Romney for open borders to justify his father

June 16, 2011

Romney’s father was born outside the US and ran for president. This raises issues of whether he is a natural born citizen. Romney’s conclusion is like Bush’s, eliminate the Whites who are not loyal to his father first. So Romeny wants open borders to settle the issue that his father was a natural born citizen. In effect, eliminate the true natural born citizens, leaving just immigrants. That is the Romney solution to Whites who disrespect his father running for president.

Just as with George H W. Bush, Romney lost because of ungrateful Whites in the 1960’s. GHWB was defeated in a Texas Senate race. George Romney was laughed at for using the word brainwashing. So Mitt Romney has to prove Whites wrong.

Mitt Romney is another father complex candidate like George Bush. Like George W. Bush, Mitt Romney is running to prove we were wrong and evil to laugh at his father and not vote for him in the 1960’s. Like George W. Bush, Mitt Romney has decided to eliminate us with legal immigration as revenge and vindication for his father.

The sin of the voters to reject their father is punished by genociding them. This is the Mitt Romney mindset. It is the same as the George W. Bush mindset.

This is why Romney calls us bigots every chance he gets. He did that with the Confederate Flag question in South Carolina in 2008 and he did it again with the Muslim in the cabinet question on Monday June 16, 2011. Romney thinks we are evil bigots and that in his mind requires him to replace us with legal non-White immigrants. This can never change with Mitt Romney because eliminating us with non-White immigration is the only way to prove we are bigots.

Punishing us proves we are guilty. It proves we are evil bigots. That proves we were wrong to reject his father in an election.

This is the same logic George W. Bush had. It can’t be bargained with or altered. This is fundamental to his father complex and need to vindicate his father by proving us evil bigots. He proves we are evil bigots by replacing us with non-Whites.


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