White August no increase in debt ceiling

June 30, 2011

If the debt ceiling is not increased in August, it will be the equivalent for Whites of the Arab Spring. The Obama Holder Schumer occupation government has no legitimacy with Whites. It is an occupation government.

TSA groping and humiliations of 95 year old Whites and White babies have discredited the US government and shown it is an occupation government. Muslim immigration continues while Whites are humiliated not because they are threats at a post 9/11 level. Whites are humiliated out of pure anti-Whiteness, ie PC and Diversity because the government won’t admit it is Muslims, black, Arab and South Asian who are the threat.

The attacks on Whites by blacks are now widely known. This is a new and old form of terrorism and ethnic cleansing. Blacks videotape it and put it on the Internet for Whites to see. That is ethnic cleansing behavior. They can’t control themselves. It gets them arrested, but it is a sacrifice for their race to intimidate our race.

Obama and Holder have taken the side of blacks in this. So have the elite Jews of the Democratic Party. This includes Schumer, who is in effect their leader in the Senate. This is the face of the Soviet Democratic Party as a foreign occupation on White Chrisitian America.

The budget is to fund the occupation. Whites don’t have to pay for their own occupation. They can just vote no to lift the budget ceiling. This is the White August. It is the equivalent of the Arab Spring or the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Fall of the Soviet Union.

White people want to be free from the Black Jewish occupation and humiliation and ethnic cleansing. So they can just vote no to the budget ceiling increase.

Section 8 housing will be eliminated in the reduction in government. The Civil Rights Division won’t have the funding to pursue White America for ethnic cleansing. TSA will feel the cuts. This occupation government depends on debt. We can just say no and the occupation is fatally crippled.

Blacks and Jews are the advocates of PC and Diversity. Anything done for PC and Diversity is done for and by Blacks and Jews. This is true no matter who says it or does it. PC and Diversity are for the sake of Blacks and Jews always. So they are always the ones to be held to account for any act done in the name of PC and Diversity.

This includes TSA humiliations of Whites. The TSA finds new ways to humiliate Whites. This shows the government is acting for PC and Diversity not Whites. This shows the government is acting for Blacks and Jews not Whites.

It is the same thing as busing. It is the same thing as Archie Bunker’s complaints. It is the same hatred by blacks and Jews that All in the Family showcased. It is the same hate filled occupation of White Christian America by Blacks and Jews. It is the same White uprising to not agree to increase the debt ceiling.


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