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Breivik, World War One, Communists, Drones, Immigrants Double Strike

July 31, 2011

Anders Breivik launched a strike at the young adults of Left wing elites on Utoya Island. The teens and tweens attacked are part of the workers youth league, which was formed from the communist youth league in 1927.

The ministers in their bunkers launch drone and missile strikes at the Muslims in their countries. Those Muslims can’t strike back at the ministers.

The ministers bring the same Muslims they launch missiles at to our countries, where they attack ordinary people. To the Muslims this is striking back at us for our attack.

However, it can also be seen as a double strike by the ministers from their bunker. One strike is with missiles at Muslims in their lands. The second strike is at ordinary people in our lands with Muslims.

What Breivik did was launch a counter strike at the young adults of the elites ordering the double strike. The ministers in their bunkers are out of reach of Muslims or ordinary Whites to get back at. But the young adults of the Left elites were vulnerable.

This is the same change of thinking that happened during World War I. The soldiers fighting in the trenches decided by the end of the war that their common enemy were the ministers. This led to the communist and left revolutions in almost every country involved in the war and flowed over to some others.

The Prime Minister of Norway is from the workers party that arose as part of this trend. He was a member of the AUF youth group attacked on Utoya island that is formed from a communist youth group in 1927.

However, now the workers youth group is the common enemy of Whites and Muslims.
They use the Muslims to strike us, but they are really against us both.

Bin Laden on 9/11 was trying to strike back at elites not just Westerners. This is the point of attacking jets and not trains or buses. They want to get the elites who are vulnerable.

The really high elites were mostly missed on 9/11 in the sense of a George Soros or Bloomberg level person. Just as those people were not on Utoya island, although some may have been close to being there and just missed or there and not hit. This was the same as on 9/11.

The Breivik hit on the vulnerable side of the elites represents a change in consciousness of the people. This is what bothers the elites about it.

They already had that shift in thinking. This is why DHS targets Whites as its main enemy in the way Lawrence Auster was complaining about on the day of the Breivik attack.

Of course, this blog condemns the Breivik attack. Just as the communist revolutions were failures for people after World War One. They are the elites today who are against us. Mencius Moldbug writes that the elites today are basically all communist in Western countries. He means this in the sense of their war on Whites and the White Race.

What bothers elites and DHS today is that any White like Breivik can decide for himself that a strike back at the vulnerable tail of the elites is what makes sense. They can not control all Whites. So when one of them has such a change in consciousness as Breivik did, it is a threat to the elites everywhere.

This is similar to anarchism in the 19th century. It too was lacking in the organization of the communists. Although there is some debate now about the infrastructure of these attacks. Anarchists in the 19th century had a type of infrastructure in the labor movement. There were violent strikes in the 19th century in the US as well as in Europe.

Those led to the left parties including the communists. Ordinary Whites seem to lack anything like such an infrastructure today. They have a few blogs that are not widely read, the Tea Party, which lacks a majority even of Republican members of the House let alone the Senate, and are otherwise still seemingly impossibly far from power.

Moldbug says this means Breivik’s act was immoral. He goes a bit too far in that direction saying voting is something to abstain from. This doesn’t quite make sense, since as pointed out by others there, there is a continuum of steps. This is what the DHS elite types are worried about. Not just Breiviks, but the whole movement for the White Race.

This is draft and preliminary and subject to change. This blog condemns violence including that by Breivik. All other disclaimers apply.


Norway judge orders Anders Bereik to edit manifesto 2089

July 29, 2011

Minister of Justice and the Police Knut Storberget: We are supposed to figure out what parts he wrote and which are from others? This is not the Norwegian way. We understand he had time pressure and his document may have received less urgency over the explosive preparation. But now he does have time. Norway is a tolerant and open society. But plagiarism we can not tolerate.

The judge has ordered Bereik to immediately begin inserting links. And they must be working links. “Get cracking son”, the judge said. “This is serious,” he added.

This blog condemns the Norway Shootings

July 25, 2011

This blog condemns the Norway shootings. Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families.

Pro-White Right has many issues in debt ceiling fight

July 21, 2011

Issues for pro-White Right in the debt ceiling fight.

1. Section 8 housing should be cut and eliminated.

2. Eliminate the diversity visa since it imposes costs on states and the federal government.

3. Diversity mandates on federal contractors, affirmative action, non-discrimination rules on legal entities all impose costs and make no more sense. The total cost imposed by government must be lowered. So these should be eliminated. That will reduce the cost of business including for the government as a purchaser and employer. The dead weight cost of bad employees who can’t be fired quickly is a huge cost. This is the type of cost that weighs down countries like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Syria. This is part of what led to the Arab Spring, the need of these governments to cover the cost of feather bedding employees who don’t work.

4. Third world immigration imposes costs and must be ended.

5. The federal government’s attempt to control the actions of states, contractors, educational institutions, families and individuals is a failure. All these rules must be ended and their costs saved for those afflicted with these rules.

6. In a larger sense the policy starting with the Civil War of an enlarged federal government controlling states and individuals is a failure. It has to be given up. This means cutting the programs and divisions that do this.

7. Eliminate the Civil Rights Division and turn over its cases to the states.

8. Eliminate the federal role in education including Pell grants.

9. Eliminate the federal role in housing including discrimination laws and pressure on banks to lend to non-Whites.

10. The Democrats impose rules to punish Whites who vote GOP. The GOP must eliminate these rules as the price of a debt ceiling rise. The GOP has to reward Whites for voting GOP. That means eliminating all the Democrat rules that punish Whites for voting GOP. That means the above.

This fight is being fought in the comments section at The Hill.

Many of the above issues have been raised in comments there and not just by this blogger.

The pro-White or alternative right have been mostly AWOL on these issues.

Aug 2 debt ceiling just say no to occupation

July 17, 2011

Obama and the Democrats are the occupying power or occupying authority. They have been a brutal occupation. They have killed hundreds of thousands of people with blacks and raped over a million. This is a violent and savage occupation.

They use busing, mixed race prisons and dorms, affirmative action and the like to inflict fear of brutal savage attacks by blacks and Latino gangs and Muslims. This has gone on for over 50 years. It is not an accident, it is intended.

We know that it is intended because they have an entire system of hate propaganda towards us. It is in ads, movies, TV shows, jokes, humor, indoctrination, etc. They shriek out in hate and pain as they strike us. This is their pattern over and over again. It is the reality of their occupation.

Their unrelenting hate towards Sarah Palin now transferred to Michele Bachmann is them showing their hate openly to us. Any person who might lead us as a people, they pre-emptively strike with hate. This is especially if it is a woman. This is because they use tactics of fear and intimidation which work best on women.

Thus the unrelenting hate attacks on Sarah Palin. These started from the day she was announced in a huge staccato eruption. They have continued since then and at times flared back up into their hate eruption.

This is the hate of an occupier who has contempt and disdain for the occupied people. That is why they deny we are a people. Names for ourselves like British or American they twist to mean their occupation allies, which is a lie and which is propaganda. Immigrants are not Americans or British or German. They are non-White occupiers and brutal savages meant to ethnically cleanse us.

The chance to say no to this occupation is coming on August 2, 2011. This is the chance to fire a shot heard round the world. Just like King George, the idea itself of a revolt is not in their mind. They have too much contempt for us to think we could revolt. That contempt is earned by our contemptible docility to their setting up their occupation and bringing ethnically cleansing savages to remove us on the street.

The shot heard round the world in 1775 at Lexington is what we will fire off by saying no to the debt ceiling increase. Their occupation is built on debt just like it is built on lies. Their savages can’t support themselves at a first world level. They need Whites to do that.

When we say no to the debt ceiling increase, we are saying no to Whites supporting their savage allies. That is what they don’t believe we are capable of saying. That is what we must say.

Limit debt ceiling increase to 100 billion a month.

July 13, 2011

Budget cuts have been shown to be fake. They count them as theoretical decreases from some theoretical increase. They have no meaning.

The only meaningful way to control spending is limit the total debt ceiling.

Limit the debt ceiling increase to 100 billion a month.

If Congress can’t pass budget cuts to do this, then the president has to make the cuts.

The McConnell proposal is 200 billion a month in effect. This would be half that.

It would require monthly actions to cut. So the president can’t just come back in 6 months and say he spent it already. He needs more.

This is a real budget in a sense.


Other proposals are

1 billion per day.

2 billion per day.

2 billion per business day, defined as a weekday that is not a federal holiday.

Larry Summers on Charlie Rose.

July 13, 2011

1. Stop immigration so people will invest in themselves.

2. Stop immigration so people will invest in other people.

3. Stop immigration so people will give other people a second chance. That means at a small scale not just a big one. That means during a job and a career not just after a job termination.

4. Stop immigration so that people will tell other people how to do things better instead of just throwing them away.

5. Stop immigration so people will negotiate with each other out of respect for each other’s bargaining power.

6. Stop immigration so that people will implement their agreements because they have to deal with each other in the future.

7. Stop immigration so that families will have safety jobs to fall back on in hard times and thus stay together.

8. Stop immigration so that families will form because they have a safety net of safety jobs to fall back on.

This is not what Larry Summers said. Larry Summers said everything comes from government “investing” and “stimulating”. We have had enough of their investments and stimulus. Those are lies. They are breaking their promise on Medicare by their third world immigration.

Bernie Sanders face distorted with hate himself destroys Social Security

July 13, 2011

Bernie Sanders was ranting about the Republicans taking away Social Security. He is the one who takes it away by immigration. As well as Medicare, Medicaid, and mental health funds.

Without immigration, the marginal in society are still of use to employers. So they have to help them be better employees not just fire them.

When the marginal have jobs, they get married. Then their spouse helps them.

As a married couple they go to church. The minister helps them be better people as do their fellow congregationalists.

Thus the marginal are recycled when the inflow of immigration is zero.

This was the golden era from the 1924 immigration restriction act to the 1965 immigration explosion act.

Bernie Sanders is playing a part. Bernie Sanders shrieks in pain for Social Security cuts as he strikes Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid with third world immigration and takes the good jobs and engineering education with H-1b and Asian immigration.

Mitch Chinese McConnell and Grover Muslim Norquist are surrender monkeys

July 13, 2011

Mitch McConnell proposes to let the Indonesian adoptee Obama raise the debt ceiling on his own. Grover Norquist supports this. McConnell is married to a Chinese. Norquist is married to a Muslim from Palestine. Obama was adopted as a Muslim and Indonesian national.

Marry outside your race
no loyalty beyond your face.

Marry outside your race
no cares further than the reach of your mace.

Steve Case AOL More immigrants to take your job

July 3, 2011

Steve Case on CNN State of the Union 12 PM July 3, 2011 said more immigrants.

“In early 2011, he was selected by President Barack Obama to serve as Chairman of the Startup America Partnership [4] and named to the President’s Council on Jobs & Competitiveness. [5]”

Case got in fast on internet email with AOL. It was also a type of social networking and news to begin with or had that appeal. Then he suckered Time Warner to buy it, cheating the Time Warner stockholders. They were fools who parted with their money.

Case is just a sharp business man who seeks opportunities and takes them. He sees an opportunity to take from us with immigration. Same as he saw he could take Time Warner shareholders money with his inflated stock.

We are fools to let him take our country with immigrants to enrich himself.

CNN and ABC Christiane Amanpour are treating July 4 weekend as immigration weekend leading up to immigration day.

This is a lie. They don’t need more immigrants. Nor are the current immigrants Americans in any real sense. They are ethnic cleansers brought here by ethnic cleansers. They are not Americans. We owe them nothing.

Nor do we owe Steve Case. He is not a benefactor of us. He never was. He is just a share business man who sees opportunities for himself at the expense of others.

AOL made it hard for its email to work with those not in it. This was intentional. It was expropriation of people who wanted to use the same internet email address. They thought they got universal email access. But AOL decided to cheat them of it by making that access difficult. They got an inflated stock value by this cheating. Then they used their inflated stock to cheat the shareholders of Time Warner. This is who Steve Case is. He is another version of Madoff.

The above is opinion, speculation or hypotheses. Restate all statements as questions. All other disclaimers apply. Comments and corrections welcome.

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