Romney sells us out for Muslims and Islam

June 13, 2011

In the New Hampshire debate, Romney was mouthing a PC attack against the other candidates for not being pro-Muslim. He barely held back, but his opinion was evident. Romney was a PC bigot for Islam just like George Bush. Romney thinks taking our side against Muslims or non-Whites is bigotry. Romney really thinks taking our side, Whites and Christians, is bigotry period.

This is the same as last time when Romney said the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate. His facial expression was the same. His sneer. His contempt and disdain as he looked down on us for being loyal to our own race and faith.

To Romney, the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate to Romney because Romney hates us as well as our flag. We are bigots to Romney and so our flag symbolizes our bigotry to him. This is because our flag symbolizes us and Romney rejects us. Thus we must reject Romney. He viscerally rejects us this time just like 4 years ago in South Carolina.

The same with our religion. Romney has PC Christianity not a Christianity that puts his own first.

Based on tonight, I don’t believe I could vote for Romney. His disdain for being for us is too evident. He simply hates us to sneer at loyalty to us as he did on Muslims and the Confederate flag.

Voting for Romney is like voting for Bush the second time, when his disdain for us had been made manifest by him over and over. We can not vote for Romney and have respect for ourselves, because Romney does not respect us. Romney actively disrespects us and disdains us.


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