Weiner Alpha Jerk leads us to lose Medicare to immigration

June 13, 2011

Weiner was a hero to women in the Democratic Party because he stood up for single payer and liberal causes. But in actuality, he is an alpha jerk. A jerk is someone, usually a man, who acts alpha inappropriately. It is almost always inappropriate to exert or claim one’s authority.

Senator Boxer saying don’t call me ma’am is an example. She asserted her authority and came off as a jerk.

Alpha jerks stand around asserting their dominance and not just making fools of themselves but causing us to lose. Alpha jerks in Congress are making us lose Medicare by lying about 3rd world immigration helping us.

Alpha jerks in Congress are responsible for TSA searches because they didn’t stop Muslim immigration after 9/11 and then reverse the flow to send the Muslims back. Operation Muslim Back is what they needed.

Instead we got George Bush the Ultimate Alpha Jerk spouting Religion of Peace nonsense and bringing in more Muslims. It was his Alpha Jerk incompetence of standing around being important when he was told bin Laden determined to attack inside the United States.

A recent article said men go into politics to be important and women to do something. Translate that, men go into politics so they can be alpha jerks. Women are trying to achieve some specific goal.


Betas achieve, alphas destroy. That is the lesson of history. Wellington defeated Napoleon. Napoleon is the prime alpha. Hitler is another. Alphas die in the fuhrer bunker aka alpha bunker.

Sun Tzu wrote the Art of Beta War. The whole book is the art of war for betas to defeat alpha jerks. The best strategy is never to fight and win by positional logic. This is beta war.

Betas deal with reality. Reality is that humans are physical beings in a physical, chemical, and biological world that is harsh and unforgiving of ignoring reality even for a moment. Alphas want to live the moment of ignoring reality. Commanding the sea to stop rising is alpha jerk behavior.

We have a Congress of alpha jerks. They are eliminating medicare because their immigrants bankrupted it.

When men can be important without achieving goals, they are pure alpha jerks. It is the job of the people to cut this off. Weiner is an example of the alpha jerk Congressman. Bill Clinton, George Bush and Obama are alpha jerk presidents when it comes to immigration and much else besides. Of the three, Bush was the worst alpha jerk president.

Any command to physical, chemical, biological, economic or financial reality that is in opposition to it is alpha jerk behavior. That leads to destruction.

This is what 3rd world immigration has done to America and Europe. Greece is overrun with asylum seekers and welfare diversity. Those kill hard work which is why Greece is in such dire straights. Greece is a society without hard work, i.e. without beta behavior.

Beta behavior is submitting to reality. Alpha behavior is to deny reality. Alphas build pyramids and their civilizations disappear. That is where we are now with the Bush alpha jerk family. Their presidential libraries are monuments to their stupidity. But also ours to tolerate it.

Only when being important is aligned with accomplishing results can any organized effort succeed. This is not the case in politics today. Immigration is against our survival and having physical safety and economic security. It is brought to us by the worst alpha jerks of history, the Democrats and GOP. The Weiners and Gingriches. The Bushes and Obamas.

Time for us to stop being fans of politicians who have never spoken up in our behalf in terms of the reality of 3rd world immigration being a disaster for us. Shame on us to support such politicians. The politicians are standing around being important while we lose our economic security, Medicare, and physical security. They are alpha jerks and should be treated that way not admired.

Game and alpha behavior in bars is an example of women not forcing men to align being important with being useful. This however flows from men’s opportunity being taken away by immigration flows that can’t be beaten by individual men.

Sitting in bars is a waste of time. It is not a useful form of behavior. It is unpleasant as it drags on. People avoid it to the extent they can. It is a condition of having opportunity taken away.

The real battle is in stopping immigration and getting back opportunity. We have to align being important with doing this work. That is the only way our movement can succeed or the White People survive. This is the objective of war in our time. Those pushing immigration are using it as their art of war to make us lose no matter how good we practice game or alpha jerk texting.


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