GOP field: keep legal immigration junk Medicare

June 13, 2011

The GOP field sold us out on Medicare for legal immigration. Legal immigration sells us out on jobs and education. So we can’t get ahead to save for medical care for our retirement. So we don’t get it.

That is the GOP answer, keep legal immigration, keep men’s median wages at 1973 levels, keep Latinos taking backup jobs or starter jobs and Asians taking the good jobs and good education. We lose everything, not just medical care. We lose dignity. We lose having our own country to live in. We live as strangers in a country owned by other races, creeds and peoples.

The GOP answer is to hell with us. We need to reject this field and vote 3rd party. The only exception is Michele Bachmann, not because she really breaks with the field, but because practically she is so much better than anything we have had in a long time that we should consider compromising. The others are not worth it.

They really want to dump us for cheap foreign labor. None of them had real loyalty for us on legal immigration or outsourcing or cheap imports. They do say to hell with us. We need to support a third party that is for us.


2 Responses to “GOP field: keep legal immigration junk Medicare”

  1. Thripshaw Says:

    Yeah, Bachmann seems better than anybody else right now, unless Jim DeMint gets in. It’s way too late to get a 3rd party together for 2012, but we need one in the long term.

    An alternative idea I had would be to start an NRA inspired PAC/lobby organization to promote immigration restriction and defeat any GOP candidates who were in favor of the suicidal status quo. It would have to be a grassroots thing at first, but my guess is that it could gain popularity quickly.

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