistant to modern medicine. Oral cancer is the leading cancer among young people. Oral cancer is a choice. One that Disney is pushing on young people. Why shouldn’t they be liable for it? Gay Day if used as intended results in oral cancer. Disney profits from it. So why shouldn’t it pay for the social cost on states through charitable hospitals, Medicaid, disability, and state funded research to fight stds that spread.

Gay Day by spreading resistant stds is a form of bio-terrorism. In that sense, it can be seen as Luciferian in intent. The typical for Leftism.

The hate thread against Christians trying to stop the spread of oral cancer among the young through Gay Days is then attacked by the Left, when they themselves are the ones getting oral cancer.

Third world populations in America also spread stds and cause oral cancer. This is the terrorism of the third world visited on the White World. This is also intended and sponsored by Diversity. All who proclaim Diversity also proclaim spreading oral cancer and often profit by it.

Modern Disney is a perversion of the work of Walt Disney. This is intentional degeneration of the work of Whites to be anti-White. The same was the intent in the Thor movie.



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