Big story is Social Media used as Left intended

June 7, 2011

The big lie from Democratic Media is that this is just a story about a sole Democratic Congressman misusing social media. Social media are intended to spread oral cancer and social cancer by the Democratic Left. They are intended to target the underaged. Social media are intended to cause an epidemic in oral cancer in the young.

This is what the Democratic media are trying to cover up. This is their big lie to move on from this story. What the Congressman did is supposed to be accepted as normal. It is supposed to be another Clinton type story of powerful men gone wrong in their personal life and that doesn’t matter.

But this is about targeting young people to subvert their opportunity for a normal life in a normal society. That is how the Left uses this social media. That was the big lie that this was a short term story.

Ultimately, they are targeting the White Race. That is always their target. They want to subvert normal social bonds and replace them with texting. They want texting to subvert the family. They are succeeding as usual.


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